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Southern Colorado TeaM Group, #7

Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Sondjah and Archangel "Persephone" (TR: Daniel)

Topics: Upliftment of energy for individuals

Minds and parachutes

Large building metaphor

Right living prevents chaos

Expansion to cosmic mind

Imprinting your mind

Difficult challenges

Responsibility for your life plan

Being a model for children


Dealing with harsh realities

Material prosperity

Q & A - Number one priority in life

Positive references

Raising planetary love vibrations

Helping Gaia to heal

August 21, 2004

SONDJAH: Good afternoon. This is Sondjah, your teacher. It is good to be here with you, my friends, once more. Today we have a lesson for you that will be delivered by "Persephone", the Archangel. As you may realize from the Greek legends, Persephone was taken by Hades and drawn into the underworld to be his wife. And to some degree, you could consider your world as part of that realm to the extent that as you have lived it, it is most difficult. And so, who should be most appropriate to assist you in lifting you up from this space, this place, than an Archangel named "Persephone".

[Ed. note: Dictionary definition: Persephone, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, was abducted by Hades but was rescued by her mother and thereafter spent six months of the year on earth and six in the underworld.]

PERSEPHONE: This is Persephone. I am on assignment, part of an outreach mission from Nebadonia to aid you and your planet in the upliftment of energy for individuals. The circuits to your planet have been opened and for most of you, particularly those who have requested, your mind circuits have also been opened so that you may grow, connect to universe mind, cosmic mind, which is the governance of Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of this Local Universe. It is our hope that the lesson today will aid you in understanding this process more fully.

First of all, you truly are unique and separate individuals; there is no interference on our part in your thinking. Your situation is much like parachutists in an airplane-you attach your static line to the cord that will pull your parachute free, once you leave the airplane-you are connected; you are one with spirit in mind and in energy, but you are free as well. We are reminded of one of your bumper stickers: "Minds and parachutes only work when they are open." So dear friends, we ask you to open your minds to new possibilities in your lives, how you live, how you think, and how you connect to others and the universe and to the Infinite Spirit, Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

This is all voluntary. It is much like being invited to a large building-a large building has been built but is not occupied; and so, you determine to go to this building and walk through it, but it is very dark inside. And you wish to know the way; you wish to know how to proceed, where to go to discover the right space that would be useful for you, and so, you go to a light switch and turn on the switch. And there is light and you can see, and so you proceed to one light switch and another, from one floor to another, turning on switches as you go, discovering the content in each level of the building, as you go upward. This is a good metaphor for the process of opening your minds, connecting to the universe circuits and enlarging your capacity to think about your world, your universe and your relationship with all others. You can have the whole building; you can occupy all of it; you could have it all-but you must turn on the switches; you must decide to get on the elevator or the stairs and go to the next floor, to a higher level. It is all voluntary; you make the decisions, and your decisions are sovereign, whether to open your mind to the universe circuits of energy and light, to information and knowledge and connectedness to all that exists-or not. No one will interfere. When you say, "No, I choose not to turn on the switches; I am just going to be here on the ground floor, really connected, really grounded-I'll live where I am." And no one will bother you.

Our assistance to you is manifold and I will provide you with numerous metaphors and analogies today, to assist you in understanding the presence of Michael's work and Nebadonia's work. Our collective work is like the many billboards that are in the city and along the highways. You can see them, and understand the marketing approach, you see the products or services and decide to accept them or not. It is very passive, very benign, very gentle, very caring.

Nebadonia's energy, her consciousness, the presence of Nebadonia is pervasive throughout Nebadon. She is here. She is present. Along with her presence is the circuit of cosmic mind. It is always available to you. You can always connect to it. That is your decision. Now, how do you do that? First, it is to decide whether you want to grow in this lifetime in a spiritual and energetic manner or means. Your options are many: you can go fast; you can go slow-or go not at all. You can go up one floor and stop, or you can go to the top floor, if you wish.

You recall that Jesus and many other Masters have told you about "right living." Right living prevents chaos in your thinking, it helps to order your mind so that you can more competently live in peace in your world and in your relationships with yourself and with others, and eventually with celestial teachers, angels, and all of the unseen beings of the universe, which far out-number you. So you decide, "Yes, I want to do this. I want to begin. I will accept the invitation; I will turn on this switch." When you do, light can only pervade that which is open-doors block the light to the hidden spaces. If you have secrets from yourself or from others, then these are doors that block your mind and the circuits from the entry of spiritual light and awakening in your mind. Your mind is not your brain; your mind is an energetic construct that is very similar in performance to software. You can control how it operates: you can will it to expand, to grow, to become powerful, and to aid your course in life. "Right living" assists your mind to keep the doors open. Moral, ethical living makes it so the energy can flow uniformly, freely and to distribute itself throughout your mind circuits. There is something about the mind that knows, even when you willfully decide to violate moral or ethical rules, that this has blocked openness in your mind. You may be totally convinced that you are right in your actions-but this will cause a blockage to where the lights and the circuits and the energy of mind expansion can proceed.

Let us say that you have decided to live a good life-right living-and to proceed well. You decide-you say out loud or in writing or in your mind, or all three-that you wish to open your mind to the greatest extent that it is capable, to all the energy, the wisdom and expansion that is available through cosmic mind. Now this is where angels come in to help-they help you open the circuits of your mind. They are minded, capable assistants to help work your mind so it remains open. Be at peace about this process; there is no urgency or rush to crash about and hurry up the process of living your life in concert and coordination with your local universe energy. If you are open to grow, say, "I am open to grow." You can say that within yourself now, and that you wish to grow to the greatest extent you possibly can under Christ Michael's and your angel's guidance and tutelage. You will be guided forward, along the plan for your life, the one that you came with when you were born. This is an imprint in your mind; it is an imprint in your being; it is part of who you are. You carry it with you -it is an energetic imprint upon your life.

You may say, "Well, I think my life plan may limit me. I want to do this -I want to do that -I think I can do this better on my own." You are surely free to do that. No one would criticize your decision to do that, and you will be assisted in those areas where you request assistance. And remember that when you are assisted, this is assistance in a very uniform way. It is not startling, it is not sudden, it is not critical, it is not preferential-it is for you and your highest good. Your life will change, if you wish it to. If you are free and energetic and courageous, you can engage the risk of growing-and remember that there is only good for you when you grow.

Yes, some of the challenges along the way that require you to grow are difficult. They may be most difficult, but these are something to grow through. You may ask, "Why is this difficult situation coming into my life? What is the lesson here? What is this about? Is it my lesson or someone else's lesson?" And so you proceed-you say, "If this is a lesson for me, I accept it. Show me the wisdom of it. Show me how to reflect upon this experience so I know how to get wisdom and understand it thoroughly. I do not want to go through this difficult way again." So lesson-by-lesson, little bit-by-little bit, you grow. And my friends, when you look back two years, three years, five years, ten years-you will see yourself as being much more mature in the future, this day which exists in the future for you.

Now why would Christ Michael and Nebadonia be concerned about you having your mindal circuits opened and you be connected to the energetic circuits of your world and the circuits of the universe? Why would they care? Well, you are a part of this world. You are an energetic part of the future of this world. You are one spark in the great voltage and amperage of your world that will change it into a constructive, wonderful place to live for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and eons of generations in the future. You are one part of that voltage -you make a difference. You can contribute to the growth of your world or not. If you are disconnected from your world, then you live apart from its energies and you live unto yourself. It is not necessarily that you are selfish in doing so, but simply that you have removed yourself from the stream of your world of improvement.

Yes, the small part that you do, just connecting to the positive energies of your universe, assists your world to grow towards the days of light and life, towards the end of wars, towards the end of poverty, towards the end of emotional immaturity. It is hard to believe, I know, for you to comprehend this possibility, but it is most likely that it will occur, and you can be assured that it certainly will occur in the future. Is this just for your world? Certainly not! This is for you as well. This has a great deal to do with your growth.

When you pass this world and go to the mansion worlds, the training schools on the mansion worlds, you will enter into a classroom situation. You will not recognize it as a classroom, but you will have classmates who are with you at this level, and with them and through your teachers and your guardian angel and your Thought Adjuster within, you will be guided along the path of growth. When you make that traverse from this mortal life to your afterlife, you may begin on planet one-in fact if you are recalcitrant, you may be in detention-and you will remain there until you decide that you want to move on. It is not that you are being punished, but that other people are protected from your presence.

You must understand that you are responsible for your life, for the growth of your soul, for your advancement along your ascendant career, which is wonderful, exciting, and experiential for you. The realities of what you learn will be infinite and last into the infinity of time. Yet, you can rescind your life and your afterlife if you wish. This is your choice, but you will not be able to exercise that choice until you have been made fully aware of the responsibilities and the impact of that decision. You may say to the Ancient of Days, "I wish not to be here. I wish not to be part of the universe. I wish to be non-existent. I wish it were as though I never was." And having known all the facts about your future possible existence and the classes and the remediation of your behavior and your mind and your decisions, you will be given time to think about that, and you will be asked again, and again, and again-always being made aware of the infinite, terminal, existential realities of your passing into non-existence-but it is your choice and no one will interfere with that. It is your choice to exist or not. We encourage you however, to become a part of the larger universe, to connect to the circuits, to open yourself to guidance, into right-mindedness.

How does this translate into common, ordinary terms for you? Well, it may be as simple as believing that when you connect to the universe circuits, you are guided to that right and perfect part and place at the grocery store, or on the street that is crowded. It has happened many times, and when you say, "Thank you," you reinforce the process. This is most simple, but this is part of the flow of the universe. You may say, "I have this illness-or my daughter or son has this illness-I wish to somehow assist in the healing." If your mind is chaotic, you will have most difficulty assisting in that process, but if your mind is clear and you have decided to connect to the universe, you can aid in the healing of yourself and those individuals, or someone across the world on the other side of the world, if you decide to. There is no limit to time and space-even time in forward terms-for helping others. You can be of assistance to many, many people on your planet. You are incredibly powerful. You are a terminus for the universe energy. You are a point at the end of the electrode that is capable of connecting to untold power of the universe. Clear mindedness, true, sincere intent in your expressions of your will assist you to connect mightily with your life, lives of others, and your planet.

Moving ahead, you, by doing this, will be more conscious of what is around you. As I said, once you decide to connect to universe circuits and your intent for doing so is sincere, to grow and aid your world and yourself and for others to grow, you will become aware of others around you in many ways in which you never thought possible. You may be in a grocery store, walking by someone who is smiling, but yet you feel inside that they are in agony. This is truly a connectedness with that person -their agony inside radiates much like a powerful antenna, it is unavoidable. You may not see the aura around them, which is dark in colors or livid red, but you will know how they feel. You can begin to trust this process as you become more and more aware of how to validate this in reality.

Your children are wonderful instruments for your growth, and you, an instrument for their growth. Being in tune with children, without selfishness on your part to aid them, can be a tremendous upliftment for them in their life and their advancement as spiritual beings on your world. Yes, your pets as well-you can connect with your pets, you can feel what they feel. Yes, it sounds like an anthropomorphism that you want to project your being upon them but, sincerely, you can feel what your pet is feeling to a limited extent.

Remember, as members of a connected universe, you radiate who you are: you radiate your intention, the sincerity and the depth of your commitment to the universe, your life, and to the lives of others. You will, in some ways, become much more transparent to the universe. That is why being sincere, being ethical, being moral will help you greatly live at ease in your world, to be a powerful radiator of this morontial energy which is in you -and you will betray yourself if you live in duplicity, morally and ethically. That is why those who live quiet lives of desperation of immoral and unethical behavior and thinking, live in secret. They live closed lives because to open themselves energetically would reveal who they are to others. That is not the way of the universe; that is not the way of growth. When you transform yourself from this life to the next, you will to an extent be stripped of those secrets. To a large extent, you will be easily read by others. Your whole being will become nearly transparent, and though you may have secrets, others will "see" that you have secrets, though they will be unaware of what those secrets are. Your presence may carry a posting that says, so to speak, "Beware, I wish to be in isolation, I wish not to share myself with others" and that will be respected. When you present yourself to another, you truly present yourself with all your credentials and your history to them. You say, "Oh my goodness! I will be known by everyone-all my problems and fallibilities!" Yes, you will. But remember, no one is there to judge you. No one is there to harm you. No one is there to manipulate your weaknesses against you to take advantage of you, for there is no profit in that for anyone. And those people who wish to do that will be placed in a remedial class for their own learning experiences.

These things are all known to us now-we know you well, and we love you. Our greatest joy is in your growth, in your happiness, and your fulfillment as instruments and beings of the universe. You are children of God, without exception. You truly are! And knowing that, we on this side-angels, archangels and all the hosts of light, value you. You are a child of God, growing into sons and daughters of the Creator. You have immense power and we respect you immensely and we love you. We, however, do estimate your decisions and the actions that you take. Those tell us how deeply you have incorporated the energy of the universe into your heart.

Some of you, who have read The Urantia Book, understand that there is the next step called the morontial level. After you pass from this lifetime, you will become a morontial being. Yes, that is true. Yet you, as you exist now, have within you the bud of the morontial being, not as a construct, not as an energetic being, but energetic in your thinking, you have the buds of morontial sensory perception and expression in your mind. These are the tendrils of the morontial level that you have to tend to and grow. Living in harmony with the universe tends to nurture and fertilize these morontial tendril-buds in your mind. You can make these grow more completely, more fully as you evolve into your spiritual being, as you live in concert and congruence with the universe at large.

The realities of your world are harsh, we agree, they are rock hard as rock in the ground, as the chair you sit in, and the realities of your economies, your governments. And, your institutions truly determine, to a degree, how you live your life, but the decisions to live by them are yours. You can withdraw from those situations; you can take yourself out of those harsh realities. You may still, go to your corporate job, but in your mind you are living in a new, growing reality becoming the being you truly wish to express yourself as. It is a matter of what you identify with, and make decisions accordingly.

Your plan of life, remember is an energetic pattern that exists within you. You can nurture this pattern and spread this pattern around you so that you begin to live out your life plan, and the pattern becomes ingrained in your energetic environment. It is not required that you lose all your wealth and all your material goods and live in rags or go to a missionary situation in a foreign country where you will be miserable-for that is the old way of becoming a person of service. You can be an immense person of service right where you are. Do not succumb to the harsh realities around you, but be minded of the larger reality of every moment of your life. It may mean that you change jobs. It may mean that you change where you live. If you live in a place that is harsh, which does not support your energetic becoming as a spiritual being, it may be necessary for you to move. There are those who cannot live in an apartment house because they are sensitive to all the energies around them in other dwellings within the building. It is necessary that they live apart, in a place that is peaceful and congruent with their thoughts and their energy. Your life is an energetic construct devised by your decisions -the decisions of co-mission and the decisions of omission. There are decisions that must be made to advance your life and move along in your plan. If you ask Christ Michael and Nebadonia to reveal that plan to you and to give you advice in your life in which you must make a decision, you will be given those opportunities to make a decision of where you move to if that is required to progress along your plan. You have options. You will always have options of life and living here. If you don't think you have options, then of course, you don't. But that is your decision, too. We didn't say this life as an emerging morontial being would be easy. We said your life will be guided, and it will become meaningful. You simply must decide for what purpose you will live your life.

I am one of millions of archangels on your planet. Our outreach work is to assist you in the development and the evolution of your mind. And I said "evolution" because your mind is infinite in its capacity. Yes, your brain is limited; your body is limited, but your mind is infinitely unlimited. You have the capacity within your mind to grow in ways beyond your most imaginative thoughts. The reason why your brain occupies so little activity of its totality is because of the infinite aspect of your mind. As your mind grows, your brain will need greater percentages of its totality to express that growth. A fully developed morontial mind within a mortal brain would maximize its capacity. Though the achievement of the lower reaches of a morontial existence while in a mortal form may be limited, your capacity grows exponentially as you take on new layers of this growth.

We are not talking about floating along in the air-though that truly is possible too. You could walk on water-yes, that is possible. You could manifest things in your hand-that is possible too, to the morontial mind. It would be so much of a trick, or show-trick to do this. The key to these developments is your intent. What is your intent for developing these capacities? Is it to grow in the stock market? Is it to have a bigger house? .a more powerful car than your neighbor? Then your intent is limited by your ego, and it will surely be the limitation and you will be given lessons on how to proceed past that point. Now, you may ask, "Well, Persephone, I have seen many, many people who are very wealthy, who continue to get more and more wealthy. Why is this? They do not necessarily live moral or ethical lives, and they use their money in frivolous and irresponsible ways. How is it that they are able to continue to do so?" It is this, my friends: They have accepted this as a way of their life. They are part of that stream of material expression of the energies around them. They are inherently part of that flow. It ceases not because of their decisions -they are in the flow of material prosperity. This does not necessarily reflect that their lives are morally or ethically fulfilling. It may be that their soul is shriveling while they are doing this or staying stagnant, remaining the same.

Energy flow of the universe is different than soul growth and [the] development of your morontial being in your life. Manipulation of universe energy is a mechanical sort of thing, though it is accessed more powerfully and completely through the developed mind of the mortal and the morontial mind and other levels of minded development in the universe. Therefore, your intention as a humble individual to gain access to morontial development, for universe energy expression, is granted to you-there is a proviso that you do so in concert with your good and the good of others. This program of minded expansion on Urantia through the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission, speaking through the Correcting Time is a limited aspect. You are not given carte blanche to its use, but you are given carte blanche access to its use for your positive development. It is not that your decisions are held in judgment-it is simply that you, as humble individuals will be guided along your life's course through your life's lessons in the proper use of this energy. Do not confuse material prosperity with expanded minded capacity to access and use/manipulate universe energy-it is a mistake to think this.

Now, I have thrown a good deal at you today, have I not? (Yeah.) I have thrown a lot at you today and you may come away from today's lesson being confused, as there are so many topics involved in today's lesson. We ask you to review the lesson when it comes to you in hard copy, as you say, and are able to read it. It is one thing to hear it; it is another thing to read it on your computer monitors, and it is much different yet to hold a document in your hand and study and peruse the materials at hand. These make new imprints on your mind circuits.

And in passing, I want to thank you for the meditation and the "OMing" and the use of the bowl. It is very fortunate you have done so on this day, as we talk about energy, for you have used your intent and sincerity to assist the harmony/harmonic of the group to receive this lesson. You can be assured that this lesson is fully imprinted upon your mind, deep within you, and accessible at times when you may not be aware.

Now, do you have questions concerning today's lesson? (Pause.) Do not rush yourselves; take your time. Think thoroughly and ask when you want, when you need. (Pause.) Let me move on and give you time to think about this. We will access the question and answer period in a few moments.

Remember, you are not alone on your journey. You have the assistance of many individuals whose sole concerns are you. Your Thought Adjuster is within you, the Creator within, the indwelling Monitor of your life, your constant companion, your holder of your life plan, and your exerciser of greater good for your life. You are also assisted by your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is there to assist you in your life's lessons. The script of your life plan is incorporated into those lessons as often as possible. Your guardian angel is fully aware of what you can become in this short, very brief lifetime, and her concern is the assistance of your greatest good, the fulfillment and your happiness, your understanding of truth, beauty and goodness, the deeper beliefs of the universe and life and living on your planet and the whole universe. You may think this is a daunting task to do, but she loves you, she cares for you and instructs you in ways that you can learn and acknowledge in your life. When difficulties and good things come in your life, ask, "Why did this come into my life? What am I to learn from this?" It is simply not just negative lessons that you learn wisdom, but also good lessons. And you often times overlook the wisdom that comes in the forms of good, where it is happiness, where there is material good, where there is the beneficence of an unknown benefactor in your life-there are lessons to be learned.

You are aided-surely by a celestial teacher, if you ask for one's assistance-to be conscious in your mind and conscious in your life. This individual can assist you in manifesting the material modes of your life's expression in your life plan. Your celestial teacher is aware of your life plan in its grossest form and will assist you in doing what can be done to assist you in growing in material ways, which aid and support your growth as a spiritual, energetic being. There are various levels to each of these personages for the expression of your life plan.

Your responsibilities as parents are very similar to the responsibilities of your guardian angel, your Thought Adjuster and your celestial teacher. You are the progenitors of your children. You are their protectors. You are their guides. You are imprinters and the models of the life of this child, of these children. What you are, they will become and express and can become more, whether that is less or more of all that you are. Your modeling is an important factor in their life. Unconsciously, you live out your life and unconsciously they view your life and they will replicate what you say, what you do, how you think and how you behave, in seemingly mysterious ways. But, it is not mysterious, it is just the way of learning how to succeed, how to get by, how to fail in your world. Therefore, those of you with children, it is a responsibility to maintain literally the aura, the energetic aura of good, beneficence, generosity, unselfishness on your part. No, it is not necessary that you give them everything under the sun, material or monetary, but yes, it is important that you give them every opportunity to grow into the perfect children of the Creator that they were meant and intended to become. And they have that opportunity through you.

Now, do you have questions?

Student: There is a group of us that are learning the ascension process as taught by the Ashiyas. Is this process, . would you consider it to be the number one priority that we could possibly do for our spiritual growth and fulfillment?

Persephone: Your number one priority in life is to make correct decisions-decisions in action contribute to the growth of your life. The group you mentioned, and the way of life and decisions that you have in mind, can assist you to do this. Does it aid you to grow? Does it aid you to grow without conflict with others? Does it aid you to grow without using other people for your growth? Does it assist others around you as you grow? I would give you general guidelines: I speak not to your group or its specific philosophy and teaching methods, as this answer will be used by many people with many different philosophies and guidelines of spiritual growth. Are you selfish in it's action? What is your intent for being involved with this group and using its philosophies for your decisions? It is important to understand your intent, to think about that. Why did you enter into the group? Why do you remain there? What do you hope to accomplish by being with this group? And no, I am not asking these questions sharply of you and your group, as these questions are meant to be addressed to every individual, no matter what philosophy or religion or tenets of belief they wish to live by in their life. This may not assist you specifically for your question, but I believe it will assist you generally.

Student: Can I ask another question? (Most certainly!) The Urantia Book and the Urantia teachings, . would this avenue be more fulfilling for our advancement of spirituality and to acquire our higher mind?

PERSEPHONE: The Urantia Book and Urantia teachings are a reference; it is a transparent "look-see" at the universe around you. It is a means of getting a broader awareness of your position and the purpose of your life in the universe. We do not try to overturn an individual's life or their philosophy, for this can be very traumatic for some individuals. What we ask you to do is open your mind to a broad spectrum of positive teachings. The Urantia Book has many positive things in it, though it does not disclose totally and fully the universe around you-it would be far too much for you to encompass. We do suggest that you look through the book and try to find the wisdom that you seek. There are various forms of this document available; it is available through your computer, through the Internet; it is available through a CD that you can research for various topics to juxtapose against your beliefs that you hold now. If your current belief system has some thoughts about "faithfulness" or "loyalty" or "deception," then you know about those. You can take those to this reference source and ask those same questions to determine, to compare those beliefs. You may wonder about the comparison of religions and there is a source there and you can use that. I would not give you an either/or. You used, would this be a better process, and that is comparative. Your universe is huge; the options for expression of your life are immense; they are literally quite infinite in your life. By being open and discerning, to weigh and judge and to estimate the good of one document to another, you must do this for yourself, for in doing this you are able to incorporate truths that are suitable for the level of your development and challenge you for the next step-or the next floor of this very large building you have become an owner of. Read this document, The Urantia Book, and read other documents as well. If there is truth in most that you will find, you.(one moment).we wish not to set up any one belief as a cult of truth, as individuals who read these documents may become their own fountains of truth. [Ed., not clear.] Even within religions, individuals hold very different views compared to others who hold the same beliefs and who are adherents to the same religion. We do not weigh the worth of any one organization.

Yes, I know this takes your question a little afar, but I wish to pursue this, please. The good of organizations is determined by the growth of the individuals within them. Sometimes an individual can be a member in good standing in an organization, yet they have not grown inwardly. Another might be a peripheral member and grow immensely. How is that? This is determined by the individual. They may have studied independently of the organization and its means. Life truly is a school and some say that love is the lesson, and it is, but it is in relationship where you go to the classrooms and determine how you have learned your lessons in the school of life. You can weigh your growth as an individual as a morontial-being-becoming by seeing the good that comes into your relationships. It is not just being good to others to buy their favor, but truly being sincere to them and others being sincere to you. These books, these references, which we recommend-and there are thousands of them-these are to assist you to live in harmony, first of all with yourself, and with your Creator within, and then with your fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you for your question. (Thank you!)

Student: I have a question. Love is the highest vibration in the universe.is that correct? (Persephone: This is correct.) Okay. Up on my mountaintop, how can I help raise the love vibration for each one on the planet earth?

PERSEPHONE: You can begin with the first antenna -yourself. Do you love yourself? What is the intent for your life? How have you determined to live your life? Have you determined to live it as an expression of love? Now, you say "love"-and what does that mean to you? Where it may mean something different to us, the angels and archangels, love is the vibration of harmony. It is the vibration that pervades the universe. It is the universe pattern the universe Creator has created for your finite universe. It is the pattern for growth. It is the pattern for evolution of each individual. To answer your question, I ask you, dear lady, to stand on your mountaintop, being a total fountain of harmony, of good will, of selflessness, of sharing your love, to be in love with the universe, to express yourself, to pervade the whole atmosphere and world upon which you live with love from yourself. Yes, you certainly are able to do that. Yes, you are not a powerful individual in the universe of things, yet your energy goes forth to infinite reaches around the universe. Just as the universe affects you from all places of the universe, so too do you reach the universe in all places.

When you stand upon your mountaintop, be in consciousness. Think of yourself-think of your thinking about yourself-are you a total expression of love, harmony? Is there resentment? Is there worry? Are there grudges? Are there negative things that may remain in your thinking? These will limit yourself as an antenna-you know, as radio stations around your world, they have many millions of watts, (some of them do,) and some of them yet have only parts of a watt, and they spread themselves throughout the universe. Your consciousness goes forward throughout the world. You are an expression that goes forward to all the reaches of your world and of the universe, wherever you project your consciousness. You are a missile of light -you are a point of light -you are a spark of light that is unending, and wherever your consciousness goes, your spark of consciousness expresses itself. Is this love, or is it something else? You can assist others by being much as this bowl was humming, and it caused you to resonate and the voices resonate with pitch and in harmony. So too, you can express love in your world by expressing it with good intent in your consciousness wherever you go. Others around you will recognize this. Others who know you not, will feel it in a most miniscule way. You have a responsibility therefore to be this expression-all of you do-but you have maintained, you have asked the question, and therefore, this is what you accept for your life.

Student: I have one other question. What can we as individuals, I am concerned about Mother Earth and her health, her wellbeing. How can each one of us in our own way, help to make her perfection, help her heal her-how can each individual.what can we do as individuals to help heal Mother Earth?

PERSEPHONE: Up on your mountaintop once more, and this may be a challenging process to engage in, but to connect with Mother Earth, some of you call her Gaia-to connect with her and send your cord to the center of the earth, seek the harmony, the frequency of Mother Earth and that it would express through you. You would be much like a reverse lightening rod, as it traverses up through your feet, through your whole being and your consciousness, as you hold your arms out, you spread this consciousness, this harmony of Gaia throughout the world, throughout the atmosphere, throughout all species, throughout the waters and the atmosphere. Be prepared for an extremely powerful energetic process, be prepared to drink lots of water during this-you will need it. (Thank you.)

I thank you for your receptivity to my presence here today. This lesson has much depth and many layers to it, and you will glean much from it after several readings, and as you grow through the years. Know that the archangels are with you. Know that your Mother Earth is deeply loved. Know that the plan of the universe, the harmony of the universe of love, pervades this space and can imprint itself upon you. Open the doors to your consciousness. Open the doors of the consciousness of others to the light of the universe and let that express through love in your lives, in harmony with each other. Good day. (Students: Good day to you and thank you.)

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