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North Idaho teaching Mission group
Topics: Longing for Connection, Value Fellowship
Teachers: Elyon, Aaron

June 6, 2004

*	Elyon  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, my students.  This is your 
teacher Elyon.
	It is impressive, your dedication to our instruction.  I 
find your abilities to apply the meanings you reflect upon, that 
you derive from our contact, to your daily lives.  It is our 
intention to enhance your lives through such contact.  While you 
have come to understand that our influence upon you does not 
prevent difficulty in your lives, we have been assured ourselves 
that you are effectively transferring your understanding into 
practical application and joining us as coworkers in this 
planetary mission.
	All too often many look to our Sovereign Son for ease, to be 
alleviated from challenges.  You are those who recognize that it 
is your participation in the challenges and difficulties that 
brings you spiritual strength, that uncovers greater depths in 
insight, that makes you more able to endure.
	Within mankind there is an inherent longing for community, 
to be associated and trusted with and by others.  This sense of 
connection, while it can be viewed as simply an instinct of the 
animal herd, it is in reality a spiritual, social mechanism 
within the personality.  It is rooted in the Father’s desire to 
be ever in communion with all His children.  This thread of 
connectivity from God to you naturally continues from you 
towards others.
	Those in your life who seek truth and those who recognize 
truth and are ever watching for new juxtapositions of truth 
events to create an enlarged spiritual vista are ever willing to 
make connection with you as they recognize your standing in 
spirit.  These are your natural brothers and sisters.  No 
formality is required; an exchange of concepts is easy and 
fluid, for you both recognize the divine presence and your 
spiritual allegiance.  Others, however, stumble over the 
conceptual framework that presents a truth moment, a spirit 
reality, and they may recede from you in caution as they protect 
their viewpoints.  However, deeper within they understand the 
spirit of the connection, the love transfer and the acceptance.  
Time and maturity will give them the courage to risk their 
mental constructs in order to enjoy the soundness of spiritual 
communion with a fellow.
	Ever in your ministry pour forth this love; allow your 
energy to be warming and accepting.  This is the magnetism that 
brings another to the level of trust that you have attained 
wherein they may enjoy encountering a viewpoint that is 
different, that is new and challenging.  Repeated episodes like 
this will prove to them how rewarding it is to be adventurous 
philosophically, how much broader the vision becomes when many 
perceptions are enfolded into a grand view.  This perspective is 
attained by the very important initial experience of love from a 
fellow, of acceptance, of connection.
	Even one who dislikes association, withdraws, seeks privacy, 
does so with the same longings for connection.  Such an 
orientation can be beneficial to the soul, as one draws into 
oneself for reflection and even an encounter with the divine.  
However, some recoil from others in fear or through damage in 
the past.  They long for that touch but seek to safeguard 
themselves.  These are the difficult souls to reach; these are 
the ones your master longs for.  You are the means for his 
contact by your gentleness, by your understanding, and by your 
patience, allowing time for trust to build, for healing to 
	You are gathered here today with me because you recognize 
your bond in spirit brotherhood, and it recharges your souls and 
strengthens you for the work in the days ahead.  Hold in your 
minds the knowledge that all seek this bond, the fellowship.  
Develop your skills and be ever ready to touch another.  Learn 
to recognize the degree of their ability to make such an 
embrace, and then apply yourself according to their spirit 
standing.  Address them as they need, always infused with love, 
always accepting.
	I have concluded my remarks.  I will remain with you.

	Ginny:  I’m reminded of Jesus saying never to take anything 
away from another, but give them something positive.

*	Elyon:  Yes, the master was an expert at ministry to the 
soul of a fellow.

	Evelyn:  I have a reclusive streak, so you are addressing 
me, too, with the idea that we all need connection with each 
other as well as with spirit.  You say a contributing factor to 
isolation is fear.  Seeking solitude might not be a personality 
trait so much as a coping mechanism.

*	Elyon:  Isolation can be and often is the result of fear.  
However, it is not necessarily due to negativity that strictly 
hurt.  It can also be due to a cherishing of an ideal of peace, 
of an ideal for a tranquillity in relationship that is often 
disrupted when engaged with others.  When this disruption 
occurs, the desire arises to just remove oneself and not have to 
contend with the social noise, so to speak.  While this is 
preserving of the tranquillity of self, it hinders fellowship.  
It may be an act of preservation, of peace, just as much as it 
could be out of fear of engagement.

	Evelyn:  In The Urantia Book it says that a pleasure enjoyed 
alone can border on evil, or something like that.  That 
sometimes bothers me because I’m often alone, and I do enjoy 
things going on around me that I’m not sharing.  I wonder, is 
that bordering on evil?  Maybe that’s not what they were driving 

*	Elyon:  The intent of that phrase may be likened to your 
approaching a bluff to experience the beauty of a waterfall 
below.  Others within an experience of pleasure provide the 
personality with social norms, with cautionary feedback, that 
give the personality some structure in which it is expected to 
behave, much like the guardrails at the edge of the bluff and 
the cautionary signs of the danger of crossing over that 
barrier.  Socialization in pleasure creates a feedback loop 
which guides the soul towards healthful pleasure, free of 
disregard for others.  It is through combined experiences that 
one refines pleasurable pursuits for better well-being.  It is 
not such that it is evil to be experiencing pleasure alone as it 
is dangerous to only seek pleasure without another or others 
input and stabilizing influence.

	Evelyn:  That makes sense.

	Ginny:  I experience sometimes in conversation with others 
that my viewpoint is expanded; I don’t stay in the little 
framework of my own mind and opinions.  Whether I agree or not I 
have a chance to see and experience a variety of thinking and 

*	Elyon:  My sister, it is a joy to hear you express this 
view.  If all your fellows on this world were to approach every 
engagement in this manner there would be Light and Life on 

	Ginny:  I’m trying not to be so guarded.  Seeing that I’m 
not being threatened changes that around to a learning 

*	Mark T.:  Could it be said that another’s opposing viewpoint 
completes our own?

*	 Elyon:  Indeed, it does, for the stance of viewpoint in 
itself limits perspective.  It must by definition eliminate that 
which does not contribute to that perspective.  However, in 
order to expand consciousness, to awaken the mind to higher 
realities, each viewpoint, all viewpoints, are interwoven.  This 
cosmic perspective brings enlightenment and wisdom.  When that 
is applied to each specific perspective, that viewpoint is 
further enriched.
	It is the frailty of the human mind to consider opposing 
perspectives as enemies rather than as elements of the grander 
view of the cosmic perspective.

*	Aaron (Ginny):  Greetings, my friends, this is Aaron.  I am 
enjoying your conversation this morning, and I have a brief 
contribution to make to the subject, and that is to value the 
precious aspect of fellowship.
	We who are engaged in such high spiritual pursuits sometimes 
forget to engage in common, everyday niceties and amenities such 
as listening, being interested in another’s life and doings, to 
not necessarily feel that each meeting has to be an engagement 
of high spiritual thoughts and ideals, that truly being present 
to another is also a great gift.  Remember someone saying, when 
necessary use words, but words are not always necessary.
	Our great teacher Michael always was able to engage himself 
into the arena of another’s life; this is one thing about him 
that made him so attractive.  So, as you journey here in your 
efforts to simply be there to engage in everyday conversation, 
to take an interest in another’s life, to inquire about everyday 
things, these are also necessary and helpful to another’s 
	It is a pleasure to engage with you today.  I hope that you 
all will continue to bring peace and joy to others by simply 
paying attention.  Thank you all.

	Jonathan:  Thank you, Aaron.  I appreciate your comments.
	I sell at a farmers’ market.  There’s always a tension of 
having an agenda of wanting to make a sale and a customer not 
wanting to feel coerced into buying.  I’m aware of the feeling 
of being grabbed by the collar by someone who doesn’t want to 
let you go, so I try to make a friendly contact without 
pressure.  Quite a few repeat customers I acknowledge with a 
wave or chat about mushroom hunting or something.  I’m learning 
to make that human-to-human connection, and so I appreciate your 
comment that it’s okay to just be with one another without an 

*	Aaron:  Yes, you who are immersed in this material world do 
have the challenge to deal with that element of your lives.  It 
is necessary and important.  I guess it would depend upon your 
intentions.  Everyone is attracted to friendliness and openness 
and sincerity.  That will attract your customers.

	Jonathan:  It’s that element that even on a cold rainy day 
it’s fun because of the shiny faces who come by and smile and 
*	Aaron:  Yes, indeed, and see what that does, that always 
opens up another, makes another feel better, and this indeed is 
a great ministry.

*	Elyon:  This is Elyon,  I will draw a close to our 
communion.  I encourage you all to walk in the manner of 
Michael, to be the light and to express love ever and always, 
for in that manifestation is another soul touched by spirit and 
awakened and encouraged to grow toward the very God that you 
have come to recognize and that Michael came to reveal.  I take 
my leave.

	*	Aaron:  I thank you all, I take my leave.

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