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Tue May 4 08:10:20 PDT 2004

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Relese Old Concepts and Habits, You Already are in the 
Kingdom, Aspiration and Allegiance, Spiritual Pressure, 
Morontia-Mortal, Neighboring Planet.

Teachers: Lester, Elyon

May 1, 2004 

[phone conference, a little lost at the start]

*	Lester (Ginny TR): [Good morning, this is Lester.  This TR 
is a little nervous about talking into thin air.] ...these days.  
So I am here to make sure that you understand that wherever two 
or more are gathered together there we are in droves.  So, we 
congratulate you for taking these steps to keep the energy and 
the enthusiasm alive.  It is  a great pleasure to observe how 
you earthlings manage to keep in contact.  Whatever means you 
discover are fine with us; the important thing is that you do 
	In these days of correction and upliftment and improvement 
on your planet we need to think about the aspects of becoming 
as, not so much a “shame on you, you are a bad girl (or boy), 
you need to improve”, but more of letting go of old, outdated, 
outmoded, and way past due ways of thinking and behaving.  We 
understand how your culture and your world as a whole have been 
conditioned to behave and think in certain ways, and we 
understand fully how deep and how persistent these habits are.  
We need to encourage you all to remember that you are already in 
God’s favor and that there is really no need to try harder in 
the sense of feeling that you are not trying hard enough.  You 
all are already welcome in the company of our Father’s kingdom; 
you have been so from the beginning.
	There seems to be much talk on your electronic devices about 
what enlightenment is all about.  Sometimes there is a little 
bit of sparring, a little bit of putting out your own personal 
opinions as what that means, and that is fine.  But also include 
in your discussions and in your understanding the idea that you 
already are in the kingdom.
	There is much work to be done in general and in the soul of 
each individual to undo, to release, these old concepts, these 
old habits of behavior and thinking.  That is where stillness 
comes in because you cannot do it all by yourself.  There is 
only a certain amount of thinking and figuring out that you can 
do.  Much of it will be done by God’s good graces, by your 
already indwelling who is waiting to hear from you, waiting for 
the signal to proceed.  So, do not neglect this exercise as it 
is so important in your Correction Time and in your interest in 
the improvement of your own self.
	Thank you and have a lovely spring day.

*	Elyon (Jonathan):  I also greet you, this is Elyon.  It is a 
pleasure to make my contact with you in this manner.  I am in 
concert with Lester over your willingness to experiment with 
methods of communication that include us.  It is admirable to 
receive your attention, to have your dedication expressed, that 
you are unhindered by custom, that being your regular routine.  
This brings me to my comments regarding allegiance.  I will 
speak of it in conjunction with aspiration.
	As you have undertaken your path to God, begun your ascent, 
it is aspiration that motivates you to discern more of the truth 
that is revealed by God to His creatures, to align yourselves 
such that you can better recognize this truth and likewise be 
situated to manifest this truth in your lives.  During your 
cycles of growth and your relative attainments you as a result 
deepen allegiance to spirit.  This allegiance comes through 
faith revelations.  You undertake the application of your 
discovery of the principles of the divine and witness that it 
bears up, that it assists you as a personality to experience 
harmony and certainty and peace.  Yet you have functioned 
expertly in avoiding the fixation of allegiance; you are 
demonstrating that your allegiance is of a spiritual nature and 
not simply a dedication to a conceptual framework.
	In your aspiration your understanding will change, your 
comprehension will develop.  As you slide along the continuum of 
mind in spirit you are ever devoted to the divine cause of all 
reality.  It is this flexibility and steadfastness coupled 
together by your will and your motivation that you are so 
successful in promoting your growth, in cooperating with the 
divine spirit resident within.
	While it is the prayer of the human being that it be the 
will of the Father that is done in the creature life, it is the 
divine spirit that awaits your initiative.  The spark resident 
within is ever ready to ignite the fire of truth as you provide 
the fuel.  It is my observation that you keep your indwelling 
Thought Adjusters quite active, for you are ever bringing to 
your relationship potentials that are arranged by spirit to 
increase your growth.
	Allegiance will see you through unbearable episodes.  
Allegiance holds you strong in the moment, in the time of 
crisis, in the time of confusion.  Aspiration will propel you 
through these storms of life.  Aspiration is what carries you to 
the other side when all things beneath you seem to fall and you 
scramble to reach a new height, to attain the far away shore.
	I wish to receive your questions if you have some at this 

	Ginny:  You teachers have been using the expression 
“spiritual pressure”.  Can you give us an idea what that means?

*	Elyon:  This spiritual pressure you speak of involves 
several functions.  One is an increased populace of spirit 
entities.  Your world is more greatly stocked with personalities 
of various functions, thereby creating a higher momentum in 
planetary progress.  Also the circumstances on your world that 
cause one to reflect upon purpose and ideals for the human race 
are being intensified in your sensitivity.  Each one of you who 
spends your time in spiritual reflection is experiencing an 
upstep in sensitivity.  Events that were one time of no concern 
are now absorbed by you with greater importance and the urge to 
function in some manner to be of assistance.  Thirdly, as you 
have been told by us for some time, with the reestablishment of 
the circuits you are beginning to function as would a normal 
world.  While Urantia has not fully attained such functioning, 
this is an increase in spirit pressure, a pressure that is, on 
another planet, quite normal.  In a sense you have been more in 
a spiritual vacuum and are being brought up to normal pressure 
rather than having the pressure increased beyond a normal state.
	With the long-standing confusions of your theologies and 
your cultural conflicts, coupled with your greater 
interconnectivity on a global level and the advancement of 
military and political power, it is important that Urantia 
receive enlightenment regarding universe conditions and the 
Father’s way of living and cooperating and loving.  This is the 
reason why more beings are upon this planet and why you each are 
increasing your urges to be effective planetary citizens, to be 
ministers of truth, to be comforters to your fellows.
	I hope this addresses your inquiry.

	Ginny:  Yes, thank you.  Most of the pressure is coming 
through us, our awareness, so we can put more pressure on 
society.  How much is done through us and how much from outside 
of us?

*	Elyon:  Much is done through personalities because that is 
the arena in which spirit chooses to function.  Yet, as I have 
said, with the arrival of so many system and constellation 
ministers there is an enhancement of pressure externally, and 
those of you who have developed a sensitivity to other presence 
will detect this presence of a celestial.  This is recognized 
likewise as pressure, in reality, a presence.

	Ginny:  Thank you.

	Tom:  Machiventa spoke in a prior transmission of a new 
being, a combination of a mortal and a morontia body.  Could you 
enlarge on that?  Does one have to translate to the morontia 
worlds before qualifying for that, or is this to be done with 
mortals living on this planet at this time?

*	Elyon:  This morontia-material combination is a program 
being promoted upon Urantia, your world being an experimental 
planet, wherein soul manifestation will be more pronounced.  You 
must remember that your primary morontia experiences subsequent 
to your resurrection on the first mansion world truly begins 
while on earth, for these primary morontia experiences 
coordinate and compensate your human experiences and defects.  
These are adjustments within the soul with the necessity of 
there being light workers in human form to assist master 
	It is being promoted a subtle but increased morontia 
eminence from each of you who are seeking to be of service.  In 
such an effort you will experience certain phenomenon which may 
unnerve you and which will thrill you, for some will experience 
what you have called aura, visual and auditory impact that is 
unusual.  This is the emergence of the morontia dimension about 
your being.  It is not a reception of spiritual power but a side 
effect of greater and enlarged soul presence.  You will begin to 
function equally in mind and spirit whereas until now mind has 
been the dominant force and spirit your goal.
	I hope this addresses your question.

	Tom:  How does one volunteer for this?  Are you petitioned 
by spiritual brothers?

*	Elyon:  Your application was received when you chose to 
increase more aggressively your pursuit of spirit independent of 
even the notion that you may serve in this manner, for it is the 
soul who seeks God regardless of reward that is enlisted in such 
an experimental program.  You are then selected as timing 
approves such engagement.  You may be assured of your 
qualification even today.

	Ginny:  That reminds me of what Lester said, that we are 
already approved.

*	Elyon:  Indeed.  And Lester is a fine fellow and to be 
listened to carefully, for he has much to say to uplift you and 
your fellows.

	Ginny:  I just read in The Urantia Book “Government on a 
Neighboring Planet”, which is a planet which has suffered 
similar effects of rebellion.  Why have they been able to 
advance themselves so far ahead of us?

*	Elyon:  Much has to do with the isolation upon that world of 
that particularly advancing culture.  They are now entered into 
the more complex commingling of the various peoples of that 
world.  You, on the other hand, have spent much more time 
commingled.  While this has appeared to retard your progress as 
a civilization, you are in reality advancing more quickly, for 
this phase of interassociation is well underway.  You will 
accomplish harmony and coordination among people sooner, but you 
will have then to develop those standards of culture that they 
have been privileged to do so, but you will do it all over the 
world and not simply on one continent and then spread from 
there.  This sister world was revealed to you because of 
similarities and also that you may draw new insights wherein you 
may apply methods from this world to assist you.  I give to you 
today the comment that this world, your sister planet, has 
likewise been informed of the means that you undertake on this 
world to help society to create peace and order and to reckon 
conflict and evil.

	Ginny:  I was jealous of their advancement until I realized 
that we are in  a better position in a way because of the work 
we have done commingling.  Thank you.

*	Elyon:  I will withdraw.  I encourage you to spend time with 
the Father, to be filled with His love and light that you may 
radiate, that you may gush with that energy of the divine so 
that others may be soothed, may be refreshed and uplifted by 
your presence.  Farewell.

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