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North Idaho Teaching Mission group
Topics:Universe Citizenship, Love and Compassion
Teachers: Elyon

April 18, 2004

*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  I greet you, this is your friend 
Elyon.  I open my contact by reminding you that you are 
primarily local universe citizens.  You are currently residents 
of Urantia, and, as you are concerned for developments on our 
world which aid or hinder planetary progress, you are also 
developing an awareness of your ability to contribute toward and 
impact the developmental swing of Nebadon as it in aggregate 
also progresses towards the Supremacy attainment of Light and 
	Energy remains static until polarity is established and 
through differential there come into being force and power, 
movement and transference of energy, and the result is work, 
action, effect.  Love is thus like energy; it is everywhere 
present.  It requires differential for there to be application.
	Each of you is developing the ability to receive love and to 
give love by transforming it from a general, static, state of 
reality into a point of application.  This mechanism whereby 
love becomes manifest is contained in your word “compassion”.  
When the human will chooses an individual to express toward, 
love transforms itself into compassion.  I may describe love as 
a body of water.  When you choose to give love you dip your 
bucket into the body of water and pour that love.  The pouring 
is compassion; it is applying direction and motion to love.
	You are aware of the electrical charges of your atmosphere 
in times of storm.  When an energy line is established you 
witness lightning.  The love of God is revealed through each of 
you, for in your effort to connect with God you become an energy 
line just like lightning, bringing love into manifestation, 
witness-able as life, just as lightning is a manifestation of 
the energy in the atmosphere.
	In order to promulgate love there must be differential.  
Herein enters the value of stillness, for you create the 
condition of the worshipper and the worshipped and thereby the 
energy of love influxes.  Subsequent to this filling of divine 
force you are charged; you are ready to discharge into the mind 
and heart of one of greater depletion, of stronger need.  This 
dynamic is compassion; it is kindness; it is mercy; it is your 
fingerprint upon the love of God, and it is the will of the 
Father that you so imprint His omnipresent love, so define it as 
to make it applicable to your fellows, to make it witness-able, 
to make it contactable to the doubting heart and mind.
	I opened by reminding you of your universe citizenship.  
While you are resident on this world and conscious of your 
citizenship in Nebadon, you likewise establish the same 
differential that allows for the purpose of Michael to become 
manifest on Urantia.  You are contact points, the electrode 
where the mission of Michael may impact and charge this planet.
	While the creator is all powerful, it is not the purpose of 
divine will to impose upon any creature the way of Paradise, the 
ideal life.  The emergence of such attainments is out of and 
distributed from each human being, angel, ministering spirit.  
While it is a wish that the hand of God would simply correct all 
that is of error for us, the means whereby God will infuse 
goodness is done through its rising within you and your 
expression.	 As you are growing in your sensitivity to your true 
universe placement there naturally is developing a reaction-
ability to your life episodes which allows for divine goodness 
to manifest, not upon you and your life events, but through you 
and into your life events.
	Much has been made in the religions of your world of your 
position as a lowly creature for an almighty God.  It is 
valuable for the ascending child to understand the magnificence 
of the Creator and the beneficence that is for you in your 
upliftment and growth.  But never let that displace the even 
greater relationship that you are an extension of the Father 
throughout the universe, that your life purpose is twofold:  the 
drawing ever closer to God in relationship and the ever clearer 
manifestation of God.  The closer you draw, the greater your 
	Let yourself not be stifled with the concern that your 
relationship needs better development or more refinement, 
greater intensity or deeper contact, for the degree to which you 
connect gives you a portion of enlightenment that you may reveal 
in your actions, and it is in this revealing that you receive 
external feedback.  This feedback is corrective and adjusting to 
your current state of awareness.  It is an error to assume that 
if you spent all your time in divine communion you would 
perfectly reveal God to your fellows.  The true mechanism for 
perfection of the revelation of God through you requires that 
you reveal imperfectly progressively and receive 
counterbalancing feedback from your environment as well as your 
divine contact through worship and stillness.  Therefore the 
time to begin is always now.  Preparation is ongoing, but 
engagement is simultaneous to preparation.  Love awaits all, but 
love reaches all through those who are loving, and those who are 
loving are compassionate and kind, are sensitive and giving, 
caring and self-forgetting, knowing full well that those to whom 
you reach out to are the Father’s children, your brothers and 
sisters.  You know the beauty of divine contact, of celestial 
overcare, and that you want for your brothers and sisters just 
as does your heavenly Father.
	While you humbly approach God in full recognition of all the 
powers implied, the consciousness, the perfection of 
personality, in your humbleness couple that with the deep sense 
of birthright and privilege; for you are infused, fully charged, 
able to discharge this divine energy to others.  The 
accomplishment of the manifestation of love is not perfected 
first and then revealed.  It is revealed and finally perfected.
	I acknowledge in you your capability to further develop this 
relationship.  I also grant you the recognition of your 
accomplishment to date.  It is my pleasure to open the floor to 
discussion to entertain your questions at this time.

	Kirk:  It’s amazing you can see the progress of each 
individual when sometimes the individual can’t see any progress.

*	Elyon:  Take note of the concepts of relative motion.  Many 
of you have been blessed with an accelerated rate of spiritual 
advancement.  You are able to discern your growth as you observe 
your environment and perceive the relative growth of others.  
You may feel you are not growing at a given point in time, but I 
trust you know in faith that your entire world is growing as a 
whole body.  Therefore you are growing.  You are not discerning 
the relative motion of self among other selves.  Step back to my 
perspective and you will witness the relative motion of 
Urantia’s growth compared to other planets.  That is why I can 
say truly that you are growing.

	Kirk:  That’s a wonderful insight, Elyon.

	Evelyn:  You said that as we reveal God or His power we 
don’t do that perfectly.  We will receive feedback to adjust our 
techniques.  In our culture it’s discouraged to even bring up 
the topic of religion.  The answer is not to get shot down and 
never do it again, to watch that you don’t bring it up, but 
rather to refine our techniques and demonstrate that it is a 
good thing.

*	Elyon: Yes.  As we have discussed today compassion has the 
active element of love.  Every engagement you have with another 
human being can contain all the elements that make up religion 
without ever addressing religion as a topic.  You may apply 
faith, offer insight, bring the touch of love, advance thought, 
uplift another soul, and you will have brought religion into the 
relationship.  It will rise within the other unknowingly, not 
superimposed but lifted from within. Then will come the time 
when the question is asked about the topic of religion.  When 
that door opens you are in a different ball game.
	This is the very reason why we do not encourage you to 
promote our Teaching Mission as much as we encourage you to 
become what we teach you, for you to reveal that to others.  
That is the accomplishment of the purpose of this mission, not 
the advertisement of our process and our project.
	Thank you, my friends, for hearing my words.  Realize that 
you change little by simply witnessing our communication, but 
you change greatly in applying yourselves wholeheartedly to 
discerning truth and applying truth.  This is the development of 
a morontia reflex.  This reflex becomes active in every angle of 
your lives.  As you grow in awareness of your relationship with 
the higher realms, you increase your skill in using this reflex 
even in your most insignificant activities.  That is my 
motivation as your teacher, not that you hear me and follow me, 
but that you develop a greater skill in truth discernment and 
apply it.
	You are my friends.  I give you my love.  I will be with you 
again.  Take care.

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