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Ham: Greetings, my friends, I am Ham and I am happy that we have this
discussion time together each week. You are each firmly settled upon the
spiritual path. You have each had testing and trials that have
challenged your steadfastness. You have had temptation to challenge your
determination and you have experienced disappointment to challenge your
dedication to the Father's will. This life is designed in order that
your faith will be strengthened through the experience of living through
so much uncertainty.

This life is not structured that you should simply leap from triumph to
triumph without challenge, without questioning. No, this existence, this
mortal world, was meant to be a test of faith from beginning to end and
when you emerge on the mansion worlds, your faith will be tested,
tempered, and true. You will be entrusted with some of the most
sensitive assignments the universe has to offer. You will be chosen for
assignments which require steadfast courage and unwavering commitment.

In many ways, your world is an experiment. On this world, the Master is
demonstrating how advanced truth can be revealed in such a way through
his mission, through his life, that this truth will then reverberate,
grow, and live through the lives of his children down through the ages.
He is demonstrating, for all the universe to see, how his living spirit
is enough to guide, direct, and foster life more abundantly in his
children. The Master is demonstrating how those who believe without
seeing can develop the greatest, strongest, and most sublime faith in
existence on his evolutionary worlds. The Master continues to send his
spirit in greater measure so that those who can receive, do receive.
And, each of you are among those in the forefront of receiving his
spirit in the greatest measure possible. Through your faith, my
children, through the hard tests, through the demonstration of your
purpose, does the Master live again upon your world.

Your lives are gradually but certainly becoming demonstrations of his
service through your actions and through your words are you brining
forth the Master's spirit upon this thirsting world. You have tasted his
living water. You have given forth his living water. You are becoming
living founts of truth in a world filled with confusion, doubt, and
uncertainty. As you come to embody the Master's spirit in ever
increasing measure, be assured you will be tested at every new level of
being for always must you become in the habit of turning over your will
to the Father and turning over your will to the Master.

This is a great responsibility to carry. You have each come forward out
of much turmoil and confusion and gradually but surely you have honed
your faith, you have strengthened your convictions, you have come to
understand yourselves and you have come to understand God's love in ever
increasing measure. My children, you have been called forth in love and
you are becoming increasingly love-dominated. Love is your motivation,
love is your goal and this is the mark of true faith.

The love of God is not weak, it is not boastful out of uncertainty, it
is not wavering or changing. It is not arrogant, it is not ever
frightened. The love of life is not the same as a fear of death. Love of
life grows out of a decrease in fear, including fear of death. Love of
life and love of creation is part of the rejection of fear. Fear and the
quest for some measure of certainty in personal religion drives fanaticism.

Love, born of the certainty of love, anchors the truth perception of
personal spiritual experience. Love and truth are also two sides of the
same coin. The certainty that comes from the marriage of love and truth
creates that peace which passes understanding. When you reach through
truth and love that place of peace, then are you capable of leading
others into truth and love. Without that peaceful certainty, that calm
abandon of your own will, you will find your efforts limited. But with
that peace, and the love and the truth create that peace, you will have
unbounded potential.

Each person must conquer fear in his or her own life before that person
can be of real service to others. Fear can never conquer love, but fear
can effectively blot it out of a heart temporarily. Fear can create
conditions in which lies are elevated and hatred is exalted. Fear always
tends to breed evil, error, and iniquity. Love always tends to breed
righteousness, health, and service. If you would follow the Master and
serve your fellows, you must first love them, you must first abandon
your own will to love, you must first conquer your own fears. Only then
can you find true purpose in serving God.

It has been a great mistake that the churches representing Christ should
have introduced fear as a motivating factor for the Master himself never
did this. His admonition to his disciples was constantly, let not your
hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. It is, indeed, for this
generation to be examples of fearless love. It is, indeed, for this
generation to begin the process of weaning the world's religions away
from fear. It is, indeed, for this generation to demonstrate the
possibility of the Master living anew within your hearts and your lives,
your words and your actions.

The Master was free of those things that show fear in the personality.
He was free of pretense. He was always superbly and uniquely genuine and
as his spirit lives within your hearts, so will you also be superbly
unique and genuine and free of affectation or pretense. The chains of
fear are subtle. The fear of shame and embarrassment is acute, but is
this not also fear that must be conquered? The Master stood openly,
nakedly exposed to the world at all times. He stood vulnerable to evil,
but unafraid of it. Always did the Master expose the weakness of the
fear-driven religion he was born into. And, always was he understanding,
lenient, forgiving, and tolerant of the fear in others. Never did he
condemn a person for being afraid. But he did try to strengthen their
faith through his love.

Peter denounced the Master three times out of fear, an uncontrollable
impulse. And in forgiving this, as the Master walked with Peter in his
risen form, he asked him three times, "Peter do you love me" and each
time when Peter answered in the affirmative, he lost that fear and was
freed of those chains. After the Master strengthened his faith through
his love, Peter never again shrank from physical challenge or ridicule.

Think on this through the coming week. Redeem your own fears, your own
weaknesses through affirming your love of the Master and the Father.
Allow this love to break the chains of fear which still may bind you in
some way. We will discuss this again in the future. But for now, let us
proceed with the questions.

Q: Could I have a message please Ham?

Ham: Of course my son. My son, you do very well. Indeed, these weeks
have been a time of reorientation of your soul, a time when you are
coming to reject fear and to reject fear of the unknown especially. In
addressing the fear of the unknown, it is imperative that you come to
more fully trust the one who knows the future, the one who holds your
destiny in his hand, the one who has mapped out your path and knows what
is the very best thing that should happen next and after that and after
that. As you release your anxiety and grow in trust of God, you will
find the day to day coping very much easier and your burdens greatly
lightened. Do not succumb to the temptation of adding to your burdens.
Human beings are vulnerable to this impulse because of guilt. But the
Master does not mean for you to carry this guilt nor does he mean for
you to pile on the added burdens guilt requires. In any situation where
there is a choice, choose love. In this way, your path will be certain
and your fortunes assured.

Q: I was wondering if I had a teacher and if so what is the mode of contact?

Ham: Yes, of course my son, you have a teacher. He contacts you through
your creativity, through your writing. It might behoove you now to set a
time when he can write to you, directly, where you do not conceive of
the word until it is given and it is written. This skill will develop.
Do not expect a long dissertation, but a few words, then a sentence,
then a few sentences. Let it develop slowly without pressure.

Q: Do you have a name?

Ham: Let him give it to you.

Q: Yes Ham, may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Of course my son, at this time you are showing great courage and
great steadfastness of faith. You are coming into an ever greater
realization of love and an acceptance of peace. Do not be afraid of
truth, do not be afraid of reality the way it is. For all these things,
even this prolonged illness, is part of God's purpose, part of your
life's testing. No more, but no less either. Find gratitude in your
heart and develop this attitude, this feeling, this emotion. For you are
one truly blessed in many areas through many channels and directions.
Truly my son, even in this difficult time, you will find an increased
level of happiness, serenity, and peace and these things are more
permanent than they ever were before. Come to accept each day as a
blessing. Come to love more and more completely. Come to surrender your
soul to love in ever greater measure and this illness will have achieved
a great purpose. Banish fear. Banish fear of illness and fear of death.
Grow instead in love, the love which transcends life, love which creates
all things, including happiness and contentment. And above all, my son,
accept the Master's great love for you personally. Not love in the
abstract, but person to person love, strong and true. And know that this
real experience of the Master's great love will be part of you
throughout eternity. As you confront and go through the trials ahead,
allow each one to create the condition of ever greater surrender to
love. It is said when you seek God, you seek after everything and when
you have found God, you have found everything. Truly realize, my son,
you have found everything.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Of course. My daughter, you have before you ever greater tests and
trials. You will be equal to each one so long as you cleave ever more
closely to the Master and his love. Allow his love to completely enfold,
guide, and direct your life in its entirety. Put forth everything and
you will be given everything. Abandon all, and you will have all.
Surrender self, and you will become ever more truly a manifestation of
your greater self. Be at ease, my friends, all that is required will be
available to you so long as you continually abandon your will for the
will of God. Nothing less will suffice. It is time now to grow into a
greater level of functioning, a greater level of wisdom and calm purpose.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son Jarad, you are also entering into a time of crossing a
threshold when you will be stripped of your old reliable props and
supports. It is a time for you to realize they are unnecessary and a
burden. It is time now for you to begin inhabiting a larger house. It is
time to expand who you are and how you feel toward life and other human
beings in general. It is time to release the last vestige of fear that
tethers you to the old realities. Allow your life to be a spontaneous
expression of the Master's great love. Allow yourself to be happy and
release the old chains of self-doubt which is fear, which is born of
fear and embrace instead all those things born of love, which is true
confidence, greater courage, spontaneous self-expression, and
spontaneous love. Grow and expand in this greater house, this greater
level you have reached. Find what is there, explore what you have now my
son and be fearless, calm, single minded in your determination and
completely genuinely in love with God. Allow him to lead you, allow him
to carry every burden, every burden! Allow yourself to be free.


Ham: My daughter, have faith. The great challenge of your life is coming
swiftly upon you and you are equal to it. You faith is great, greater
than you know. It is time now to continually choose faith and love over
fear and despair. Even now you are attended by a mighty angel. His wings
protect you and the Father's love enfolds you. Have no fear. Rather, be
at peace. In faith, put your hand in the hand of Jesus. Accept his love
and all will be well.

Q: Personal message for Marije.

Ham: Yes. My dear, you do very well. You must also continue to exercise
your faith. Allow your love to grow in increasing abundance. Accept the
blessings from the Master's hand and do not be inhibited from expressing
your faith. As you move forward in life, know for certain the Master
himself walks with you and is there for you at every turn. Let his
spirit enter your heart more and more. You are doing very well in all
things. Be at peace, my dear.

Q: Two questions from Hal's friend: 1) Are the teachings of Gene Scott
on the money? 2) Is my wife true to me?

Ham: Yes, let us take the first question first. My son, you are doing
very well. The teachings of this man or any other man will have a place
in your life for a time, but it is not meant that you should sit at the
feet of any man, rather as you grow in the spirit, will you certainly
come into ever greater personal contact with the Master's very spirit.
It is he himself who will whisper in your ear. Pay heed to this. Do not
pay heed to that. For it is his truth you are seeking and he himself
will lead you into all truth, as is his promise. As to question number
two, it is always best to trust those who are closest to you and when
this trust is broken, then to have understanding and forgiveness. The
human heart itself, as the Master said, is capable of great deceit. And
it is very difficult to put out the fires of doubt and jealousy and
suspicion once they are kindled. The Master never employed suspicion
against anyone. Even when betrayed, the Master was forgiving. He asked
that Judas not take the final step that he knew was coming. But even
then, he was careful to let the choice be his. And now, it is important
that you not push a situation forward into something more severe and
concrete than it needs to be. Be careful to show forth loving
confidence, even as the Master did. Pull back and do not push. Let
things be a little bit. Let things calm. And, now let me move on a
little bit in my addressing of this man. My son, you are beginning to
walk in an ever more spiritual path. This path may take you many places
and as you progress, you will leave behind those things which do not
serve you and you will take up increasingly those things which do serve
you well. Be calm and have patience with yourself. Do not be surprised
at your humanness or the humanness of others. Practice forgiveness, but
practice it first with yourself. See yourself through the loving eyes of
the Master and forgive your youthful excesses as the Master would and as
the Master does. Release all your requirements towards self-condemnation
and self-sabotage. Simply accept the great unchallengeable fact of your
sonship with God. As you return to his house after wondering in the
wilderness of selfishness and self-indulgence, accept his welcoming
love, accept his mantle upon your shoulders, accept his delight with
your soul. And above all things, accept his love for it is infinite,
complete, secure, and unfathomable. Steady yourself on the strength of
his love. Strengthen your faith as you reach out to him in increasing
measure and increasing completeness. Consecrate you will with his will,
your purpose with his purpose, and your being with his being. Then,
accept his love as a child, accept his comfort, and the security of his
everlasting arms. Do all this with the faith and trust of a child and
you will be carried on his shoulder the rest of the way home. Have no
fear. Grow in love and in loving certainty of his presence. All else
will be added unto you.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Of course. My son, it is important that you continue to closely
heed the Master's spirit. Let there be no time in which you grow apart
from this or allow yourself to wander away from his loving presence.
Continue to fine tune your skills of the spirit so that you are brought
ever closer and more firmly under the Master's guiding arm allowing him
to show you, "this way my son, follow me". Do not falter, nor grow weak
in your commitment. Allow each challenge to strengthen your faith and
make firmer your purpose.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Yes, my son, of course. My son, it is true that increasing
happiness is coming into your life as you ever more closely cleave to
the Master's spirit. Over most of your life, and from a young age, you
were convinced that somehow you were unworthy of happiness and complete
contentment. But, in recent times you have come through some
difficulties and only by cleaving closely to the Master did you find
your way. This is as it should be. Allow yourself to be happy in the now
and allow this increasing happiness to invade every aspect of your life.
No longer do you strive in isolated loneliness. No, rather now are you
joined with the Master and all his angels and all his helpers.
Increasingly, you are allowing them to take over the burdens of the
moment and instead you are brining in the master's spirit rather than
pushing it away. This is a big step forward for from a young age you
were prone to suffering in silence and you have been reluctant to
relinquish this deep inner burden until now. There are indeed few men as
certain and as comfortable with their faith as you are. Continue to grow
in this comfort and continue to grow in happiness. Your way is assured,
simply believe, trust and obey to the best of your ability. All else is
taken care of. Rejoice then. Embrace happiness and feel yourself to be
truly deserving of your place at the table.

My love and prayers are with you until next week. Farewell.

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