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Ham: August 1, 2004

Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am very happy to be with you this
evening. Let us discuss life's many changes.

As you grow in the spirit, it is certain you will be led into new and
different experiences, new and different urges toward truth, new and
different areas of self-expression and so forth. Life is very much an
adventure. It is very conducive to happiness for one to be open to the
adventure of life. The Master said, "This world is only a bridge."

You leave only the impression you make upon your fellow travelers.
Those who try to build a dwelling place here on this earth, a place to
defend, a place to justify, this is not the road to happiness.
Happiness is found in moving forward, letting go and embracing the
pathway ahead. Unhappiness is often found in forced conformity, or the
effort of trying to stay in one place and defending your area.

The Master said, "Lay up your treasure in heaven." Do not make the
treasures of this world also a repository for your emotional
investment. Let rather, your treasure be in heaven and there will be
your heart be also. What is your treasure in heaven? It is your love
for each other. It is your valuing of each other's souls. It comes
with the enjoyment of the many pleasures of this world. You are storing
up happy memories that will be with you throughout eternity. On the
mansion worlds it will not matter what your earthly standing or status
was concerning wealth. You will not remember so much the numbers in
your bank account, or the car you drove or the neighborhood you were
privileged to live in. You will remember your neighbors themselves.
You will remember the beauty of your world. You will remember your
friendships, your loving little animals, the birds and the flowers,
sunsets, oceans and love, above all, my friends, you will remember your
experiences with love.

Love is truly said to be the only reality. Love endures. Love survives
death. All else you must leave behind you. Happiness if found in the
progressive unfolding of the experience of love. The more love you know
today the more love you will know tomorrow. Love is the ultimate
expression of the soul. Love is evidence of your knowing God. Love is
what gives value and meaning to all things and beings. Without the
progression of the love experience, life degenerates quickly into

My children, when you are tempted to be discouraged, when you are
disheartened or afraid take refuge in the place where your treasure
lies. Have courage in confronting the shadows of life through knowing
that fear is not real, but love is the realest of all reality. When you
are tempted to falter, when you are hesitating as to what your next move
should be measure all things by love. Ask yourselves "has it love?" or
"is there love here?", "how can love progress?" and in this way you will
find your way.

Many people ask how is love served. Love is served through love. You
serve the Father through His love. You cannot serve Him through fear or
the fruits of fear, such as greed or hatred. The Father is served only
through love and the fruits of love. When the fruits of love are born
in your heart, then does that fruit serve others. You must bear love in
order to be of service to the Father. The fruits of love are yours
individually. Each person creates his own wonderful fruits of the
spirit through contact with the Father's spirit and the Master's good
spirit as well.

Love begets tolerance, kindness, patience, forbearance, temperance,
faith, gentleness of spirit and so forth. The fruits of fear are anger,
hatred, prejudice, willful ignorance, intolerance, cruelty and so
forth. The Master came to offer a demonstration of love, a
demonstration of the power of love in physical form. Each of you, if
you would follow him must also demonstrate love in physical form. Love
does not bend itself to fear or to the fruits of fear. Love does not
compromise with evil in any way. Love seeks only multiplication of love
and fulfillment in love.

My children, how will you know you're on the path of righteousness? You
will know because love will multiply.

What are your questions?

Q: Personal message?

H: Yes of course, my son. Gradually you are growing in your ability to
accept yourself and to cultivate love in your heart. You have been like
an abused puppy, afraid to trust in the outstretched hand that would
save you. Even when you have been most at ease and open to the spirit,
deep within you, some part of you, recoils and remains in fear and
distrust. Ultimately, you must come to accept your own worthiness of
love. You must begin to see yourself as the Master sees you, without
condemnation, without that inner fear that keeps you from total giving
of yourself to love. You have been moving ever closer to the Father's
loving presence. Have the courage to take those final steps which will
bring you into the Master's complete presence. Move fully and
completely toward love with your whole personality and you will find all
that you require and more. You do well my son. Be at peace.

Q: Message?

H: Daughter you are doing well. You have always a complete and sincere
desire to know God and to move ever more closely towards Him. This is
as it should be and as you mobilize your entire personality, everything
you are, in service of His love so will you bear the fruits of the
spirit in ever more abundance. Seek not so much to dig out your
weaknesses and expose your own flaws, rather move toward ever greater,
complete experiences of love, ever more open hearted exposing of
yourself to the Father's love. Do not move backwards, but continue
moving forward in love and in loving abandon. The Father wants you to
put everything on the table, to hold nothing back. Be open and refrain
from condemning yourself, refrain from the urge to kick yourself with
some extra "I should have known better" "I should have this or that".
Start giving your self credit for you are indeed seeking after the
Father's will and seeking to align your entire self with his will.
Short of finaliter perfection all beings are in the process of this ever
increasing alignment. Perfection is not possible. Seek to purify your
intention and perfection will follow in increasing measure.

Q: Message?

H: Certainly my son. You have come very far very quickly. You are now
beginning to find strength and hope replacing despair and weakness.
Surrendering to God, surrendering to His loving guidance is then a
source of strength and a source of purpose. Where you get in trouble is
when you try to take control of things that are in God's hands, when you
try to substitute your will for His will, consciously or unconsciously.
Allow love increasingly an open door in your heart. Allow love to
soften those things which are hard and those things which are hard to
accept. Let love show you the way and let love allow you to accept
things as they are. With love will come peace and with peace will come
happiness. That is all.

Q: Rebecca?

H: Yes, my daughter. You have followed the Father's guidance for a
long time now and it is wonderful to see you beginning to truly blossom
and bear the fruits of the spirit. You are also learning how to fulfill
the Father's will in your work without falling into old traps and old
excuses. Before you is a path of increasing joy and fulfillment.
Release your pressure and your fear entirely. Trust in the Master's
guidance. You will have all your need. That is all.

Q: Jarad?

H: Of course, my son. Jarad, you are doing very well. Have no
pressure on your shoulders. Seek rather the joy of love and the joy of
creation. Let your enthusiasm be tempered by wisdom. Let your
confidence be ever more complete. You are finding that moderation in
all things is wisdom. Allow the Master to help you find that balance
you are seeking. This will also help you to fine tune your will to his
will. You are doing very well my son. Be at peace.

Q: Ham, with the impending election there is much hate and mud slinging
going on. There is much controversy about our involvement in the war in
Iraq. It would be a wonderful life if everyone on this planet reached a
consciousness level where war no longer existed, but we are not yet
there. What is the answer in these situations? Did our president make
a mistake or did he make a good decision? Normally I would not request
guidance in this area, but I feel it is a crucial time in our world and
its spiritual progress and all this hate is hurting everyone especially
our country. We need some divine guidance. Can you help, please?

H: Do not be afraid, my daughter. The course of this war is uncertain,
but the outcome is not. The Master's religion, faulty as it is, flawed
as it may be, it is still the best hope of mankind. Democracy flawed as
it and imperfect, is still the best hope of mankind. There are many
angels at work upon your world making certain that neither of these ways
of life should be snuffed out by the hatred born of fear. Of course I
will not comment on specific political decisions, but I would counsel
all people to trust in the wisdom of your democracy. Trust in the
wisdom of your fellows and refrain from impugning the motives of your
fellows, or your leaders. Trust that your motives are all directed
toward the same goals. Allow your friends their own opinions and love
them regardless of whether you agree or disagree. All things that seem
to be hidden will be made plain and the truth will prevail as always.
Trust in this.

Q: Personal message for Norbert?

H: Of course, my son. You are doing very well. My son, life can be
quite confusing especially when it is very clear that so much is beyond
your personal control. Do not fear this feeling of helplessness,
embrace it instead and learn to be at peace with things as they are as
you strive to find ever greater levels of personal spiritual
fulfillment. Seek first the kingdom of heaven then all else necessary
will be added unto you.

Q: Myself?

H: Of course, my daughter, you are doing well. Find comfort in the
Master's arms when you are confused or worried. Seek the Comforter
instead of seeking somehow to comfort yourself. Let the Master hold you
and really practice being His child. Let everything else fall away as
you become more immersed in His loving protection. You have within you
infinite potential. The way to allow this potential to actualize comes
only through seeking the spirit and surrendering to his love. You will
have all you need my dear. Be at peace as you make your way forward.
Trust love. Accept. This is your path.

My love and prayers go with you each.

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