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* Aaron: Greetings to you, I am Aaron. I'm honored to be here this evening. I hope that you will feel my reach towards you tonight as first being the reach of a sibling toward his brothers and sisters. Only in this recognition of the family of God can you truly be comfortable with me as a teacher or guide, an offerer of insight. We know we are unified, if you choose, in our common relationship to the Divine; we are one in this relationship. And thus it is natural that I would desire to partake in that relationship with you sharing those insights I have gained in my universe ascension, just as I would hope that you would desire to share with me, your experiences and efforts in your universe ascension.

Throughout the ages, many methods have been utilized to find a deeper relationship with the source of creation: worship of the elements and the mysterious, sacrifice of animals and persons, the use of various substances, music, and sounds. And while today you may find that many of these various avenues have a sense of the barbaric or distortion as part of their utilization, one must not discount the evolution of personalities towards becoming more receptive to the Divine leading over time. While it is a fact that there are no secondary requirements for developing a deeper relationship with the Divine Source inside of you, it is good to recognize those methods which others use to feel comfortable such that they can feel they are closer to their Creator.

The truth is what it is on an absolute level, but in the evolutionary state, truth is very relative, and so it is important to recognize that your efforts to find God are more important than deciphering the difficulties with another's approach to God. Of course this is to the extent that another person or group does not infringe upon the personal rights of others.

The unity of humans will become increasingly possible to the extent that you have developed your relationship to your Indwelling Adjuster, for it is in the recognition that there is a personal Source of truth and love and unity indwelt within you that you can become capable of sharing this realized relationship with others.

The best efforts of your governments, and your social groups, and your activists to bring about the realization of world peace, unity and brotherhood, (or siblinghood, to use modern terms), is folly at best if they refuse to recognize the reality of a loving unifying force that exists in all things and upholds all things. It is not what you know, but who you are and who you are aspiring to be, that will identify the quality of your
character, and so my hope tonight is that, through my embracing you with this message of love -- the divine embrace of our Spiritual Parent, you will be able to manifest a certain realization that can help you in your efforts to become characterized by those qualities that you so desire to see and to be.

At this time I would be open to receiving questions or comments if there are any this evening.

Q: Thank you Aaron for coming tonight. I really appreciate your centered service to our Father and lifting us to a higher level of divinity. I suppose I've been feeling this from people. I really want to be of full service, but sometimes people choose out of that, but then sometimes it feels like I'm choosing out... like I could go back and be more loving, and do more. So maybe a little inspiration along those lines?

* Aaron: The ideal is a goal, but yes, you must recognize that you cannot change the approach and sharing of another. Therefore by being in, or striving to be in, consistent contact with the Source inside of you, you will more effectively be able to respond positively based on any particular situation.

The real test is to be able to provide positive response in the face of passiveness or negativity. This does not always mean happy, cheerful responses, but to turn the situation with a positive action. You've often heard it said, I am sure, to love your enemies, and the saying that if someone were to take the coat off your back to go the extra mile in giving them even more than that which they had taken. By recognizing that you are in control of your relationship to God and your relationship to the other, you can respond in a more enlightened way which could be to be loving, to accept apathy or negativity with graciousness and a smile, or to be cognizant of when it is appropriate to pass on an insight which may provide a lasting effect that can, perhaps, alter future interactions for that person. All of this is done by your seeking the guidance of your Indwelling Spirit for only then can you feel more secure in what type of response is appropriate in any situation.

But as a general standard, being loving and trying to be accepting and open of others will provide the platform whereby you can achieve more enlightened actions with others. I hope this provides you with some insight tonight my friend.

Q: Thank you Aaron. It fills in a lot of the gaps and helps me more than I think I know now.

* Aaron: Thank you for asking your question tonight, my friend.

Q2: I seem to be torn between knowing what is right, but my thinking seems to be flawed. I think I probably know the answers, but do you have a personal message for me?

* Aaron: My friend, take solace in the fact that you have a source of perfection inside of you that struggles with the imperfect nature of the mortal existence. You may have flaws in your thinking processes, but this is not an uncommon state of existence on your world. The overriding question is how much do you desire to love and be loved -- do you desire to do good to others, aside from your abilities of achieving this? For you will become like God in eternity to the extent possible for an ascending mortal, not by the quality of your awareness now or the quantity of your knowledge, as I am sure you know, but by your desire and intention to grow and to know more than you currently know.

Being, in some sense, energy, you can picture that energy must move in circuits. At times in your existence you may be caught in a closed circuit where you go in circles or squares, some consistent pattern around and around. The freedom is when the wall of that circuit can open to allow the connection to flow in a different channel. And so if you picture yourself as energy moving in an eventual direction, you can see that progress towards God may be varied, and the road or path of your energy may be twisting and turning, but your continued flow towards that source is inevitable as long as you are drawn towards the attracting factor that source holds for your energy. So my advice would be to try and become more attuned to letting your energy flow toward the attracting factors of truth, goodness, beauty and love, for it is ultimately in all your endeavors, intellectual, physical, or spiritual, that you will be most effective in your journey by seeking those sources which can lead only to the One Source eventually. I don't know if this is of benefit to you this evening, but those are my comments for you my friend.

Q2: Oh yes, indeed, they are extremely beneficial and I ask your blessing as I bless you.

* Aaron: I accept your blessing my friend and, indeed, you have mine.

Q3: I have a comment to make and maybe you could comment on that. I've been noting two trends. Number one is that teachers are giving us solace and saying that most of us, if not all, are definitely ready to go out and serve, much more so than we think we are ourselves. Trend number two is that things are improving around the world, despite what we might think otherwise. Given these two trends, without having to predict anything, could you give us any hope or direction that we could expect in the next coming years?

* Aaron: Thank you, my friends, for your questions tonight. The trends you speak of have been part of the general dialogue that we've been trying to have with you in the various groups for some time now. Obviously progress, on the planetary level with global trends and interconnection happening, is somewhat contingent upon the realizations of individual mortals and smaller groups, for we cannot provide enlightenment for the entire world without impacting individual personalities. Therefore, part of the increasing suggestions to be open to ways of being of service is to, in some sense, provide a momentum that can affect a larger global level.

The trends of consciousness on your planet are conflicting at the present time, as long time foundational structures compete with progressive desires to expand consciousness beyond the current limits. The reality is that we cannot truly and honestly predict where the world will be down the road, although we can see patterns, both positive and negative, that have the potential to manifest or dissolve. It is true that many not so enlightened methods do tend to crumble and dissolve in the lack of their value over time, but many inspirational efforts can also dissipate if effort isn't applied to perpetuate that trend.

One thing I would like to make clear to you tonight is that we do not encourage you to move out in service for the sake of just doing something. We do not encourage you to move out in service and neglecting your personal growth and increasing comprehension of divinity by your consistent seeking to God in the stillness. An all too common mistake is to become so involved and active in trying to be of service, and then one day coming to the realization that you have been in a closed circuit as I mentioned earlier. That closed
circuit does not allow the dynamic interaction of spirit with mind and personality that can enlighten your actions and provide avenues and directions that may not have been contemplated otherwise.

So yes, there is a trend toward encouraging those who have grown and feel comfortable, to look at ways that they can stretch their spiritual muscles, and there is a trend to recognize that the planet isn't falling in upon itself and crumbling. There are still positive and encouraging signs of growth throughout your world. But the continued trend, which began with the inception of this mission and will be there on the day that this planet moves into light and life and at the time when the Supreme is realized, is that your connection to God is primary, your activities are secondary, stemming from that primary activity.

I hope this helps to coordinate your thinking along some of these lines my friend.

Q3: Yes indeed. Thank you so much.

* Aaron: You are welcome. I have time for one more question if there are any this evening.

Q4: I wonder how I could strengthen my spiritual muscles for the upcoming possibilities. I have the feeling you've had some role along in our infinity four phase transmission project, if there is a comment there as well.

* Aaron: My friend, the stretching of your spiritual muscles, so to speak, can be in many avenues, not just simply in trying to be spiritual which is a common effort and certainly worthy and noble, but in all aspects of life you have the opportunity to apply this relationship that you have with God.

So yes, as you have a sincere intention to aid others, regardless of whether it is spiritually, in some physical way, in some intellectual way, or technological way, this sincere effort will be met with an equal and corresponding effort from the spirit to enlighten and provide insight into your efforts. Understand that many of the advancements on your world throughout the ages have been instituted by the co-creativity of spirit and man working together in a sort of partnership. All creativity -- true creativity -- is of the spirit, and most often what you see as individual initiative and personal creation, is actually of your personality which is also an endowment given to you by God for this purpose of creating in partnership with God.

So if you can recognize that overarching presence and energy that is there and willing to help you in your efforts, you can try to bring your thoughts towards this presence and energy as you work to create and to manifest in various ways.

I hope this helps you in some sense with your question my friend.

Q4: That makes sense Aaron. I love you.

* Aaron: Indeed, I love you, too, and as we progress into eternity you may find that this affection that you feel will only grow and be enhanced by the pervasive nature of community and family that you will no doubt recognize shortly after your transition to the other side, so to speak, if not while you are here in your current state of existence. So I am excited with your excitement.

Q4: It just gets better every day, glory be to the Father and the plan.

* Aaron: Well thank you, my friends, for this opportunity to converse with you this evening. I would close at this time as I do have another engagement that I need to attend this evening. Let us pray.

To the One who created us all, we offer to you our feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for this opportunity to communicate with one another. We ask for your presence in our existence, helping us to understand the nature of our relationship that is there and waiting for us. May we increasingly recognize that the validity of our being is in you and of you such that we can move out in service without concern for the divergent energies that may pull at us along the way. I know, personally, that you are the gravity that draws us into the circuits of truth, beauty and goodness. May my comrades here this evening also increasingly recognize this fact, not only in mind, but also in spirit and as a part of their souls. Dear God, accept our love and allow us to become better reflections of your divinity each day and in eternity. Amen.

Group: Amen

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