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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: You Step Forward in Service, Michael's Hand on your 
Teachers: Solonia, Michael

August 21, 2004

*	Solonia (Daniel TR):  You know how much we cherish the 
encounters that are ... all so willing to share.  The spiritual 
growth that we experience in our service to you, our beloved 
younger siblings, is astounding.  Indeed you learn from us and 
gain the beginning inklings of wisdom here on this torn world.  
That we have been a part of this supreme metamorphosis it brings 
us an emotion which few have had the honor and privilege of 
	Your personal dedication is already legendary, for you each 
have gone through so very much, and yet here you are.  You have 
come out on top.  You are more than our students; beloveds, you 
are colleagues and compatriots.  You step forward in service so 
many times unbeknownst even to you.  You do this out of your 
deep love for our infinite Father, our cherished Sovereign Son, 
our all-embracing Mother.
	You judge yourselves as less than you truly are even when 
you experience the intimate understanding of what it is you are 
doing and feel that personal sense of spiritual accomplishment.  
Even in these times when you may accuse yourself of 
pridefulness, I assure you you have underestimated the reality 
of your loving service.  There is not one among you who does not 
serve our Sovereign’s purpose for this world simply because of 
who you are and indeed who you have become and are becoming.  
Your hues are individual and unique and yet the blend of your 
diverse lights illuminates beyond what your limited experience 
can comprehend.  Our Father’s light is reflected through you in 
a way that touches the lives and the soul experiences of 
brethren you may never meet until you attain the mansion worlds.  
I assure you each one will be astounded at those who will one 
day celebrate your arrival on the shores of mansonia.  You work 
here as individuals truly, and yet your reach is compounded by 
your unity of purpose, your love and appreciation of diversity 
throughout this deeply felt unity.
	You truly have come to realize that it is relatively 
unimportant whether or not you see alike, for you know it in 
your souls and you experience when you gather like this the deep 
and precious united purpose.  You are a force for good, for the 
will of our heavenly Father.  You each serve in the way that has 
been evolved in partnership with your spirit of our Father.
	There is no one of you or indeed one of us who is more 
important than another.  At the same time there is none who is 
less important, for we each express our gift of the heavenly 
Father in our unique personality traits.
	Throughout the universe of universes we will discover that 
there are no duplicates.  All are individually and uniquely 
cherished; each perceived in the experience of perfection in a 
wholly new and beautiful way.  This is how we each become our 
individual and cognizant self part of the Almighty Supreme.  We 
experience this together, all of us.  We celebrate together, all 
of us.
	On this day of the mortal birth anniversary of our beloved 
Michael Son, we all stand united in our awe and in our 
thanksgiving for the gift he gave to us all on that day when he 
began his mortal bestowal on your rebellion torn planet of 
	It is an honor to serve here.  Let us all remember this as 
we struggle with our tasks.
	This is Solonia and I truly cherish our times together with 
you all.

*	Michael (Mark):  It is I, your father, your brother, and 
your comrade in this journey you have just so recently begun, my 
young siblings.
	You come today to honor me with your ceremony, and I accept 
your honor and your praise.  I come here today to honor you, 
each one.  It is because you have chosen to be here now, it is 
because of the extension of your faith as individuals, that I 
have been able to access this form of communication with you.  I 
have been reaching out to you, my comrades, and here and now you 
reach to me and allow this communication to occur.  Therefore do 
I honor you each one for having arrived at this place in your 
developing, for welcoming my approach in your lives, and for 
choosing to follow me.  No more could be asked of any children 
than that they have the desire to seek their parents and to 
follow in their footsteps.  You here tonight honor me with this 
gift.  I embrace your gifts.  I honor you for having made this 
choice so far away and yet so certainly in my direction, in our 
direction, to the Father.
	The journey before you is a glorious one, as you are 
beginning to taste even in this life.  But I desire even still 
to be even closer to you, each one.  I desire to find ways in 
which you may feel my presence in your lives each day more 
fully.  Because each one of you here has been bold in your 
search for spirit and you have as well earned this level of 
participation in spirit, I then desire to touch you, each one.  
I ask you to join me to allow me to accomplish this task by 
please all rising and forming a circle in the room, if you 
	I would ask this of you that you further develop your faith 
by embracing the reality that you in your world may function as 
I may have you function.  I would ask that you place your right 
hand on the shoulder of the individual next to you.  I would ask 
you to realize that even now in this time, in this instant, I 
ask you to perform a function for me.  I ask you to represent me 
in our touch.  I ask you to be my hands to my siblings, to my 
children.  I ask you to join in this effort with me as an 
exercise that we may strengthen the circle of faith that you may 
realize I may be with you as you and through you.  This is how I 
may function in your world; through your mouths, through your 
hands, through your feet do I function on your world now.  I 
resolve to make you, each one; I charge you each one, to 
manifest those qualities of me that you are able to grasp.
	I ask you to be there for my children as I would be there 
for them.  I endow you with this ability now and forever more 
that if you will work with me, I will work with you, that we may 
form a union and we may manifest spirit reality even now.
	All things are possible in spirit and in union with the 
will of the Father.  This relationship that we even now build 
strengthens and grows and bonds us as we exercise our spirit 
potentials together.
	I will leave, and you have so generously offered to follow 
as you do even now.  Remember the touch of my hand on your 
shoulder.  Remember the touch of my hand reaching out from you 
to another.  These are symbols in the material world but are 
ever present realities of spirit.  Thank you, each one, for this 
simple extension implies your willingness to work with me, 
indeed, to follow me.  For this I am grateful.  Thank you for 
that exercise and try to remember that union that is formed not 
only between myself and yourself but between any circle of 
believers as we have now.  We can return to gain strength from 
this memory, from this feeling, that we now share and is now 
ours as our possession.
	I withdraw now but I never leave you.  I am always there at 
your side, indeed, with my hand on your shoulders.  Take me with 
you through your journey.  Walk with me through your life.  
Together it will be a glorious occasion.  Farewell.

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