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* Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I am again honored to enter into
fellowship with you. You are my fellows in service to Michael. We are each dedicated to
the outworking of this mission of bringing to every individual soul a trusting acceptance
of the Father's love and overcare, of everyone’s value before God free of His
condemnation, full of His loving guidance.
I wish to convey some ideas in the arena of responsibility. Unfortunately this
term often is applied to a directive requirement that instills in a person the
requirement to present perspective regardless of personal dedication, as societal
obligation, a functional behavior. When it comes to your responsibility with God, it is
Father’s will that you are fully aligned willingly with His truth. You have become so
identified with God that you are not only reflective but truly representative of His
presence in outreach to another.
To be responsible in the eyes of spirit is to be instantly capable of ministry in
any moment under any circumstance, be it in the word of truth, be it in the goodness of
actions, of healing, of supplying comfort.
When you practice stillness in the presence of the divine gift that is within you,
you activate the circuit of your mind that makes it responsive instantly to the hand of
God as it reaches into you. Thereby when you recognize the need of another you respond
instantly in the flow of the divine outreach, free of the deliberation of one’s own self
Responsibility is not an obligatory adoption; it is a personal transformation
alignment to the divine will, to universal truth.
You each have come here today because you have been blessed with spirit presence,
and in experiencing this contact you each seek further engagement. This effort on your
part continually prepares you for instant service with any individual who crosses your
It is difficult for the mortal mind to trust the divine connection when there is
distraction, when there is pain, when there is confusion. That state of being never
changes in the form of a withdrawal of attainment. It is always progressive. It is only
your clouded perspective that hinders your observance of your true state.
You are ones who have noticed in worship the Father’s proximity and even
indwelling. Repeat this experience and you will bring about increasing dispersal of any
confusion or cloudiness that creates separation between you and Father. Receiving this
is the perception of the phrase, "My hour has come".
I conclude my remarks. I remain with you to receive questions. I always bring
associates and am willing to allow them the floor.

* Solonia: Greetings, dear ones. This is your sister Solonia. I look at you as
associates in this service to our Father Michael and our infinite Father.
I would now take this message of responsibility which is so pertinent and bring you
to that level wherein your morontia self becomes more prominent, indeed your soul.
In the morontia realm where you are working upon your spiritual attainments, the
level of responsibility becomes synonymous with privilege. Responsibility and privilege,
when you are actively seeking and enacting our Father’s will to the best of your ability,
are equivalent. It is the highest honor, the greatest privilege, to live in service to
our responsibilities to our universe parents as well as our Paradise parents and indeed,
my dear ones, to one another, for in serving one another in love we are truly living the
life of a knowing child of God
when you fully comprehend and embrace the fact of your sonship, indeed, then every
acquired responsibility, every earned responsibility, becomes the highest privilege of
service to one another, to the evolution of the Supreme in which we all share, and
ultimately to our Paradise parents.
Responsibility, regardless of the level from infant mortal up to toddler, when a
loving parent gives them a childlike responsibility, all through mortal life, your
morontia career, and your spirit career, all of these Father endowed responsibilities
are the vast privilege of service to the sons and daughters of God.
Responsibility on your world, our world, gets a bad rap, so to speak. It is an
honor, and it is a service to our Creator.
I will now step back and allow questions for our dear brother Elyon who has been so

Q: Elyon, I have a question about morontia growth especially concerning our mortal
life. Does it ever regress, especially if we make bad moral decisions or our brain

* Elyon: Of all that makes up the constituent parts of your being, it is only the
soul which maintains a state of attainment, even if it were to cease growing. It does
not recede as does the mind and the body through age and deterioration. Your soul is of
morontia value and thereby retains permanency at any given stage of ascent. This is the
very element seized by the Supreme if you as a personality withdraw from this ascension
of the soul to Paradise. It will be eternalized, regardless of your willingness to
belong. You can trust your soul to be the pillar, apex, of your spiritual attainment
even when you feel as one lowly of lows.
I hope this addresses your question.

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: We're just grateful that you're here and thank you for your wise counsel.
Sometimes I feel like I'm putting a square peg into a round hole. It’s just a
miracle to do all this without seeing, just to feel. Sometimes the feelings get kind of
intense, and I feel like I'm suppressing them. Could you speak to the variety of that?
Thank you.

* Elyon: All of you are dwelling upon an evolutionary world. As such it is somewhat
constraining to your personal will due to the limiting definitions of such a realm of
existence. There is when you feel the round hole that your square peg will not fit into.
However, the level of being that you biological creatures are dwelling within is truly a
flexible reality, more so even than the morontia state to which you aspire and soon will
attain, for each level in your ascension draws closer to Paradise perfection.
Today you dwell in a very pliable realm. That is why we come to you and enlist you
in our project of bringing the gospel of Michael, his truth, to others, for you can alter
that round hole.
It is a challenge to the personality to represent the higher way while yet
functioning within the constraints of your given society. You feel trepidation, and you
do recognize opportunity. Even this is an exercise in the development of wisdom. I am
one who encourages boldness for, while you may fail in the impulse to present that square
peg, you will learn and grow and hone your own perspective such that even your square peg
will be shaped to fit that round hole and serve.
I hope this contributes to your investigation to this condition.

Q: Thank you, Elyon.

Q: I have feelings that sometimes my reactions come from a place of fear and
defensiveness. I sometimes direct this towards things and animals and insects. An
example is while reading and an insect lands on my arm I immediately slap it and kill it
with a reaction and then reflect on why I did this. I had no intention of hurting them.
I do the same thing with people and just react with something aggressive and then
reflect, why did I do that? Could you speak to the resolution of some of this with some
thoughts of your own?

* Elyon: My fellow mortal, you are experiencing the beautiful feature of humankind,
the experience of being a son of man, one born in humanity, one associated with your
animal cousins and also being a son of God, one who has connected with universal truth,
who has become sensitive to divine beauty. You in your dilemma are exhibiting the
ability to discern what is ultimately good through your temporal actions. This very
quandary, as you perceive your behavior and also perceive your ideals, is the very
demonstration of your spiritual growth.
Until you become fully a morontial being you will have with you certain hard-wiring
that you will only be able to modify and never fully eliminate. It is your development
and skill that will adjust the reactions, and they will be based on the recognition of
the intensity of the occurrence. As you have stated, when a bug lands on you and you
react and kill it, it is a reaction that you may alter in that given context but will
still prove ever helpful in a truly life-threatening situation. It is a response given
by the Life Carriers that you may survive. Yet as a son of God are able to modify what
is important and insignificant, your reactions.
It may concern you that recognize this. I assure you that it is indicative of your
advancement, of your discernment.

Q: Thank you, Elyon. I am very grateful for your words tonight and in the past.
It’s truly been a source of guidance for me.

* Elyon: And I too am thankful for your appreciation.
I offer to our Father this evening my joy in the camaraderie of such souls. These
are fellows that I have come to love. They are my kin. I am ever overjoyed to discover
the beauty of your revelation, Father, of every personality, each from you so unique,
each one my brother and my sister. I do thank you deeply. I welcome the time course of
fellowship and mutual growth.

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