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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, July 19, 2004, 8:02 pm
Arcadia, California


Donna: Dear Heavenly Father thank you for this chance to meet together this
evening and to fellowship with each other; to share our views about many
events and to reflect on the experience that Larry and I had at the
Parliament of World Religion’s Conference. Please help our minds and
hearts to be open to what you have to teach us and what we can learn
tonight. Thank you Father for all things, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to be back and to welcome all of you back to this fellowship. I would like
to pick up on a theme that you touched upon Donna and that is how most of
you, and in fact the whole world, have more things in common than things
that separate you. This commonality is what allows the world to function
and to survive, otherwise you would have destroyed yourselves long
ago. There are those of you who are very progressive and persistent and
continue to improve this world. Recently you have had first hand
experience on this commonality. It is not hard to see how easily we can
get along with one another. In fact most of you live similar lives. You
all have jobs to do, you have families and you must bring food to the table
every night. There is not that much difference in the way people live
their lives.

You may pray a little differently, but that does not devalue the
prayer. In each person’s heart the intention is what counts. If you would
look into each person’s heart, regardless of their religion, ideology, race
or gender, then you would realize that their intentions are pure and good,
in the same way that you would judge your own intentions. This common
ground is where you should begin to build your alliances with one another,
your alliances of peace. This world will slowly be brought into Light and
Life with the alliances that are made with one another through dialog and
cooperation. It is very important that you expand your knowledge of the
world’s races and religions.

The inventions that you have which enable you to communicate with one
another, regardless of where you live, is the means by which the world will
be more united. It is very common to hear your leaders citing fear into
the community by saying that “they hate you”, this is contrary to your
beliefs and to your knowledge. When you realize that the world, in its
entirety, is one, and that it is connected to the Most Highs, then you will
begin realize that this concept of “they hate you” does not correlate with
your belief in this oneness. How can you hate yourself? That is what it
comes down to. By your hating others or them hating you, there is the idea
that you are hating yourself. For the whole world is one, the universe is

When you arrive on the Mansion Worlds you will begin to see the oneness
that exists throughout the universe. You will begin to feel in its
entirety the interconnection that exists through every living
creature. Here on your planet you feel more isolated and separate. That
is because you have lost your connection with the One. When you begin to
meditate and open yourself up to your full potential you begin to bring in
this connection that allows you to feel the world connection. Many have
not made this connection available to themselves, therefore they are in
isolation and they rely mainly on what their status is from their news
media. Ask yourself this question: do you need someone, like a corporation
or a news channel to tell you how you feel, or how you love or how you
hate? You need but yourself and your connection with God and in turn that
connection enables you to connect with others. There should be no room for
hate in your heart. For hate only separates you from others and from

Yes, you have more in common, you are all children of God and you are all
destined to the greatness of God. I, as your brother, am overjoyed to have
this connection with you. For I have the privilege to share this
experience with you. I will never regret this experience, for it has truly
meant so much to me. Allow yourself to open up and connect with those
surrounding you. Allow yourself to become one with the great universe and
allow love to flow through you so it may heal those around you and so it
may heal you as well.

Henry Z.: JarEl, I want you to talk a little bit about the relationship
between the moral responsibilities of the individual as it relates to the
moral responsibility of the group?

JarEl: TR, George. You always have moral responsibility whether you are a
part of a group or not. Your moral responsibility does not get surrendered
the moment you join any group, it continues to exist. As far as the group
is concerned, you cannot force the group to act in a certain way. You can
certainly influence the group. You can certainly give your
opinion. Perhaps by the value of your opinion and the value of your
person, they might respect your opinion and go your way. There is no such
thing as group morality.

HenryZ: Excuse me. There is no such thing as group morality? What does
that mean?

JarEl: TR, George. You cannot group any individuals together and judge
them by their morality as a whole. You have to separate each and every one
of them and evaluate them as individuals. Just like the twelve apostles,
they all joined Jesus and they all followed Jesus, and they acted as a
group but they were all individuals with distinct personalities and even
one betrayed Jesus. It was a small group but regardless they were a group,
yet they were not judged as a whole. Individuals always have choices in
their lives, Henry and they chose to join or not to join a group. Being
part of a group does not give you any particular identity. You may feel
that you have a group identity but ultimately you will act alone and find
God as an individual and group morality with be thrown out the window and
no longer will it exist when you finally face the true face of
God. Ultimately you will have to be responsible for your own
actions. Does that answer your question?

HenryZ: My question is when does the individual have a responsibility, or
does he, to pressure the larger group? I am not really sure what I am
asking but I know that there is a relationship between spiritual growth,
spiritual consciousness and moral responsibility in terms of how we grow in
our understanding of our personal relationship with God and how that is
socialized in the brotherhood of man? I know that on the ultimate level we
are all working for peace because the fragments of God, in everyone on the
planet, have that agenda at hand. They have to, because that is the nature
of God to want to bring everything into his consciousness and into his
being and likeness.

JarEl: TR, George. You have already answered your question Henry. There
is a direct relationship between spiritual enlightenment and social
responsibility. The more enlightened you become the more socially
responsible you become. Those who continually drown in relative darkness
will soon find out how much they have to work to become enlightened and to
reach the True Source and Center. If your question is whether or not they
are responsible for what they did as part of the group, yes Henry, they are
responsible because it will show up in their lack of spiritual growth,
there the true work lies.

HenryZ: So what I understand you are saying, “we are responsible for our
own actions, we are responsible for our own growth”. Should we really care
about the group or whatever they think or whatever they do? I mean
ultimately should we? I don’t necessarily feel drawn toward addressing
group issues as I feel more drawn to addressing personal issues or the
issues of the individuals, myself. So I am kind of getting a sense of what
you are saying. There is another saying, “man the individual is smart, man
as a group is stupid,” meaning that the group mentality, because when you
get a group of people together, it changes the dynamic of the group, it is
uncontrollable unless someone with a dynamic personality can and is able to
step up and take control of it.

JarEl: TR, George. Exactly Henry, you bring to light a very poignant and
common description. If you put two smart individuals together, you can
create wonders. If you put a whole group of realized individuals
together, they can create a nation. It depends on who you put into a
group. If you continue to work on yourself as an individual and grow
spiritually you are caring about the group as a whole because you care
enough to work on yourself. You care enough to better yourself so you may
in turn help others. If you put realized individuals who have grown
spiritually and overcome the obstacles of life, you will see wonders
happen, it depends on who is in the group and that will always be the
case. Again, I say there is no group morality for it is all individual.

HenryZ: Very good JarEl, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any other questions?

.Very well my
friends, as I have said before find your common ground, find what unites
you all and you will be well on your road to peace, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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