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July 25, 2004

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to have this time
with you. This evening let us discuss wisdom once again. Each of you is
growing in the spirit and attaining new levels of spiritual insight.
And, as you find insight, so too must you find self-control in equal
measure. Wisdom is largely a measure of the balance of those two. Both
spiritual insight and the self-control to use it effectively combine
together in a wise human being.

Neither knowledge nor cleverness can be substituted for wisdom. Where
knowledge denotes an awareness of the outer world, wisdom denotes an
awareness of the inner world. Know yourselves in order that wisdom may
begin to take form in your souls. Know yourselves, and you will
understand humanity as a whole.

Wisdom comes through the real appreciation of life experience. Wisdom
grows through self-reflection and through the sincere endeavoring to
understand another fully and completely. Wisdom comes often with
spiritual growth, but it is not necessarily directly correlated. Wisdom
requires mental discipline and wisdom is not complete without virtue as
its corollary.

As in the parable of the sower when a seed lands in poor soil sprouts up
high and tall then dies for lack of root support, so to can spiritual
growth momentarily outpace one's overall personality unification. With
unification, wisdom, virtue, and spiritual insight are balanced. With
this balance there is no limit to your growth but all must keep pace and
all must remain balanced together for your growth to be steady and
strong. Spiritual insight, alone, without these counter balances of
virtue and wise self-control soon veers into fanaticism.

You, my friends, have avoided this fate by taking each step slowly, by
remaining open to group wisdom, and by working hard in every day life
and remaining grounded in the world as it is. It is important to resist
the urge to isolate when undergoing spiritual work. Meditation should be
balanced with social interaction. Your lives should be allowed rest and
relaxation as well as work and effort. You must have time for reflection
as well as time for self-assertion in the work place. It is very
important for all of you to have a day here and a day there devoted to
self-reflection, prayer, and meditation, rest and relaxation. For your
days are often filled with work and worry, stress and pressure. Even
your vacations become planned events and can be a source of added
pressure rather than a time of rest.

You may need to consciously set some time aside when you can rest
without guilt, when you can reflect without worry. Only by being
increasingly aware of the need for balance can wisdom ripen and become a
fruit of the spirit, a gift to others.

Each of you is gradually becoming more wise as time goes by. In your
lives and in your hearts, all things are truly becoming new. You have
all been through a process of shedding the past. You have all been
through a process of accepting yourselves and now you must realize how
wisdom can be part of your life experience. Recognize this within
yourselves. You each have a strong anchor in spiritual wisdom.

This anchor to reality will prevent the unfortunate veering into the
fanatical that has so plagued this world whenever human beings have been
contacted in the past. You are proving how spiritual contact to higher
realities can be accomplished safely, solidly, and over a lengthy period
of time. This, my friends, is a great step forward and this working
relationship you have each developed with those of us who are further
progressed will prove to be a great blessing for mankind as a whole.

Reach new levels of wisdom, my friends. You are truly examples of the
next step in religious development for your world. You are proving that
ever more advanced teachings can be safely transmitted with relative
clarity and without the unfortunate side effects we have so often seen
in the past. Rejoice then and be exceedingly glad for you are truly
spiritual pioneers and you are truly blazing a trail that others will
follow, even hundreds of years from now.

What are your questions?

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly, my dear, you are growing daily in wisdom and balance. As
your balance increases, so will wisdom. You have an unquestioned
devotion to truth. Wisdom is more than love of truth. Wisdom is putting
oneself in the supreme service of truth. Gradually, all the facets of
the personality become mobilized and nothing is holding you back.
Recognize that this is so, that there is nothing holding you back. Then
rejoice, and be exceedingly glad for your work is just beginning and you
will have wisdom growing up within you to handle every circumstance.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, you are also now strong enough to court wisdom. Many
years you spent in the company of knowledge or cleverness or skill only
visiting wisdom sporadically. But, now you have within you the strength
to unify your personality in such a way that wisdom is second nature and
balance comes more easily. Every day you are opening your heart to
greater levels of love and unification. Love is that power which allows
all things to be transformed. Continue then to embrace love in all its
levels and dimensions. Grow increasingly secure as you grow in love.

Q: Yes Ham, do you have any advice or answers concerning this constant
nausea and head aches I am experiencing?

Ham: My son, this is indeed unfortunate. It could be the result of
something caused by drug interaction or the left overs of drug
interaction. Sometimes this can be a delayed reaction in the body from a
cause from months ago. It is perhaps also a sign that the liver is
healing and is giving off some chemical resulting from this process. In
other words, the liver is throwing off toxins and beginning to function
more normally as a result. In other words, we see this as something more
as a positive sign than a negative one. Continue to rest and allow your
body to go through this process. Your diet is also improving. Be
conscious to eat fairly lightly, by that I mean fruits, vegetables,
nuts, grains with a lower consumption of meats. In other words, give
your body the least problems as far as digestion and having to
metabolize foods as you can. Overall, we see much improvement. Be at
peace my son, you are doing well.

Q: Do you have a message for me this week?

Ham: Yes my dear. You are doing very well and we are very pleased to see
your progress continue at such a rapid pace. Be careful not to push
yourself too hard. You have a habit of pushing yourself toward what you
might consider productive activities. But right now, you need reflection
time and rest as well. Psychological and spiritual healing takes every
bit as much energy as physical healing. You must sometimes just sit back
and allow your unconscious mind its work. You don't have to figure
everything out in the conscious mind for their to be healing taking
place. Relax my dear, for you are doing very well.

Q: Do you have any counsel for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Of course my son. You are also achieving ever greater levels of
balance and ease. As you have grown in self-acceptance, so have you
grown in comfort, peace, and spiritual security. As your spiritual
security increases, so too will your material security. The spiritual
life is like the template. It is the corner stone upon which all else is
built. As you grow in spiritual stability, so too will your out life
stabilize and settle down. Realize and recognize that you will have just
what you need, when you need it so long as your spiritual purpose
remains true. Look neither to the left nor the right, but focus upon
each day's work and each day's struggle one day at a time. Allow your
overall course to be set by the Master. Trust increasingly in his
guidance for you are doing very well.

Q: Yes Ham, could I please have some counsel?

Ham: Yes my son, you are doing well. You are also beginning to see your
glass as half full rather than always as half empty. You are wisely
taking stock of your blessings as well as your troubles and you are
growing in an inner peace and gratitude, a feeling of joy and abundance
within so that you are beginning to recognize the eternal mercy inherent
in every human condition. All is well. You are finding the value of
self-reflection and that this cannot be skirted or substituted. You are
finding that in reality you are not trapped in any way nor are you
saddled with anything you do not desire to carry. The Father's gift of
freedom is profound and intense. Be at peace my son. You are doing well.

Q: Bob wants to know if you have any counsel concerning his new roommates.

Ham: Of course. My son the Father brings you into contact with others
for many reasons. These lessons are not always immediately apparent. But
what human beings learn through and from each other cannot be
substituted or learned in any other way. Simply give thanks for what
they can teach you and be a humble conduit for the Father's love to
them. You are doing just fine my son. Be at peace.

Q: From Marije: I would like to ask for a personal message on this
special Day of events.

Ham: My dear, you do very well. You are a great joy and a blessing to
many people. Continue opening your heart to loving acceptance of all.
Know that the Father works within you and do not worry about what you
should do or say for when the time comes, he will give you the words.

Q: Marije's friend Tessa is wondering what kind of job she should choose
to serve the world, but that also fits her personality and her spiritual
path. Ham, could you please give some insight?

Ham: My dear, it is not so important what work you should choose for all
work is valuable. What is important is choosing always the Father's will
over that of your own needs or imagined needs. Gradually over time as
you become more and more your true self, as you bloom in the spirit and
bear the fruits of the spirit, your work will come to reflect your
greater spiritual self. Do not be in a hurry for the growth of the
spirit is the work of a lifetime. Simply pray that all parts of this
path reflect the Father's will for you and you will be fine.

Q: Jennings wants to know if you have any counsel concerning the dream
he had the other night and if he could have a private session regarding

Ham: My son, I cannot discuss the specific symbolism in dreams for
dreams are always highly personal. Vivid, profound, life changing dreams
are often a way for the though adjuster to sound an alarm and to make
conscious some unconscious things that are not being dealt with.
Sometimes it is through the most profound fears that the most profound
healings can occur. You my son are going through some spiritual changes
that cannot be simply dealt with in a perfunctory manner. Take your
time. Gradually begin to sort out the meaning of the dream and its own
personal peculiarities. Think about what it means to you, how you felt
at each stage of the dream, what were your emotional reactions? You will
be able to work through this. Have patience with yourself. But no, it
does not require a session to discuss it.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, of course my son. You must also continue to emphasize patience
for wisdom is not acquired overnight and a spiritual journey is only
accomplished over a period of time. Whenever you are tempted to feel
yourself superior or out ahead of your fellows, something will come
along to bring you back to earth and this is as it should be. Walk each
step humbly with your hand firmly in the Master's hand. Focus on the
step ahead of you and let the future steps take care of themselves.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes of course. As always, you are doing well. Have courage as you
move forward. Do not worry where you have been nor where you are going.
Rather, find a peaceful and serene calm in the now. Work but rest.
Reflect and play. Balance your energies and things will be much easier
to tackle. Allow yourself the time to truly appreciate your blessings.
Ponder the thought of if this were my last day, would it have been well
spent? Tell those you love how much you love them and appreciate them in
your life. Allow yourself to take stock of your life and to give
yourself a pat on the back and a well done. This is something you don't
do enough of. So give thanks for the blessings that surround you. Thank
the Father for his steady guidance and unending love. You are doing well
my friend, be at peace.

Are there any further questions at this time? Very well then, until next
week, as always, my love and prayers are with you each. Farewell.

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