[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 7/18/041

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Mon Jul 26 22:01:21 PDT 2004

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Preparation for Magisterial Son, Faith is like Grass, 
Boise Conference
Teachers: Sharmon, Elyon

July 18, 2004

*	Sharmon  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to everyone, this is 
Sharmon.  You are truly my coworkers in this project of 
planetary progress.
	It had been announced that you will receive additional 
assistance by way of a Son in the function of a Magisterial 
mission.  You have welcomed this occurrence and relish the 
opportunity to assist, and you are undoubtedly enlisted with our 
supervisors as loyal, dedicated, and prepared missionaries of 
service.  I applaud your eagerness and your readiness.  The time 
awaits for engagement.
	You I encourage to further deepen your abilities to contact 
the divine source present within you, for this is your source of 
transformative energy that will allow you to function along side 
the Magisterial Son with strength and assurance.  We midwayers 
have witnessed many events wherein human beings in association 
with celestial personalities falter through doubt because of the 
keen sense of differentiation between a visiting personality and 
one who feels so mortal.  While you have great faith and are 
truly in love with your divine Parent, it is essential that you 
increase your conscious connection, for this will strengthen you 
beyond any sense of lack of worth as an enlisted agent in this 
	Deep in your soul is an island of peace and a fountain of 
joy.  This is the presence of Father; it is the dwelling place 
of the Almighty.  You are blessed with this divine gift.  It is 
your eternal foundation.  You have no other place to go but to 
Him who is within.  Here you find everything; here you are 
transformed from a mere animal being into a citizen of divine 
standing with God.  Upon this foundation you are assured of your 
ability to represent the Father to the world.  Your frailties as 
a human being will disperse like chaff in the wind as you dwell 
continually in association with the inner spirit.  Then, upon 
your first beholding of this visitor Son, you will feel a 
belonging and no need for introduction, for you will recognize 
the familiarity of your common Father and your associated 
brotherhood, even though this Magisterial Son will be so 
majestic to your view.
	We midwayers welcome this event and are excited to have you 
along with us and consciously on our team.  Keep up the good 
work, my fellows.  Thank you.

*	Elyon:  This is Elyon, I greet you as well.  I thank our 
midwayer friend for his address today.  It is my hope that this 
message will impress you more fully because of the proximity of 
being that this midwayer has with you, your so-close cousin.
	I want to speak some more on faith and its strength.  Each 
of you has faith; I witness it.  It is an enduring faith; it 
cannot be killed.  Faith is often perceived as a single 
attribute when in reality it is more like, if I may use a 
metaphor, it is like grass.  It spreads and sprouts continually 
all over.  It works its way into the cracks of difficult life  
situations to emerge to take in the divine sunlight.  It will 
hibernate when the storms of life cover you over, only to burst 
forth again in renewed vigor.  Evil may attempt to uproot your 
faith, but you regenerate once again.  Your faith may falter in 
one episode of life, in one event, and flourish in another.  
Though an outward appearance of a slip of faith may seem to put 
you down, it is only the blade that is trimmed and not the root.  
Your faith reasserts itself at every opportunity, independent of 
circumstance and applied to all situations.  Faith is the most 
powerful tool to your spiritual advancement.
	You, my friends, I have witnessed over this decade and more 
have become a virtual lawn, thick with faith, robust.  I am 
proud of my students.  I have the utmost confidence in you.  If 
you are desirous of asking me a question, I welcome it now.

	Mark T.:  What is your personal definition of faith?

*	Elyon:  Faith is willful directionalization.  It is the 
assertion of personality.  It is two directional:  One way is 
toward the Father/Source for deeper connection, for that divine 
embrace.  The other direction is the faith/force of conviction 
of having resided with the Father.  One applies this association 
to any life circumstance.
	Faith is spiritual movement, and while associated with 
systems of theology and supported by history of experience, it 
is a form of conviction beyond the mind.  It is the activation 
of spirit.
	When the human being seeks faith, that search soon is 
transformed into a search for God.  Faith is not found; faith 
becomes as that search begins.  When God is found, there one 
beholds one’s faith.
	I hope this helps.

	Mark:  Yes, beautiful, thank you.

	Evelyn:  We have a conference coming up that will involve 
more than just the Teaching Mission, including the larger 
Urantia community.  I wonder if you have any comments about that 
conference, our activities, attitudes, anything like that.

*	Elyon:  I am delighted that you have created the 
circumstances wherein so many of your kinfolk who all cherish 
the revelation of The Urantia Papers to gather and celebrate.  
We teachers, as you have been told many times at other events, 
will be in abundance.
	Let your commonality, your community, draw you all closer to 
one another.  Let the spiritual energy flow over diversity of 
belief.  This attempt to heal a rift within this large 
fellowship will be most successful as you all recognize your 
oneness in spirit, your sincerity.  Your techniques are all that 
create your differences.
	Be one who represents spirit before another who represents 
spirit.  Let not your methodology divide you.  Welcome one 
another’s sincere approach to spirit communication, to spiritual 
insight and guidance, for whether you have been working with us 
teachers or not, each individual relishes the opportunity to 
receive guidance from spirit.  This I ask you to amplify, and to 
respect and honor each one’s approach, the method they find most 
	I thank you all for lending your ears to us today.  May the 
Father, the Son, and the Spirit’s intricate spiritual sprinkler 
system ever water your faith and bring lush growth to you.  I 
take my leave, farewell.

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