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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome your love into my heart
and I ask that you welcome my love as well. This evening let us discuss
recognizing God's whispering direction.

Each of you has direct contact with the spirit of God within you. This
spirit is constantly speaking to your hearts. His voice is mostly
drowned out by the pressing considerations of your lives, the constant
effort you are exerting in living and communicating, working and
planning. All these things crowd out the Father's gentle, loving
guidance. His tender flow of comfort and praise, reassurance and
affirmation is, however, always ready to grow stronger in your mind as
you learn to identify and to focus upon it. For all your experience,
this is the greatest experience of all. For gradually, as you begin to
feel his gentle pressure and you begin to yield to this reassuring
touch, you will come to rely upon it more and more as you grow in trust
and confidence within.

The Father's touch is not always words. It is more an adjustment of your
thought. Thoughts tend to run along habitual lines and you will begin
noticing that as this thought process begins going in a habitual
direction, it may be stopped and perhaps not a flash but a moment of
pause will occur in your thought process where you realize you have a
choice and there is another thought, a higher thought, a slightly
different attitude to take. Then, as you begin becoming more sensitive
to it, you will find this occurring more and more and you will become
ever more comfortable following the less worn path of your thoughts and
exploring new doors and looking out new windows of perspective.

The Father's spirit always offers greater freedom. Sometimes the mind
becomes chained to habit and the Father's spirit comes to liberate the
mind, not to insulate it. The Father comes to open up greater
possibilities. He comes to give you a choice.

Each of you is growing in the spirit and this growth is creating new
possibilities and new ways of thinking about yourselves, the question
who am I is continually being answered by your higher spirit.
Constantly, he says, "yes you are this, but you are also more" and he
opens greater worlds to your minds. The Father does not come into the
mind as a dominating controller. He comes into the mind as a liberator.
He offers choice in more abundance and in greater areas than you could
have imagined.

Be comforted my friends for you have before you infinite possibilities
and you are never trapped, you are never limited except through your own
designs. The Father desires for each of his children to have the upmost
freedom so that all of your potentials can be nurtured properly and
given opportunity.

The Master came to a world locked in tradition, locked in a certain
human conception of God and man. He came to proclaim freedom to these
spiritual captives. He came to reveal the higher law which was
imperfectly understood as this lower law, the law of religion.

You now have within you the ability to commune with the Father of the
universe. You have within you the Master's own spirit. You have within
you one who can demonstrate the Father's freedom and help you to
comprehend it. The Master taught that the Father never meant for his
children to be slaves to an ancient, outworn creed. The Father's only
desire is for his children to reach increasingly toward greater vistas
of freedom.

The Father's freedom comes with greater moral responsibility, greater
self-control. For no one is free when one is enslaved to the unruly
tongue or uncontrolled physical appetites. Freedom is only found with
choice. Each of you must be able to choose, even to choose the path of a
thought process. You are not truly free when you are enslaved to
negative thinking or unspiritual thoughts such as anger or fear. But as
you grow in the spirit, you will leaves these lower levels behind and
the freedom of higher thinking will open.

The path of the spirit always requires the letting go of the old and the
embracing of the new. Usually, the old must be set down for a while and
of course you are free to return to it. But you cannot explore the new
levels of spirit while clinging to the old thought patterns. It is
frightening to let go of something when it seems to be quite needful,
when it seems to be part of your personality, part of who you are.

Sometimes, it is hard to let go of the old ways of seeing yourself and
it is very difficult to see yourselves through the Master's eyes. And
yet, this is the freedom that is being offered. You can see yourselves
as the Master sees you and you can see your potential as the Master sees
it. And, each of you has literally unlimited potential. Do not be afraid
of this. Grasp it.

My little children, have patience with yourselves. Have tolerance for
all your perceived shortcomings. Stop condemning yourselves. Refrain
from judging yourselves. This is self-control. Learn instead to be
sensitive to the Father's quiet and gentle spirit. Be sensitive to that
spirit which is leading you toward greater freedom, not less. Learn to
think about problems with the Master's counsel, even trying to imagine
his attitude and his help.

Do not worry about the small things of life too much. Rather, embrace
the spirit with a whole heart allowing the lessor things to fall as they
may and trusting that you will have all that you need in every effort to
carry out the Father's will in your lives.

You who have will be given more. The Father will grant these things for
your happiness as well as for his will to be carried forward. The Master
said, "the Father makes provision for your happiness as well as your
sustenance". Trust in this, for it is so. Learn to be sensitive to those
little breaks in your thoughts, those moments when the Father might be
pointing out a way toward greater freedom of thought. Freedom is your
birthright, freedom is your destiny. Spiritual freedom is the Father's
gift. Learn, step by step, to accept it.

Learn , step by step, how to free yourself from old patterns of thought
for it is within patterns of thought where human beings become enslaved.
My friends, you will find your way forward in the spirit and this way
will be one of increasing joy and happiness.

My children, you are finding ever increasing levels of freedom and joy.
Don't stop now, but become every more adept at listening, at feeling
that opening, that gateway to greater freedom which is constantly being
offered. Rejoice. Rejoice that the truth can be known. Rejoice that all
the spiritual help you will ever need to carry you to Paradise is with
you right now. Rejoice that you are never alone. Rejoice that you belong
here in this world. Rejoice and claim your place among the ascending
sons of God. Rejoice, that you can love in ever increasing measure and
this love cannot be taken from you. No. Love can never be stolen. Love
is your possession for eternity. Rejoice that you have the opportunity
to store up wonderful memories of beautiful friendships and that these
friendships and these memories will be yours forever. Rejoice my
friends. Carry your burden with gladness. Praise the Father's goodness
and partake in his beauty, wonder, and happiness.

Remember, the Master was not a man of sorrow but a man of joy, a happy
man, a man ready with a joke, and ready to laugh at your joke, a friend.
And so he remains. Let it be clear in your minds that the Master's
friendship is yours, eternally. The Master has come. He has called you
his friends as well as his children. Rejoice in this.

You have come through many turbulent patches along the way. So rejoice
when the water is as glass, and your little boats are skimming along
without resistance. Yes my friends, spiritual freedom, the glad tidings
of sonship and daughtership, the feeling of belonging in the world,
these are the gifts of the spirit. Rejoice.

Are there any questions at this time?

Q: Ham, does the adjustment of thought occur in every domain of life
including work, relationships, health, and how we relate to the material
world and its political, social, and religious institutions? Are there
boundaries or is the guidance given everywhere?

Ham: It is given everywhere.

Q: Do you have any exercises or strategies we could use to become more
sensitive or tuned to the guidance?

Ham: Yes, you have all trained your minds to be more still. You have all
understood how to cultivate the stillness and this is a great help. But
gradually, you will find that you can open a space for the Father in
your mind anytime. You can have a little space between thoughts, a
little opening for the Father's input and become a little less quick to
launch into the old, habitual thoughts. Each of you must become
accustomed to recognizing that you have much greater latitude of choice
that you realize. The Father's spirit simply opens up the choice. You
have a choice between your usual reaction and something else. You have
always a greater realms of choice than you generally acknowledge. The
Father's spirit just nudges and offers. He never insists. And this can
happen all the time at all levels. When you are frustrated with
something and you are tempted to launch into a mental tirade along the
usual lines, hold back for a second and see if a choice doesn't appear
in your mind. It will. Everyone has choices to make all day long. And
yet, most of the time you are enslaved to your habits. Just begin to
realize that that is what is going on and the choices will open.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my dear. You are doing very well. Remember that you have also
great levels of freedom opening always. Look ahead with optimism and
confidence for you will have the opportunity to serve as you desire to
serve. Trust that this is so and be at peace.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son. I have the same message for you. In your heart, your
greatest desire is to serve. Now you must trust that you will have the
opportunity to serve as you desire to serve. Be at peace.

Q: Can I have a message please Ham?

Ham: Certainly, my son. My son, all things are becoming new. You are
learning to accept yourself in ever greater measure and you will
continue accepting yourself as you accept the Father's love into your
heart. For his love comes not simply to be past along, his love comes
for you as well. His love embraces you. His love upholds you in this
world and his love will not let you fall. Trust increasingly in this
love. Let this love give you the freedom of loving yourself. For once
you are content, once you have accepted the Father's embrace and you
have accepted his mantle about your shoulders, his warmth and his
comfort, then you will be given ever increasing opportunities for love
and you will recognize, in increasing measure, the love that is
surrounding you. Right now, take some resting time. Allow yourself to
reorient to this new place. Then, accept the work the Father places in
your hands. Don't worry, you will have all you need.

Q: Do you have anything for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Of course my dear. You are also beginning to accept a greater view
of yourself. You are beginning to see and to accept who you are without
reservations and caveats. You are beginning to set your feet on the
ground and feel secure in your space. You are beginning to feel that
this world is your home and that you have every right to be here, every
right to be yourself. Have an abundance of confidence my daughter. You
have shown a great willingness to follow the Father's leading. This will
only continue and as your potential actualizes in the world, you will
become ever more secure in yourself and at ease with your place in this
world. Be at peace my daughter. You are doing very well.

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Of course my son, you are doing very well. Do not be troubled but
rather find comfort in the comforter. Recognize and understand that his
spirit stands ready to hold you and to comfort you in your times of
stress, your times of trial. Know that you can go to him and lay
everything before him asking for his help and his help will be
forthcoming. Know that the Master's spirit is reaching into your heart
and into your life. Lay down your burden son. Recognize the Father's
gentle voice saying "Come to me. Rest here a while and let us reason
together". Circumstances will change. Human beings will come and go and
pass away. But the Master's spirit, the Father's spirit is with you
always, from your beginning to your end in Paradise. Take comfort in his
love. You will have all that you need and trust that that is so for
others as well. Trust yourself son. Your judgement is sound. Be at peace
and draw strength from the spirit. Know that whatever the slings and
arrows of fortune, your sanctuary remains intact and the Father's hand
will lead you into ever greater levels of being. This is certain, this
is true. Take comfort then. Find hope and love in your heart. Forgive
yourself, and forgive yourself for all the crimes of immaturity, all the
misfortunes of youth. Forgive your parents for giving you faulty notions
of God. Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness! Let it be so.

Q: From Marije: Harald has not be doing very well for a few months. He
has dizzy and numb feelings and at times he is really exhausted. He
describes his situation then as 'trippy' or 'spacey'. We are wondering
if this has an physical or a psychological cause. I asked his permission
to ask you this question, Ham, because he is not sure of your existence;
I am sorry for that. Can you give us some insight please?

Ham: Fear not my son. The symptoms you describe are probably a
combination of factors. Stress can aggravate this condition and create
anxiety or just an overactive brain which can make it difficult to sleep
and rest properly. This lack of rest can cause all kinds of symptoms and
this seems to be what is happening. You are also coming to grips with
spiritual realities that you have repressed and pushed aside for long
enough. These troubles are also part of your growing spiritual awareness
and it is breaking through the conscious walls you have erected. Each
person reacts differently to spiritual pressure and you may be having a
stormy birth, so to speak for the spirit does not exist only in the
levels of the intellect. But spiritual pressure can cause intellectual
disruption and you may for a time feel as though the rug has been pulled
out from under you, like everything is uncertain. This may even
alternate with feelings of deep certainty over trivial matters. Don't
worry my son. You will come through this and be fine. Try to get a lot
of rest and don't do anything out of the ordinary. Don't overtax
yourself right now emotionally or energy wise. Let Marije help you.
Trust her wisdom and be open to her guidance. The whole universe is
behind you my son. You will make this adjustment and be fine.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: My son, you do well as always. Take heed of this lesson and know
that you are always upheld in the spirit. Trust in the Master's
guidance, his friendship and his love. All else is secondary.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course, my son. You are doing very well. It is very good to have
these times for renewal and times for falling in love again with your
life's partner. A life of partnership is one that must remain one of
continual discovery and continual rediscovery. This blessing is not lost
on either one of you. Have peace, my friends, for you are doing well.
Love and being loved to the depth of your spirit is what gives meaning
and purpose to life. When you have loved to the full extent of your
heart's core, reach further and find that you can love even more. This
is the secret of happiness. This is the way of the spirit.

Are there any further questions at this time? Go in peace then my
children. Love each other deeply and completely. Rest in quiet assurance
and knowledge of how much you are loved.

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