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Ham June 6, 2004

Greetings children, I am Ham and I am happy to have you each here this
evening. Let us speak about humility once again.

My friends, you are each learning about how to walk humbly with God.
Part of that effort must be to continually reign in your own personal
expectations. Part of it concerns concentrating so much on the work
that you forget the ego involvement in the work. You must each reach a
point where neither praise nor criticism effects you, for all your needs
are met by the Master's love, and so all else seems pale and shadowy in
comparison with the reality of his presence.

It is wholly appropriate to take stands, fight for causes, and create
something unique in the business world, or the worlds of arts and
science. Being humble does not mean being invisible. Humility is a
mark of perspective. It is an understanding that life is but a day's
work, and whatever you may accomplish or try to accomplish is tiny, and
but a beginning step in your eternal career. It is also an
acknowledgement of the truth of the Father's over control of your lives,
an understanding that you do nothing but what the Father allows. You
are given nothing but what the Father gives you, and you change nothing
but what the Father allows you to change.

Once you have firmly in your minds a greater universe perspective, then
it will be easy to lay down the needs of ego and the demands of self.
Each of you must begin to continually to opt for the Father's will.
This is not always apparent, it is not always obvious how to do this for
the ego is stealthy and cunning, but it is an adversary fighting against
its own demise. The ego is like the scaffolding built up to hold your
developing character. Once your house is completed the scaffolding is
an eye-sore drawing attention to itself, pretending importance that it
does not possess. This life is very short and your greater selves are
rapidly being constructed. It is the greater self that will endure and
survive the portals of death. And you will be received into a new life
where ego is but a dream of the past, something no longer required.

Humility then is the gradual recognition and acceptance of truth. It is
very humbling to be in the presence of truth, in the presence of the
Master's spirit. Each of you is learning to walk with this spirit, to
trust his spirit and when in doubt to lean on his spirit. Humility of
attitude will allow you even greater access to his spirit and will allow
his spirit greater access to your souls.

Slowly you are releasing your fears and growing in trust. This is how
you will build true confidence as opposed to the false confidence of
bluster or braggadocio. The Master's spirit brings you all that you
need. It is but for you to trust and to receive. The Master
understands how your trust in him will grow and he will give those
things that will build your trust and give you confidence in him. Some
may ask "How is it possible to not trust the Master's spirit?" But
until you actually begin walking with his spirit in complete trust of
his guidance, you will find many times how easily possible it is to be
distrustful, to be frightened, to be fill with doubt and discouraged.

It is easy for the children of time to be frightened by the shadows of
material reality. It is easy to be disheartened and discouraged by the
difficulties along the way, and it is easy to be filled with doubts
about yourselves, doubting your faith at times. Yes these things are
natural and human. What is difficult is to hang on with faith when all
the world seems to have turned against you, when you are ridiculed and
mocked, when you are defeated in a battle in time then is your faith
truly tested, then do you demonstrate to the Father your courage and
your true faith.

Each of you has been tested many times and your faith will continue to
be tested as it grows in strength. So much of your lives are but a
preparation for the next life. Everything done in this life is but a
tiny step on your path to paradise. You will have many dark hours but
you will also have many times when you break through the shadows into
the sunshine and your faith is fulfilled and your courage is vindicated.

The Master was and is the great way-shower. In his earthly life he did
not lead others of his own accord, he followed the Father and so the
Father led. At each moment of prayer the Master put aside his own
desires and yielded to the Father's will. When your lives are examples
to others, it is because you have yielded to the Father and to the Master.

Each human being is lost in this world except for the light the Father's
spirit shines within each person. Continue then to pray often as the
Master prayed, "Father show me your will and give me what I need to
carry it out." And when you ask of the Father always recur to the
Master's simple statement, "Nevertheless your will be done." Ask
continually that your fears may be removed and replaced with trust.

My friends, during my own mortal existence, I had many doubts and
looking back I seemed to have been plagued by continuing fear. If I was
courageous it was not of my own accord but only by and through the
Master's spirit. And on my world we did not have the history of his
presence, we knew of him rather vaguely, the way you may think of the
Holy Spirit of Christianity. But I began to know him, indeed I began to
love him and that love brought me that knowing, so that the more I loved
the Master the greater I came to know his spirit. And the greater I
came to know his spirit the more I loved and trusted him.

I see now you children experiencing the same baby-steps I took. , the
same hot and cold spells, the same inner doubting, the same fear. But I
am here to tell you that his spirit is the truest most real, most
completely trustworthy reality in this universe. All human beings upon
this world, the many who have gone before and the many yet to be born
are but a tiny fraction of the numbers of his children who must past
through him to the Father. He is the way. He is the truth. He is the
light of this world. Hold fast to this truth and his spirit will
sustain you through every dark valley of your lives.

This week continue to contemplate true humility, what it means, how it
is achieved and how you may inch ever closer toward its attainment. Do
not be discouraged to find yourselves failing, stumbling and skinning
your knees. But find it within you to trust that everything that occurs
in your lives is part of the Father's overall plan for you. Doors may
open and they may close. You may be received gladly, you may be
shunned. You may be praised and you may be ridiculed. And through it
all walk humbly with the Master and you will find a joy and peace that
transcend all of it.

What are your questions?

Q: Do I understand you to say that at the next level there is no ego at

A: It will develop again. But the ego as it exists on this earth is a
little different. The earthly ego is part of the body, part of the
animal legacy which will be left and defeated when you graduate.
Self-love and self-involvement can develop again but it will be a little

Q: Message for Jim?

A: Certainly, Yes my son, you are continuing to do well. Your gradual
healing is occurring and little by little you will gain slightly better
health even though you may experience some setbacks. But all-in-all you
are making progress.

Q: Physically?

A: Yes and spiritually. There exists a great deal of organ damage that
will probably never completely return, but with care, patience and
perseverance the part which are functioning now will gain back more
normal levels of function.

Q: Can I have a message Ham?

A: My son you are doing very well. And you have come through some
difficult personal testing. Do not worry concerning the tests you will
be undergoing. Let go and trust in the Master. Let him receive your
fears and your doubts. Allow him to do the heavy lifting. Trust that
he will provide for you all that you need at every step. My son grow in
confidence and courage that only comes from a deep connection to the
spirit. You will have what you need going forward. Develop the trust
of a child and the courage of a man. Do not worry for the Master's hand
is upon your shoulder through every step.

Q: Anything for Rebecca?

A: Yes my daughter, you are doing very well. You too must develop your
faith and trust in the Master's spiritual gift. Do not worry, have no
fear for the Master will uphold your step. He will guide and show you
the way. My dear, walk with true humility step-by-by step, have faith
in him who lights the path. Look not to the right nor to the left but
train your eyes ahead and you will have all that you need to continue.

Ham: My son Jarad, you are also learning the meaning of true humility.
But it is also the act linking hands with the Master, it is the trust to
place your hand in his and allowing him to guide you. It is the trust
that allows him into your inner-most mind and self and it is the
willingness to accept and to trust in his council. It is true my son
that you are most grateful for you have been brought very far. You have
been broken and then built again and so your trust is deep. Never for a
moment forget that he will bring you where he wants you to be and he
will use you for his will. Since you have accepted this be completely
at ease in renouncing your own will.

Jared: You told me that I have trusted in the Master for a long time
and that I need to trust in me because of him. Since he came a few
months back I will be able to do anything because of him.

Q: Any counseling?

A: Yes my son, you are doing well. You are also growing in your
ability to evermore fully trust in the Master's spirit. Many changes
are occurring within you and gradually you are coming to find larger and
more profound realms of love and of peace. Much of your time in the
wilderness of wandering and seeking has been concluded. You are now
entering the Father's house and you must understand that you are
welcomed as his son, his son. Long have you known of your sonship in
the intellect, but only now are you coming to claim it as your own.
Allow this understanding to deepen and to reorient your mind and
attitude toward the world. Let the awareness of sonship be complete.

From Zura: Ham - now the doctors are talking lung transplant. I know
it will give me a better quality of life. When will this come through,
and will I survive the operation?

A: Dear one, have peace in your heart. Understand a little of how the
Father loves you. You are his beloved child and you are deserving of a
better life. Put your faith and trust in Him, allow Him to take the
responsibility of all these things from your hands, allow His will its
time to work and completely trust that the outcome whatever it may be
will be the very best thing that can be. Know with complete confidence
and certainly that your life is eternal whether you wake up in hospital
or wake up in heaven. Either outcome will be wonderful. Let this be in
the Father's hand. Have faith in the good will of your doctors and have
faith in their skills, but ultimately have faith in God and all will be

Q: Could I have counsel?

A: Of course my son. My son you are doing well. Each day you continue
to grow in faith and in trust of the Father. Continue bringing the
Master's spirit into your heart. Give him your love and your complete
trust. So much of your life has been lived with the teaching that there
is a right way to God and that there is a wrong way. But there is no
wrong way. The Father's arms stretch wide, his forgiveness is not
limited. There is no line to cross with Him, neither is there any
condemnation or judgment, only love, acceptance and happiness in your
existence. The Master and the Father both take supreme joy in their
children. You have always been a joy to them and a joy to the
Mother-spirit as well. Begin to accept the great love in the universe
that surrounds and evades your soul. Then you will have peace that
passes understanding. You are doing very well.

Q: Do you have message for me?

A: Yes my dear, my daughter, you are finding yourself in ever greater
measure and you are growing in the gradual acceptance of the love of God
for you. This is not quick. This is not easy, but things are getting
better and each step you take in faith brings you closer to truth,
closer to the Master's comfort and closer to his great companionship.
Bring the Master into your thoughts and into your life in ever greater
measure. Allow his spirit to cradle your heart. Allow his spirit to
hold you to his breast and smooth your brow. You have tried to reach
him without letting go, but my daughter, releasing your grip on who you
think you are is the only way he can show you who you really are. Let
go of the old self, the old shell that must be abandoned, the old skin
that must be shed for, much of this belongs in the past and you are
moving forward into the future. Trust the Father and the Master's
spirit to give you what you need.

It is time now for me to retire. Until next week my love and my prayers
are with you, each one.

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