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{ Transmission was with a small gathering at night on the lawn]

Aaron: My friends, it is Aaron and it is my deep pleasure to be with you
tonight. Come into the stillness where the answers to all questions reside.
I come as a representative of the one source from which all creation springs
though I am but a servant and ascending mortal, I find the lattitude given,
the trust afforded to me by our creator son to be a great comfort in my
ministry for there is a loving overcontrol that allows the flexibility for
creature progression.

The love of our Father is profound in its' willingness to provide patterns
and yet allow for the diversity of expression that free personality
manifestation demands in realizing the Supreme. I have been afforded the
freedom to ascertain the level of development amongst those persons whom I
communicate with and to utilize the resources I have gained in my own
tuteledge. The freedom that I feel to manifest from my awareness of union
wit h the divine, I would seek to pass on to you so that you recognize the
fact that you have this freedom even now in your evolutionary beginnings.

Seek to understand from those gifts that you have been given and then
recognize your flexibility that we afford you to develop your own methods of
relasting thoise understandings in your environment. The universal
asdcension plan requires that there is a steady stream of teaching and
lerarning and therefore the purposes for our arrival and implementation of
these correcting time measures are not only to offer you brilliant ingights
to comfort you with loving thoughts, but to prepare you for the common path
which only seems uncommon to you now.

Your fledgling efforts to manifest from your spiritual inclinations are
hopefull and bring us a sense of expectancy and possibility for creating
momentum toward a new way of being, and thus we  encouraage you to manifest
from that spiritual relations you have with the Father, and of course this
requires consistent reflection, stillness time, contemplative thinking,
worshipful problem solving such that your time with the divine is not
divorced from your time in the world.

You all have this relationship, and while we can afford insight, offer
advice, perspectives, the underlying reason for all of our efforts is to
expand your God consciousness, or your desire for God consciousness. Unity
will be the result of a shift in awareness as it seems to be occuring in
different circles on your world at this time. Unity is not something that
you must make happen, but rather sprouts up from you willingly submitting to
the divine prescense and flourishing in that relationship, such that the
overflow of your spiritual growth becomes a unifier in and of itself.

So be encouraged in your progress, recognize there is purpose in the
outworkings that go beyond the momentary impaartation of insight. Know that
your role in this communication effort is to absorb, understand, and to take
those understandings and incorporate them into your lives. With this
perspective, I believe these emanations from your individual and collective
efforts will have the scent of ripened fruit. I thank you for listening to
me this evening and will step back and open for others to communicate or
answer questions if there are any.

Q: Can you tell us about your journey?

Aaron: I surmize that you refer to my own growth and development, is this
the case?

Q: You've been places I can only imagine.

Aaron: Indeed I have traversed the mansion worlds and although I am residing
on this world aat the present time with my assignment, am regarded as a
Jerusem citizen. The places I have witnessed are quite diverse in
comparision to this  world, but the emphasis I would like to share, is more
on the awarenesses I have come to as a result of my travels. The sppiritual
progress is directly relative to my intentions and thus in my early mansion
experience, I struggled with the relinquishing my need to control and
allowing the divine prescense to become the true ppilot

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