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The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho

Solonia - Preparation Lessons
(T/R: Daniel)

#1 - Wholeheartedly and Unconditionally Loving Truth
#2 - Actively Seeking Father's Will
#3 - Comforting Others
#4 - Focusing Your Attention
#5 - Service In the Moment and For the Moment
#6 - Freeing Your Awareness
#7 - Exercising Your Spirituality

February 7, 2004 - Lesson 1 - "Wholeheartedly and Unconditionally Loving

Solonia: Many, many mortals have expressed a willingness to be in
preparation for the events so soon to come upon this world. This is your
sister, Solonia, and I would give tonight a lesson for all who would be
so prepared.

My lesson for tonight will be wholeheartedly and unconditionally loving
Truth. Truth is a difficult subject here on Urantia. There are so very
many perceptions and levels of Truth discernment, all active upon this
world at the present time. Wholeheartedly loving the Truth. What would
this require? From my position as a seraphim, there is little question
of our wholeheartedly love for Truth. Discovering it is the eternal
quest. Looking back on the times where a discovery of Truth meant the
discovery of our previously inaccurate perceptions is the reversion
(humor) of the long climb to Paradise.

If you were perfectly in love with Truth, you would find it difficult to
experience anger at another mortal because your love for the Truth would
draw you to want to understand the other better, for love of Truth is
love of all. Discovering what is real, what is relatively real, and what
indeed is false, is a challenge to mortals of this world who have so
often been cheated, or lied to, or abused. Perfect love of Truth may be
somewhat easier of acceptance when it is applied to the whole outside
world that you live in. The discovery of that Truth is the epitome of

What is it that stands in the way mostly, that can inhibit a pure love
of Truth? Habit is one. Another is pride. The pride of ego is the fear
of being wrong or perceived by others as being wrong. This fear, indeed
fear of any kind, must be given up. The fear that I speak of is
spiritual fear and not material fear. Fear for your safety taught you
wisdom, but the spiritual type of fear-fear of not being loved, fear of
not being in control, fear of loving unconditionally, fear of discovering
the whole Truth-these fears, it is time to put behind you, for you know
truly that you are loved and cherished first and foremost by Our Heavenly
Father and by Michael and Mother. You know also of this supreme-like
love. You should also know by now how much we your teachers in this
Mission love and cherish you, as well. And there are so many, many more
who are constantly at your aid.

Let go of concepts that hinder you from moving forward in your quest for
the Father's Truth. When you feel someone has wronged you, seek to
discover the Truth. Very few on your world percentage-wise are truly
evil in intent. You need not seek ever to look and search out for those
who would truly be evil. You need only seek to discover where there is
goodness, in Truth. The Truth is you can discover goodness wherever you
look and discovering goodness is a very energizing form of discovering
Truth. Look for beauty, look for goodness, look always for love, and you
will find Truth. Allow Michael's Spirit of Truth to flow freely into
you. Let that Truth of his embrace you wholly, for in his embrace and
with the spirit of our Mother, you will be safe to discover and love the
whole Truth about yourself. The greatest Truth that you can discover in
your mortal life is that you are loved. You always have been and into
eternity you shall be.

Learn to love the Truth about others, about reality, about the world,
about yourself. Be a student of Truth. Learn to love it regardless of
what it may look like. Truth is divine.

There will be other lessons. This is only one. I truly love you all,
dear ones. To use your words, "You are good kids." Look at all sides of
this lesson. The whole-hearted level of Truth cannot be embraced in one
area and neglected in another. It is all-encompassing.

Good night, dear ones.

February 28, 2004 - Lesson 2 - "Actively Seeking Father's Will"

Solonia : Greetings, precious young ones. It is your loving sister,
Solonia, once again, for Lesson Number 2 in your continued personal
preparation for what is coming. Our last lesson was concerning "Loving
the Truth." There is another translation for the term, "Loving the
Truth," and that is what tonight's lesson will be about. And the
translation is, "Actively Seeking Father's Will", for truly that is what
you are doing when you are in love with Truth.

Discovering Father's Will is not something you do by talking or by
reading or by listening, although these indeed can and do lead you in the
direction of discovering Our Father's will for you, but the Truth of
discovering Father's Will is acquired only through personal experience.
You can say, "I Know that is Father's Will for me," but if you have not
experienced the reality of this, first hand, then regardless of how true
it may be in potential, it is but a statement. It has not the power to
personally affect your life and the lives of those whom you touch.
Seeking Father's Will must always be an active and voluntary undertaking.

The discovery of Father's Will is not something that falls from the sky
into your lap. Also, it is not something that comes to you out of the
blue and says, "This is it." Father's Will is revealed in the act of
making choices. All, from the lowest to the highest of the children of
God, must discover the Father's will through the act of making personal
choices. No one may suppose to decide what is Our Father's Will for
another; only for themselves is it possible and profitable. One may
speculate, and indeed we may encourage you to speculate upon the out-
workings of Father's Will on a broader scale, for in this way are you
occasionally able to perceive the steps in Father's Will unfolding for
the big picture. Part of the joy of higher life is in this discovery of
how Father's Will unfolds--often times, according to one's perceptions,
but most usually, not. The fun, if you will, of discovery is in
recognizing that our own perceptions-albeit somewhat misaligned with
reality-are indeed parallel to the True Will of Our Father and this
discovery, for those of us on a higher plane, is a true experience of
humor. We enjoy discovering how far we were off as well as how closely
we were on. Father's Will is Supreme over all. Indeed, it is truly
infinite. Aligning one's self with Father's Will wholeheartedly reveals
great and higher Truths. Love of Truth brings a greater desire for what
truly is Father's Will.

Do not fear to seek for those things in life that will make your life
more productive and even more comfortable. Fear not to step in any
direction toward the betterment of your life, for assuredly it is these
choice steps-these decision steps-that put you in active situations
wherein you Can discover what is Father's Will for you and your
direction. Be willing at all times to discover that what you seek may
Not be Father's Will. Be unattached as much as possible to outcomes.
Attachment to outcomes in a situation may inhibit your receptive ability
to be able to truly discover what may or may not have been Father's Will.
Seek the Truth, even Crave the Truth, but do not seek to define or mold
the Truth.

Every time you have an opportunity to make a decision, to make a choice,
ask your Father to reveal His Will to you in the matter. It need not be
about large and grandiose matters-and yet, for these also, should you do
this-but for the little ones, for the every day choices, "What is your
Will for me, Father? Which of these choices would best serve your Will?"
And when you feel you have decided upon the one that would best serve
Our Father's Will, then step towards it eagerly, for though you may
eventually discover that perhaps it was not Our Father's Will, at least
as you are able to discern it, you indeed were provided a great
experiential opportunity for learning.

Always is there a gift in the process, if you can but recognize it and
claim it. Never will your sincere steps lead you into a situation in
where there is Not a divine gift from our beloved Creator, but
discovering the Truth-truly discovering Father's Will-must be your
motivation if you are to greatly benefit from the experience.

I know you have experienced these things in your lives, even many times,
and yet if you would truly prepare yourself in the best way possible to
be ready for that which is approaching, then these experiences must
indeed become an all-the-time occurrence. They must one day become a
natural part of you. You know of what I speak. Even, you have lived
times wherein this was a seemingly unbroken fact of life, and yet always
will there be new challenges, new exercises wherein you must learn once
more how to make the quest for Father's Will be the all-encompassing
quest for life itself. I assure you it is the eternal quest, for we all
must experience this in our way, and it is the flavor of achieving it
that feeds the craving for the discovery of more of it.

You may think that unconditionally loving Truth and actively seeking
Father's Will might be the only lessons you would need to learn for the
great preparation, and indeed they do encompass all lessons. And yet
there are others that will be forthcoming. So, continue in your
preparation, dear ones. There is much more to come. I love you all
dearly and I will say good night until the next time. It is an honor to
serve; a great honor.

March 5, 2004 - Lesson 3 - "Comforting Others"

Solonia : If you truly wish to prepare yourselves for the incredible
opportunities of service to Michael, and indeed to our infinite Father,
then an incredible exercise-even more so for it to be an integral part of
your life-is to go about comforting others; comforting one another to be
sure; comforting those whom you already love, of course. And yet, at All
times when you are among your other brothers and sisters of this world
are you given opportunities to comfort another fellow child of God. It
requires you to be in loving awareness of those about you and, a desire
to share a piece of Our Father's Love with them.

This is your sister Solonia and again I am here for another lesson about
preparation. When you come into personal contact with another brother or
sister whom you do not know-it could be the clerk or a customer in the
store; it could be a car salesman or a mechanic, or any of the wide
numbers of people whom you may meet in the day-it is going about your
business, As you are going about Our Father's business. Being in service
to another through the gift of offering comfort may be as simple as, a
genuine understanding smile, a look of recognition, of caring, a look of
compassion, an acknowledgement of their service or their value. Many are
the ways that you can offer the service of comfort to those "as you pass

You do it already, most of you, when you think about it. Often times
you do it unconsciously, as a matter of course because of who you are.
And yet, as things progress, the need for these acts of kindness and
comforting will grow. It may require you to go about this business, this
service, quite consciously as Well as unconsciously. It may require you
to at All times, look for that opportunity to serve, to be of assistance,
to be a brother or sister, to be a comfort to one who appears needing it.
Again, it is but a gift of Our Father's Love that you share, for when
you step out in service for Our Father, be assured that He will guide you
and assist you in your efforts.

There is much confusion in this world at this time. In times of
transition this is a natural result. And this, my dear ones, is a time
of great and grand transition. Truly is there the beginnings of a
Spiritual Renaissance beginning upon your world, and as such, those who
resist it, do so with somewhat more aggression lest they lose hold of the
way of life that gives them power in the material realm. This is what
gets reported. This is what you are bombarded with and yet, I tell you
truthfully that the percentage of those who reject the better way is far,
far smaller than it may appear. All of you who truly know that you are
sons and daughters of our beloved and Almighty Father have a duty, a
responsibility, and in my eyes, the greatest privilege to be as loving
comforters to those who are unsure, to those who are easily swayed by
what they hear, to those who do not yet know the sweetness of being God's
beloved child. Even those who may seem to you angry, who more is in need
of comfort?

Practice this comforting one another, my dear friends. Practice as if
you are training for the Olympics. Become good at it. Become good With
it. Worry not about who will comfort you, while you are about comforting
others. I assure you, Father will inspire those who will provide your
comfort, if you but allow it. Even each of You, my dear students, is in
need of comforting. It is a nourishment which all spiritual beings
require, and oft-times you provide a service of comfort as you accept

Okay then, it is time to go into training. Let the games begin. Good
night, dear hearts.

March 13, 2004 - Lesson 4 - "Focusing Your Attention"

Solonia : Greetings precious young ones. It is your elder sister
Solonia. I so appreciate you making the time to converse with me.

There is something that it would behoove all of you to begin consciously
practicing, and that would be on "Focusing your Attention," your
Attentiveness, to the moment at hand.

When you look upon the life of our beloved Master Jesus, you discover
that he was expert at fully and completely focusing his attention. There
has not lived on this world one who was so accomplished at this, and I
would tell you that he accomplished this within the human side of his
nature. He learned this and practiced it as a man among men. Whoever
had the fortune to be in his immediate presence, experienced the supreme
satisfaction of having the Master's whole and devoted attention. Nothing
in the world seemed to be of as much importance as the individual person
that he was with at the moment. When he was in a group of people, each
person there felt that they had his full attention. The satisfaction
that one experiences from this exhibition of loving interest immediately
begins to infuse them with Spirit and entices the Soul into action.
People genuinely felt his love. They felt their own value, even when
they may have felt that they had none. His look of compassionate
understanding was enough to reveal to the other that indeed, they were
valued by Him.

Jesus was always focused; always attentive to the task at hand, or the
person at hand. And this is because he knew that when the Father chanced
to put this person in his presence, through the circumstances of life,
that indeed in that moment that was the most important person in the
world for him. This level of focused loving attention that the Master
lived in his every moment was made possible, because in every moment his
focused attention was on our Eternal Father. He was always aware of the
Father's Presence in every act of goodness and caring, and in all that
was beautiful. Jesus was able to do this because his love was so genuine
and personal. It was his attentiveness, his focus, which allowed him to
recognize how he may be in service to his brothers and sisters, and it
was because of the unconditional-ness that people felt of his love, that
they were able to open their souls to him so freely.

Yes indeed dear children, it would be no small feat to be able to focus
your attentions, your love, your compassion as fully and completely as
did the Master Jesus, and yet, I am here to tell you that truly, it is
not beyond your abilities. Whatever your hand finds to do, give it your
full attention. Whomever you chance to be with, give them your full
focus. When you practice the stillness, this attentive focus is what you
seek with our Father. There is so much skipping of your minds from thing
to thing, person to person, event to event, past to future. Always is
there so very much going on, as you would say. I know it is not a simple
thing for you to accomplish, and yet I would encourage you to
wholeheartedly practice every time you think about it. And then, I would
encourage you to practice Thinking about it.

The present moment is the only place where any of us may experience our
Beloved Father; The Eternal Now. Focus dear ones. Practice focusing
your attention. The Love that you experience from this experience is
worth so far much more than any amount of effort that may be required to
attain it. The better you get at it, the better your Service to
humankind will be, and so also will grow the level of your Spiritual
Maturity and Understanding. When your focused attention is upon the
Heavenly Father, then everything and everyone else that you experience,
is perceived far more clearly and purely. It is as if you could see,
where before you could not.

My love is with you dear ones. Where you focus and place your
attention, is where your heart and soul will undoubtedly follow. Let it
be upon Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Love. Goodnight.

April 4, 2004 - Lesson 5 - "Service In the Moment and For the Moment"

Solonia : Another lesson for you to practice if you truly wish to be
in higher service to our Father's plan, is practicing individual "Service
In the Moment and For the Moment."

This is your sister Solonia and it is good to be back with you after a
few weeks off. I trust you have each been studiously been practicing our
previous lessons?

You are already aware of the dynamics of tonight's lesson, and truly you
are becoming much better in it's practice. It is the way the Master
served when he walked this world in the flesh, with his individual loving
service to each of his children when he was in their presence. Jesus
loved people very much, and always did he look for opportunities to be in
loving service with each individual in his presence. And when he so
served, he did so In the Moment and For that particular Moment. He very
much wished to give Spiritual comfort to each of his children, and he
knew for a certainty that his loving trust in the Father's Will would
provide for each individual, through his desire to serve, exactly what
that person needed for that particular moment in time. It is to be noted
that Jesus never followed up on those he served, to see how they were
doing or to see how well his service had served them. For he had
absolute trust in the Father's Watchcare and guidance for those people,
and he knew that his loving service was to be but one part of their
progress in the Father's Plan for them. Jesus rarely planned how he
would serve in a particular moment with a particular person, for he knew
that the Father would take care of that as well.

This is the type of Service that we all must practice---must learn to
love and enjoy---for this indeed is being in Service to the Will of our
Heavenly Father. You have loved ones and companions and friends for whom
you undoubtedly have more opportunities to serve in this way. And yet
the opportunities abound around you, whenever you are among your human
brethren, in which you may be called upon to be the one to serve In the
Moment and for the Moment. You serve by your love for your brother or
sister; you serve in your compassion, in your listening. In these
moments words of love often come unbidden, and many times these words are
filled with what seems to be intuitive wisdom. In these times you are
truly allowing our Divine Parents to minister to their children through
you. Concern yourselves not with the consequences of these moments of
loving service, for indeed it is truly said, "the action is ours, the
consequences, God's." The Master never considered himself to be the one
who Saved a person or healed a person, for he knew in fact, that it is
only the Father who can do these things in truth.

Those of us who serve the Father may truly share in the bestowal and the
workings of our Father's divine mercy and love, but remember always that
congratulations are due you, only for your willingness to participate
with the Father. All that is good, all that is great, all that is
loving, true and beautiful is of our Heavenly Father. What mortals are
given, indeed what we are all given who are the children of this Divine
Father, is the choice to be a part of His Infinite Love. Each and every
time that you choose to serve in our Father's Love, In the Moment and For
the Moment, you have become more an active part of Spiritual Reality---
You have been a participant in the Spiritual Evolution of the Universe of
Universes. These personal experiences of God-likeness are what we carry
with us forever and on into Eternity. They are a part of the fulfillment
of the mandate of the Heavenly Father to each and every one of us, His
children, and that is "Be you Perfect even as your Father in Heaven is
Perfect." Indeed no one of us is perfect, nor is the attainment of that
perfection in any way foreseeable from the present perspective, and yet
each time we serve and each time we love, we have truly taken one step

Be there for your brothers and sisters in need. Be there in the moment
and as you pass by. Do your best to be there for one another in all
ways, always.

I cherish my time with you dear ones, but in fact tonight's time has run
out. I dearly love you as my little brothers and sisters. I take great
satisfaction in watching each of you grow and mature, and ever do I learn
from you as well. Goodnight my loves.

Student: Thank you so much for being with us.

Solonia: Thank You so much for being with Us!

April 12, 2004 - Lesson 6 - "Freeing Your Awareness"

Solonia: Greetings my dear friends. This is your adoring older sister
Solonia. Tonight's lesson, number 6 in this series we have been sharing
about individual self-preparation for coming times, will be about Freeing
Your Awareness.

It is perhaps beyond your ability to discern how truly many
opportunities for sharing your Souls, and that Spark of Our Father that
is within you, that you are offered each time you step out into public.
You have been told before that there are thousands of opportunities each
day, and the only thing that blocks your ability to recognize all of them
is that as yet, your awareness is not yet fully developed. This is quite
normal in the human race as it exists on this world today. And yet, most
of you have already developed a level of awareness that is far above the
normal on this world---awareness of the Father in your life, and
awareness of Father in the lives of others.

Opportunities abound if only you are Aware of them. Indeed the Seraphim
and often times our Midwayer brethren are quite active about you as you
journey through your day. There is much potential for the outpouring of
Father's Love, and it is part of "Our" job to coordinate opportunities
for the outworking of this potential into a reality situation. The
Angels are ever busy at this task, and as you allow your Spirit Awareness
to grow and to become more adept at functioning in your conscious level,
then are you more fully able to "be there" for the brother or sister who
may need you the most at any one time. And at the same time, you will be
open for those who have something to offer that you may need as well.

The reason I called this session, "Freeing Your Awareness," is because
in essence, it is the process whereby you are freeing your Soul to
function and lead your personality. Each conscious choice for goodness
that you make in Full Awareness, frees the function of your Soul that one
more step. It is not so much a one time "I will get it and keep it" sort
of happening, although truly there may come a point where that Does
happen, rather it is truly cumulative as you make personal choices to
love and to serve, to see your earthly brothers and sisters AS Your
Brothers and Your Sisters. As you more and more come to free your Inner
Awareness, you more easily are able to recognize that Divine Spark of Our
Father that resides within the mortals of this world, and indeed by
discovering the Father within another do You personally get to know the
Father a little bit better.

Each of you on this world have so much to share of yourselves. And
truly, it is the desire of all to be able to share who they Really are,
and yet, the pain and fear that remain from the rebellion of Lucifer and
his followers inhibits most of these poor children of God from easily
being able to reveal this Spiritual Spark Within them. It requires one
who is Willing to Serve, and one who is Aware of the Divine Spark of our
Father within themselves, and who seeks it within others, to begin to
free them from their spiritual prison. When one of your brothers and
sisters experiences the True Love of the Father coming through you to
them, then indeed put your Awareness in high gear, for then you will not
be able to Miss that little Spark of God coming back to you from them,
saying "Thank you."

Being in Service to Our Father is a Full Time Job, if you are willing to
accept it. Truly it is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Job. But it Is the
Highest Paying Job that there is, for in doing it to the best of your
ability you are not only contributing to your own Spiritual Survival into
Eternity, but you are helping us all to heal the hurts and pains that
were inflicted upon this world due to rebellion. You are the field
workers my friends. By your Awareness are you able to make Grand
Changes, share Divine Gifts, and spread the "Benign Virus of Love."

Think about being Aware. Begin even More so to free your Spiritual
Awareness. Look for "Our" hand in the circumstances that are daily
offered to you. Rarely these days, are meetings "by chance" or
"accidental." When you meet with anyone, on the street, in the store, at
work, wherever, consider that the Seraphim very well may have set this
meeting up---the Meeting of Two Minds, the Meeting of Two Souls. Open
your heart to them, open your Soul to them, Mirror the Father to them.
Even perchance, try to discern Our Purpose in getting you together. Be
Aware at All Times my young friends. Be aware of the Spiritual world
that surrounds you and that is also Within you. It does Wonders for

The next time we meet will be the 7th and final of the series on
preparing yourself for what is so soon to come. Study these if you will.
I assure you their implementation will prepare you Indeed for Service in
a big way.

My love is with you at all times dear ones, goodnight.

April 18, 2004 - Lesson 7 - "Exercising Your Spirituality"

Solonia : Greetings my beloved young students. This is your Seraphic
sister Solonia and I am here for the 7th and final lesson in this series
on Self Preparation. I would ask you to put these lessons together for
those who may wish to "go the course."

What you are preparing for indeed is, "The Big Game," truly the Game of
the Ages. If you would indeed be a "player" I would encourage you to
prepare as do professional athletes when they are getting ready for their
game of a lifetime. Tonight's 7th and final lesson in the series is
"Exercising Your Spirituality."

An athlete must work, must practice, must continually exercise
themselves both physically and mentally, so that they may gain the
strength to accomplish their goal of playing in the game to the best of
their ability. I have shared with you now 7 key lessons, including
tonight's, that will prepare you for Your Game of a Lifetime. And this
game if you will, my dear ones, will benefit not only you, but indeed the
future of this world. You are playing for the grandest reward of all,
and that is Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men. Indeed this will be
a long and strenuous game, dear ones. But you will have "professional"
help and you will win. Indeed all who play in the game, already have
won. But in order for you to succeed in a way that serves our beloved
Sovereign's plan and the Father's will to the highest degree, you must
Exercise---you must exercise daily---truly whenever you think about it.
And as an athlete knows, you must think about it on a regular basis. You
cannot do it once and then forget about it for a time, for this truly
will not strengthen your Spiritual muscles. You can maintain a degree of
semi-spirituality with only occasional exercise, but over time you may
lose your strength and find that it is difficult to begin exercising
again. Some would use the term "fake it 'till you make it," but I tell
you truly that this is but a cliché that does not truly describe the
process. It is indeed a series of exercises my friends, it is a
continual strengthening of your Soul's ability to perceive Spirit, and to
enact Spiritual directives. At first you may find that intense Spiritual
work may seem exhausting to you, but as you continue to exercise, just as
with exercising your physical bodies, the exercise becomes easier and
indeed at some point becomes even energizing.

If you would prepare yourself, set yourself a Spiritual Exercise Plan.
Force yourself to exercise if you must, but I tell you this only so that
you may get used to practicing a regular routine of Spiritual
Strengthening. What does this involve you may ask? It is what we
Teachers of this Mission have been teaching you all along. It is about
Love. Loving our Father, Loving your neighbor, Loving yourself. It is
about seeking Truth and Beauty, and it is a relentless search for

What must you do to prepare yourself for "The Big Game" my friends? You
must enact in your lives those teachings of Truth that you have been
given, those lessons of growth and maturity that the Spirit of Truth has
impressed in your Souls. You must listen for our Father's Voice from the
Spirit that indwells you, and you must Exercise daily to strengthen your
personal resolve, to sharpen your skills that have been bestowed upon you
as a gift from your Eternal Father. You must continue in your search for
new Truths, and more especially for New Understandings of the Truth that
you have already discovered in your many ways. Truly it is time for
"Spring Training" my dear friends. There will be many important "games"
to play before the "Super Game." But each prepares you the better---each
contributes to your Personal Spiritual Strength and Growth.

I have truly enjoyed sharing these lessons with you my dear friends. I
know of the sincerity and desire of many of you to be about this business
of preparation. I will continue to give other lessons when you may
choose to gather for them, but they will be individual lessons, and
oftentimes I will teach in conjunction with other of the Teachers that
you have grown to recognize and to love. It will be more of an open
forum, as you have grown accustomed to in your TeaM meetings. I will be
present for each of them, unless I am given a particular assignment
elsewhere at the time, yet I will not always speak to you---only usually.
In the future sessions, we will have also more opportunities for
question and answer sessions which were not a part of our just completed
preparation series.

It is a privilege for me to be able to serve in this way. It is a task
that I enjoy greatly and it is one that serves my own personal growth
even as it may serve yours. Goodnight my dear friends. My Love and
Encouragement is with you.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Goodnight until next we meet.

Student: Goodnight. Thank you for your devotion in helping us.

Solonia: And for yours in serving the Will of Our Father and the Will of
our Sovereign Master Son and truly our Mother's as well.


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