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Ham 5-30-04

Greetings children, I am Ham and I am happy you have come so that we may
interact and discuss. This evening our discussion will begin concerning

Prayer is a powerful technique for reaching toward God. It is a method
reinforcing attitudes of humility and meekness toward our father. Often
human beings pray for certain specific outcomes but prayers are more
than your wishes. A prayer can be a simple "help me" or "I need you"
entreaty. And this act of reaching out for help is a powerful tool to
aid your spiritual growth.

The Master said, "Happy are they who are poor in spirit, for they will
be filled." This is the attitude of true prayer. This prepares the soul
to receive the divine touch.

Every person is in a state of incomplete growth. The divine touch
stimulates parts of the soul to grow so that the soul is balanced and
steady. This growth prepares the soul for its work in the world. The
most powerful prayer is the asking for growth.

The growth itself is productive of dynamic action and interaction in the
world. The growth itself is your answer to your prayer. The world will
not change but the souls interaction in the world will change. Prayer
does not confer control in the world but spiritual growth does create
self-control and self-control can and does condition circumstances in
the world.

Growth must come before you are ready to handle the circumstances you
may desire. It would not help you to have the outer circumstances to
your liking if you are not able to handle those circumstances well.
Spiritual growth is the engine driving your lives. It is the thing that
can and will affect you outer circumstances. And always, you will find
yourselves in circumstances that will enable your growth. For your
growth is the true purpose of your lives.

Growth is what shapes and guides your destinies. From the perspective of
your indwelling spirit your growth is the all important mission of your
combined existence. Each person receives from God and gives to the
world. It is the mission of the indwelling spirit to bring God's love
first to your heart and through you to the hearts of others. As your
lives become more and more attuned to the purpose of the spirit, you are
enabled to give more and more of yourselves to others. It is this giving
that is the secret of your treasure in heaven.

Each of you is very actively growing. Each of you prays and worships in
the Spirit. Each of you desires spiritual growth above all else, and so
you are open to the growth stimulation the Spirit provides. Sometimes,
often times, spiritual growth is painful and difficult. It would be
easier, it seems, to stop right here, to solidify your feeling,
reactions, attitudes and opinions, but even though growth is hard,
stopping growth is deadly and poisonous to the soul.

It is best to be open and to strive to open even more to the Spirit's
stimulus. Growth is not something to be guided or controlled by your
mind, rather it requires openness of mind. For you cannot presume to
know better than God knows. The Father may very well refuse you the
things you pray for, but if you are open and growing, he will bring to
you those things best for you growth of this you may be certain.

The Father cherishes your trust. His Spirit always moves to strengthen
your trust in Him. And so with time you understand the reasons why you
are given what you are given. And the reasons why certain desires are
withheld. The Master said, "Would a good father give a child a serpent
simply because he asked for it?" The Father may not grant your wishes,
but He cares for your needs, the needs of your soul. As you grow in the
world, as you come to understand the ways of the Spirit, you will find
that the Father gives you exactly what you need. He does not give you
more, nor does he give you less.

The greatest need of the soul is love, and as you awaken to love you
will be given more. Your love, your capacity for love will never
diminish. Love must grow and love must flow from you outward to others.
Love is not something that you and the Father can have in secret. When
you love God the world soon sees that He loves you, for His love flows
through you and touches everyone around you.

My children have complete and total faith. Let there not be one drop of
doubt in your river of trust. Give your souls fully to the Father's love
without reservations or question and in that love find your answers.
Find your purpose and find yourselves.

Q: Abraham talked to us once and basically this group was to be put on
accelerate growth. Please explain what this means.

A: He meant that the spiritual food that you were to be given, that you
have been given through these groups would be productive of accelerated
rate of spiritual growth.

Q: I expected the test and the trials to come faster to accomplish the
accelerated growth.

A: You are given those tests which you can handle. If you are growing,
you are preparing and the test come as you are prepared to receive them.
But let us also think of growth as producing spiritual fruit. Fruit is
for the benefit of others as well as yourself. The fruit is the sharing
of your growth, so as you grow in the spirit you are more giving and
more able to give. Yes there are tests, but these tests are to
strengthen you, not to grade you.

Q: I have had a consistent prayer over the years of "let me be of use".
Yet I do not feel that this prayer has been answered because I feel
pointless and useless and not contributing.

A: My daughter, these feelings are not real. They are not indicative of
you stature and standing in the universe. What you are confusing is
purpose. You are, my dear, fulfilling God's purpose. But of course the
goals of time are not the goals of eternity. You may have some
unfulfilled earthly goals, goals of your choosing, and you may wonder as
the child and the serpent wonders why the Father has withheld such a
beautiful prize. Instead of a lot of pointless conjecture of why this or
that human project did not fulfill your human expectations, instead
thank the Father for protecting you and for giving your soul the perfect
requirements for growth, for growing you are my dear. You will be none
to ready when the Father calls you. All of your life is preparation for
the Father's work and He will give you those things which are required
for your growth over those things which would give ego gratification. Do
not be in any doubt that the Father is using you. Do not doubt that you
are fulfilling his will, for you are. Be at peace with things the way
they are and know for certain that the Father places his errands before
you. Service is the delight of all God-knowing children. Be delighted at
each opportunity both small and large to serve. Is this helping?

A: This is a great relief.

Q: It has to be alright the way it is before it can get better?

A: Yes

Q: Anything for Rebecca?

A: Yes my daughter, gradually as you grow in the spirit you find you are
able to handle ever more difficult tasks with an increasing grace and
confidence. Do not be fearful of the future for the Master walks besides
you each step of the way.

Q: Anything for Me?

A: Certainly my son, you are also finding a level of balance and
grounding which has alluded you in the past. You are finding that your
strength is not to be feared or denied. It is not necessary to run from
yourself and gradually you are coming to understand that you my son have
your own place in the universe. A place which cannot be taken from you.
The Father in heaven has claimed you as his child, his beloved son, this
status is yours for eternity. The Father already loves you infinitely,
now it is you who must grow in love for Him, and in this process you
will come to love yourself even as the Father himself loves you. Find
security in that love and all is well.


A: Of course, my son be at peace. You have before you a great task. This
is given with love, not sternness. The Father will create those
circumstances that are right for you and he will remove those
circumstances which are not right. You my son must trust in the Father's
wisdom, his guidance and his purpose. And yes much of this is
impenetrable for the human mind, so faith and trust are yours. The trust
of a child will guide you.

Any advise for Wendaring concerning her spiritual quest and the people
she is working with?

A: Certainly, my daughter these experiences will help you to grow in
your spiritual understanding. Be careful to remain grounded and do not
be carried away in human wishing. You will have the insights and
guidance you need. Have faith.

Q: Personal message for Norbert.

A: Yes my son, you are doing very well and have come through some
difficulties with increasing confidence and a growing spiritual depth.
Find increasing love in your heart and in the truth of those around you.
Recognize your own ability to discern truth, but also recognize that
truth is not ever complete in this life. It is always partial.

Q: Anything for me:

A: Of course. My daughter you do well. You are making great strides in
the spiritual realm. You are working ever more completely for the spirit
and are accepting his purpose for you in ever greater degree. More and
more you are opening your self to your own potential and you are
accepting your spiritual potential bit by bit, day by day. In fact, all
things are becoming new, for spiritually you are gaining ground and this
spiritual perspective is becoming more and more dominate in your
thinking. Have peace my daughter, the way will open for you, don't be in
a hurry to make decisions, rest for a while. You are doing just fine.

My friends be at peace. Allow the Father's love to surround your hearts
so that they are cushioned in love. Whatever harshness befalls you. Do
not be concerned over the future, rather live completely each day, in
love, faith, charity of the spirit and a growing willingness to give
everything to God. In this manner your way will open and your needs will
be met. That is all. Farewell,

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