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DATE: June 6, 2004
LOCATION: Dorenda & Willie’s Place
TOMAS, as host
WILL, who loves you
JESUS, our Master Teacher
TOPICS: Do You Know What Love Is?
Love is Lived Through Service.
Q & A: How can we transcend life’s vicissitudes?
Thank you for being with our loved one.
T/Rs: Gerdean and Matthew
MUSIC: Elena on Piano, "Oh, God, You Search Me"
PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the

Master Teacher,

We once again resume the larger group, and appreciate everyone’s
participation including our own for what is a wonderful gift that you
bestow, and as you have offered the opportunity for everyone to be able
to communicate with their God Force and God Self in an intimate way, we
are grateful for the opportunity of life and for its expression in us and
through us and with us. For that we are truly grateful and will forever
celebrate, in eternity, the gift of life and its outpouring.

We pray for whatever teachers you designate today, who will bring a
message of intent that will affect our lives in the most subtle but
needful ways. We place our trust in you always and before all of the God
Head that we serve, even though we do not see. We believe, even though we
cannot feel. And we trust even though we do not know that you are there
physically but we know you are spiritually, as we are signs, or evidence,
of your existence.

For those concerns and needs that are in each of our hearts, we place
before you now and celebrate the gift of life. Amen.

TOMAS: Dear ones, this is Tomas, your host. Welcome to you, my students,
friends and co-workers in the advancing field of consciousness into
infinity. I am only the host today. There will be guest visitors, as we
spoke of before. I believe that Matthew has acquiesced to deliver the
main thrust of the afternoon’s counsel but prior to that, should that
indeed transpire, I would like to introduce you to Teacher Will, if you
have not met Will already through another venue. Will has been known for
her work in the Tallahassee group primarily, but has also worked as an
able teacher in the Corps of workers. I welcome her now to this arena.

Group: (Greetings and salutations.)

WILL: I am Will, who loves you. I would like to speak with you briefly
about love, as it is understood from On High, from an enlarged
perspective from the one you have evolved in your consciousness as a
mortal, growing into an appreciation of the Divine, as it should be. This
is not to discredit the love you have known and the loves you cultivate,
but to introduce yet greater understanding of that reality which has been
described as that which comes from God Himself. If God is Love, then what
is this Love that God is?

When you go into counsel with your mentor/Creator, when you are led into
that inner sanctuary where you are loved and to the point where you are
lifted beyond the material, when you are carried into the heavenly arms
by the holy spirit, what kind of love is this that you can extend it into
your universe as an extension of that which you know? Do you know what
you feel is love?

When love attains to godliness, it vanishes from need for definition.
Even so, it is personal. Imagine those who enter into the inner sanctum
of that private citadel within to find safety, security, strength and
humility there, without understanding how that reflects as love, and how
that differs from indulgence. Would having a Calgon bath be an
indulgence? Or would it be a way of bathing in the spirit, yet literally,
for the advantages of caring for the shadow of reality as an extension of
the Source of reality itself?

This extends the care of love into the realm. Caring is an example of
loving, but unenlightened caring might merely represent the sunny side of
control. Without knowing what real love is, one could easily be misled by
its own innocence. This is one of those cases, perhaps, where some truths
are felt only in adversity, and one would not think that of "caring" but
this is the birthplace of wisdom, which is the crown of human experience.
When you have mastered human experience, you have the opportunity to be
led in all things alone through the Spirit of Truth.

The Father loves you. Wait upon Him this week, that he may show you and
tell you in many personal and intimate ways how much He loves you. And in
this manner you will be attempting to pass on this bliss, lovingly, to
those you know. Thank you for your listening ears.

Group: Thank you for being here, Will. Come again.

Reneau: Will, are you still there?

WILL: Yes.

Reneau: Would you do me a favor and do your opening prayer that I just
love so much? "The love of God

WILL: "The love of God surrounds us; the power of God protects us; the
presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is."

Reneau: Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you, Will, for visiting our community, as well as the larger
community, and for being who you are in this supernal adventure.

My friend and associate, Matthew, are you ready with your guest?

Matthew: I’m ready, but I don’t know who it is, so
we shall see. (Pause)
Okay. I have – we have Christ Michael.

Group: (Elated murmuring.) Welcome!

MICHAEL: Welcome, family of my body and blood.

I bestow upon you today new tidings of warmth and admiration for your
dedication to loving service in my name and in my stead. You are an
example of what is intended in "feed my sheep" for I have placed you in
my world that is both benign and bewildered with the interpretations of
love as was spoken by our friend and colleague, Will. It is a time such
as this that I wish to reassure you that you are all on the path to truth
and light.

The path is one that can take great effort and constant attention to
detail and results, much like a diet that one needs to eradicate
everything that is not part of the program, in order to derive what is
required of the program. However, the good news is that my call for grace
and honor of the world of our heavenly Father only requires your desire
and willingness to be of service and to learn the most subtle of truths.
One need not become an astronaut in order to learn the beauty and essence
of rocketeering. You need not climb inside a jet airplane and pilot it in
order to appreciate how it glides through the air with such effortless
skill and beauty.

What I am saying is that all I require in my message to you, for time
immemorial, is to follow me. In so doing, as your willingness to be a
pastor among sheep or even a sheep among wolves, is to follow me and to
trust that I will provide what is needed. Even as sheep -- should you be
chased, frightened, or run off a cliff -- your being caught by the
essence of time and space and your passage into the world of your dreams
is all that is required.

Know that I do not expect you to walk off of cliffs or do as you are told
in such an automaton-type manner, but you may get the point of my message
in terms of being willing to be of loving service. I trust that you know
your Inner Light well enough to know that a leading or an urge to perform
a deed of selfless service is truly an act of response to the Spirit

It is this Spirit within that can bring a cup of cold water to one who
thirsts, offers a ride to one who would otherwise be stranded, or to lend
an ear to one who is in search of counsel and inspiration. It is all of
these that you do willingly and lovingly in my name. Even if you were to
perform such acts of service without consciously considering my presence
or that of Our heavenly Father in your actions, thoughts and deeds, know
that as a disciple of our inner life, you will act accordingly, in truth
and in knowledge. Never distrust or mistrust your inner leadings to be of
loving service.

I can only caution that a hidden recipe for developing ones own
objectives, or what you call a hidden agenda, is not one such following
of inner truth and light. And I caution only as a distinction, knowing
that you will know the difference between what would be self-motivation
and acting according to higher truth. And, likewise, one need not always
see the light and act as Paul reportedly did in being knocked from the
horse, but rather simply following your heart’s desire, your inner
leadings in that which is considered an act of service and oftentimes

I wish not to pound this into the ground to the point where it is beyond
its fruitfulness, but to simply reinforce within your heart and mind that
you need not see me to know me, you need not touch me to feel me, and you
need not stand beside me to know that I am there.

For my will in the Father’s will is known to you when you are listening.
I beseech you to continue, even in troubled times, especially, to be
willing to serve and to do what is necessary to be my instruments in a
world that needs music. I wish for you to be that which is helpful and
necessary as my arms and legs, my heart and my will, to be all that is
necessary to bring people to a new awareness.

Lean then on your inner leadings to know that it is there that you will
find what is necessary for your life today and your spirit life tomorrow.
For life is a continuum. As it may change in type, its character

Be of sound mind and solid faith in being one with me and all that is as
we continue to be of living and loving service. Peace be with you now and
always. Enjoy your day and your time together, and continue your good
works. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: We have time for questions, if you have any. However, in the
interest of efficiency, I will pause and let you collect yourselves
first. {Pause}

Gerdean: I have a question for Jesus, if I may. It’s a specific question,
perhaps. I know, Master, that when you were on the cross
that, being
who you are and having the perspective that you have,
you were able to
love everybody and to forgive them because they didn’t know what they
were doing, and you could see from that perspective, and I’m seeing that
you knew this as a whole, as an overall transcendental reality. However,
as a mortal, didn’t you feel
stirred, conflicted, saddened by those,
specifically, who jeered or took pleasure in humiliating you? I don’t
know how to transcend that kind of stuff.

MICHAEL: I will address your need, and, hopefully, will be able to bring
you into a new level of understanding, for your particular need is one in
which many find themselves, yet do not have the understanding of being
able to transcend it, or even a desire to move above such motivations
that are less than desirable.

This is a problem that is addressable at various levels; however, let me
take it a strand at a time. For life is made up of many dimensions, all
interwoven and part of a whole, much as all of the systems of the body
all have their functions yet serve intertwined and interrelated to one
another, so that one does not become more prominent than the other --
even though the largest organ of the body is considered the skin. You do
not necessarily think of yourselves as integrated circuits or functions
within a function, but as one, acting, moving being.

What I am portending is that for you to be fully functional and alive,
without being affected by these lower elements of life and the lack of
awareness in others, is to expect you to leap from human status to divine
in one fell swoop, which cannot be done -- and this is part of the
difficulty that some people have with religion or church -- that it
espouses a higher value in a world that has no resemblance to the higher
order, or that addresses the challenges that people find on a regular

What I am addressing is that you will find it more helpful to deal with
these issues -- not necessarily from a transcendent point of view, or to
rise above it and remove yourself from this of which we are speaking, but
rather -- to embrace it and to love even the filth as part of the
expression of humanity as it moves from ignorance, hatred, into
understanding and unity.

This is calling upon you each and all to become fully aware of who you
are and to not ask me to remove the difficulty or the block from your
eye, but for you to join with me in knowing your power to re-move, to
accept and ultimately to transform the world in which you life.

I realize that this is asking what may feel like your joining me on a
cross to be put to death by those who wish to inflict pain and suffering
and ultimate death. I am not asking you to do this, per se, but rather to
gain a perspective of who you are and who others are as well, for a child
cannot be expected to act in accordance with the rules or mores of a
highly structured society, but must be taught year by year to become
enculturated in the finer parts of living and life. So, too, in the
process, one must become attuned to the finer points of living, including
that of Spirit.

What I am leading up to is that it is very easy to say "love one another
as I have loved you." However, there is fine-tuning in your spirit that
needs to be addressed in order for you to do so. If one is fully
accepting of themselves and their frailties, the weaknesses that have
been hidden or even obvious, and can accept themselves in the presence of
my arms and in the presence of the light and spirit of truth, then one
can accept the infractions and imperfections of their fellows.

It is in this way that I was able to walk the path to Golgotha, knowing
that such ignorance could not have been imposed without their being in
the dark, and whether chosen or as the result of difficult trials and
tribulations, one is in the dark. It was my purpose to bring them out of
the dark. To resist, resent or restrict my acceptance of their ignorance
in a contrary manner would be to deny them the opportunity to come out of
the dark into the light.

You may not be following me exactly here but what I am saying is: You
need to be an instrument of peace, which is to be peace. -- not simply
act in a peaceful manner, but to be peace, and in so being, you know the
frailty of yourself and your fellows. This is what truly knowing and
loving your fellows is all about. It is to be truly one with them as I am
one with you. Am I opening a door of understanding?

Gerdean: Actually, yes, you’ve opened a large door, through which I can
go and follow you. As always your counsel gives me comfort and
inspiration to follow yet further. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Anyone else? Trouble, joy, concern?

Esmeralda: Michael, I wanted to thank you for being with Deborah this
weekend. Abraham and Ham advised her to look to you and to be close to
you at this time, and she believes in you and I believe

and I believe

that you have been a great help to her in her surgery this
week. She has not had as much pain this time as she had before. She can
use her crutches better. And you’ve done a great job, and for that we are
so thankful.

Elena: We are so grateful. So, so, so grateful.

MICHAEL: I will be with you all in each of your many ways that are varied
as clouds in the sky, and if you can reassure her for me that as the good
shepherd, I anxiously await her loving and needing eyes for guidance and
for healing, only in time for her to heal others -- as it is necessary
for each of you in your own way to be loving guides and Christ-centered
beings of love and service.

It is in this way that I return to my previous presentation to thank you
for your willingness to be of loving service. In so being, you find love
in return and healing as is necessary and desirous when the spirit is so
accepting. Your lesson of a couple of weeks ago on acceptance is a word
and concept which I wish to reiterate for your consideration – not that
you need to accept the undesirable and inferior -- but rather, accept
that you are in a learning opportunity that can fill a glass well beyond
full, to overflowing, in your understanding and proof of my being, so I
am with you and join all others in a true caring mode that allows me to
walk with you every step of the way. All I need is for your acceptance of
my pattern, which will be part of your life forever.

I leave you in peace with one another and yourselves as you continue to
mount the road to the peak in the sky, which will give you greater
clarity, yet I leave you in union with yourselves and All-That-Is. Peace
be with you.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: And this is Tomas, returning, to praise you all for your
adventurous souls that have ventured into the dimensions of love that our
Master Teacher would take us, in order to know more about Him and about
yourselves, and how knowing Him enables you to become more than you were.

We rejoice in the potentials inherent in this lesson and join the Master
in well- wishing for a wondrous and beauteous day, such as the Lord has
made. Peace be upon you.

Matthew: And also with you.

TOMAS: Amen.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.
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