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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Balance, Intention, Desire, Expectation, Mother Spirit.
Teachers: Elyon, Solonia, Nebadonia.

August 22, 2004

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  This is your friend Elyon.  Being 
among my fellows is a supreme delight; it is such fellowship 
reflective of becoming  glory in the full awakening of the 
Supreme Being our united communion.
	You are continually reminded of stillness as an effective 
means for increased sensitivity to divine presence, as well as 
its effectiveness in coping with issues in your life, and  the 
rest it engenders for the soul simply to be collected and to be 
reflective.  Practicing stillness may be likened to the 
balancing of wheel and tire on a static bubble scale.  Drawing 
into silence brings a calmness wherein you sense your 
accomplishments and your needs and, through prayer, place the 
counterweights of divine grace to bring you as a personality 
into a balance that will increase the effectiveness of your 
service to your fellows.
	I know, as I have witnessed that you all live active lives, 
and stillness becomes a moment treasured and sought for but 
often neglected.  Never once entertain the thought that this 
disappoints Father.  To Father all activity and the quiet of 
stillness are one and the same.  If Father abhorred activity He 
would not dwell within you.    Grace is abundant and to be 
applied while active.  It is present to bring balance when 
engaged, when in motion.
	Doing the Father’s will may be likened to dynamic spin 
balancing of wheel and tire.  When in service, when merely 
fulfilling your temporal responsibilities, it is revealed where 
the inner spirit may add the counterweight of divine 
illumination that will bring you to balance and to effective 
function.  All you need to do is to be alert when the signal is 
given that centering is needed and to cooperate and to allow for 
the adjustment even while in motion.
	To you, while yet in physical form, the retreat into 
silence is very beneficial, yet your opportunities must be 
sought after.  Upon your emergence into the realms of the 
morontia state you will find a culture far more conducive to 
such reflection and communion.  Train yourselves while yet busy 
creatures to rest in that eye of calmness at the center of your 
multitude of activities.  That is for you on the level you 
indwell the portal to the morontia state.  The grace of God is 
given when the need arises, ever willingly bestowed, 
compassionate in its timing, holy in its sincerity.
	Trust and accept the counter balance of spirit; all too 
often does the human creature feel obligated to compensate for 
disability.  You need not burden yourself with such effort and 
strain.  Function as you are in your wobble, in your bounces.  
The hand of God will be there to stabilize, to correct, to 
adjust.  In this action you come to the realization of a cosmic 
centering.  Each episode wherein you experience this centering 
you gain a deeper connection to your divine root; you acquire a 
stability that transcends all storms.  It is all you need to do: 
acceptance, receptivity, trust.  Balance is not your act alone 
but your act in partnership with God’s inner presence.
	I offer these words for reflection.  Thank you for 

	Tom:  Could someone speak to the role intention and desire 
have versus expectation as regards healing?

*	Jessona:  I will address your question.  This is Jessona 
offering a response.
	Intention let us describe as the effort to engage in the 
divine outworking playing in your life.  It is your willingness 
to become part of the will of the Father as it is activated in 
the drama of your days.  It is the sensitivity of your mind to 
your own dreams and the realities of your world that constrain 
or allow in the parameters of the Father’s will, as the divine 
Parent wisely guides you into your future.
	Expectation is the effort of self to condition realities 
about you, be it the Father’s will, be it worldly constraints 
and opportunities.  You are attempting through expectation to 
redefine all outside of self.
	Intention is an act of harmony, of integration.  
Expectation is an act of demand and compliance to one’s own 
	I hope this assists you.
	Further note: Expectation offers the self a divorcement 
from personal responsibility, requires all else to act and 
	Intention is the acceptance of one’s responsibility to 
place talents to work and to discern the best avenues for 
engagement.  It is an ownership rather than a demand.  

*	Solonia (Daniel): I would add one line to my sister’s 
explanation.  Intention is the will to discover God’s will.  
Expectation is the attempt to manipulate it, to define it.

	Tom:  How do desire and intention vary?

*	Solonia:  They are not really at variance.  They are a 
partnership.       Your desire, when it is to be part of the 
unfolding of the will of the Father, helps to stimulate your 
intention and prod your motion.  They truly work hand in hand 
together.  Desire, on the other hand, may be manipulated by the 
human ego to create expectation as well.  It is the force which 
you may allow your soul to use in your intentions or your ego to 
use in your expectations.
	Does this serve?

	Tom:  Yes, thank you.

*	Nebadonia  (Mark):  I would warmly greet you, my dear ones.  
In fact, I warmly embrace you.  Each hour, each minute, of your 
lives I am she who sustains your life and looks upon each one of 
you with such great love and fondness and caring.
	After your morning discussion of my attributes and nature, 
I am inclined to come among you so that you may have a greater 
sense of my presence in your lives, in your hearts, in your 
appreciation.  As you make your gratitude known to our Creator 
it finds its way to me as well.
	I desire that you never encounter a feeling of having 
overlooked me in your lives, because indeed I am nurturing you 
always.  I am not apart from you, and in your own ways each one 
of you is nuzzled to me and is as close as is possible given 
your senses at this time.
	I welcome your appreciation of my aspect of your being, and 
I look forward to the development of this relationship between 
us as you mature.  Right now you are but developing babes, and I 
surround you and nurture you that you may mature to the point of 
distinguishing yourself as a separate and whole being.  But for 
now you require my assistance for your very presence, and I most 
willingly provide you with this nourishment for your life.
	I am pleased that the child desires to know the mother as 
well as the father.  This brings me great joy and great 
anticipation for the relationship we most certainly will develop 
as you transcend from the babe in the realm of spirit to a 
toddler, to an adolescent, and finally to an adult where your 
Father and myself will embrace you in the full grace and glory 
of what you have become.
	We accept your love and your adoration, and we envelop you 
with our love and adoration.  Truly we are a happy universe 
family.  As you grow and as we get to know each other, each of 
you as individuals and all of you members of our family, 
certainly our experience of this relationship will grow as will 
our deep abiding affection.  For now you must act in faith that 
your Father and I watch over you.  With a certainty, with 
absolute conviction, you must proceed on your career of 
ascension that we are supportive of you.  We are proud of the 
accomplishments that you make, each one.
	We will not forsake a single child; all will get our 
attention.  You each one can look forward to many, many fond 
embraces of spirit; as you fall down and need our love we will 
be there for you.  As you succeed in your accomplishments and 
are filled with joy, we will share that with you as well.  We 
are vowed to be with you every step of your growth and see you 
become a mature spiritual adult.  It is as simple for you as one 
foot in front of the other and as magnificent for us as a 
miracle unfolding.
	I adore each one of you.  I am so close to you you cannot 
separate yourself from me at this time.  Let this be your 
comfort that you can never be without me in  your lives; it is 
not possible.  You may seek for the approach of your Father, but 
your Mother envelops you already.  Therefore I remain with you, 
and I seek your affection as you seek mine.  I offer my 
affection as you offer yours.  Together we will and do share a 
fond mutual embrace.
	I take my leave now, but as I have just stated, I never 
separate from you.  I only withdraw to allow you a more complete 
experience.  I withdraw now.

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