[tmtranscripts] Solonia 4-18-04 Faith Garden Session

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Mon Apr 19 17:04:54 PDT 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Sunday, April 18, 2004
Solonia - Preparation Lesson #7
"Spiritual Exercise"

	Solonia (T/R-Daniel):   Greetings my beloved young students.  This is 
your Seraphic sister Solonia and I am here for the 7th and final lesson 
in this series on Self Preparation.  I would ask you to put these lessons 
together for those who may wish to "go the course."  

What you are preparing for indeed is, "The Big Game," truly the Game of 
the Ages.  If you would indeed be a "player" I would encourage you to 
prepare as do professional athletes when they are getting ready for their 
game of a lifetime.  Tonight's 7th and final lesson in the series is 
"Exercising Your Spirituality."  

An athlete must work, must practice, must continually exercise themselves 
both physically and mentally, so that they may gain the strength to 
accomplish their goal of playing in the game to the best of their 
ability.  I have shared with you now 7 key lessons, including tonight's, 
that will prepare you for Your Game of a Lifetime.  And this game if you 
will, my dear ones, will benefit not only you, but indeed the future of 
this world.  You are playing for the grandest reward of all, and that is 
Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men.  Indeed this will be a long and 
strenuous game, dear ones.  But you will have "professional" help and you 
will win.  Indeed all who play in the game, already have won.  But in 
order for you to succeed in a way that serves our beloved Sovereign's 
plan and the Father's will to the highest degree, you must Exercise---you 
must exercise daily---truly whenever you think about it.  And as an 
athlete knows, you must think about it on a regular basis.  You cannot do 
it once and then forget about it for a time, for this truly will not 
strengthen your Spiritual muscles.  You can maintain a degree of semi-
spirituality with only occasional exercise, but over time you may lose 
your strength and find that it is difficult to begin exercising again.  
Some would use the term "fake it 'till you make it," but I tell you truly 
that this is but a cliché that does not truly describe the process.  It 
is indeed a series of exercises my friends, it is a continual 
strengthening of your Soul's ability to perceive Spirit, and to enact 
Spiritual directives.  At first you may find that intense Spiritual work 
may seem exhausting to you, but as you continue to exercise, just as with 
exercising your physical bodies, the exercise becomes easier and indeed 
at some point becomes even energizing.  

If you would prepare yourself, set yourself a Spiritual Exercise Plan.  
Force yourself to exercise if you must, but I tell you this only so that 
you may get used to practicing a regular routine of Spiritual 
Strengthening.  What does this involve you may ask?  It is what we 
Teachers of this Mission have been teaching you all along.  It is about 
Love. Loving our Father, Loving your neighbor, Loving yourself.  It is 
about seeking Truth and Beauty, and it is a relentless search for 

What must you do to prepare yourself for "The Big Game" my friends?  You 
must enact in your lives those teachings of Truth that you have been 
given, those lessons of growth and maturity that the Spirit of Truth has 
impressed in your Souls.  You must listen for our Father's Voice from the 
Spirit that indwells you, and you must Exercise daily to strengthen your 
personal resolve, to sharpen your skills that have been bestowed upon you 
as a gift from your Eternal Father.  You must continue in your search for 
new Truths, and more especially for New Understandings of the Truth that 
you have already discovered in your many ways.  Truly it is time for 
"Spring Training" my dear friends.  There will be many important "games" 
to play before the "Super Game."  But each prepares you the better---each 
contributes to your Personal Spiritual Strength and Growth.  

I have truly enjoyed sharing these lessons with you my dear friends.  I 
know of the sincerity and desire of many of you to be about this business 
of preparation.  I will continue to give other lessons when you may 
choose to gather for them, but they will be individual lessons, and 
oftentimes I will teach in conjunction with other of the Teachers that 
you have grown to recognize and to love.  It will be more of an open 
forum, as you have grown accustomed to in your TeaM meetings.  I will be 
present for each of them, unless I am given a particular assignment 
elsewhere at the time, yet I will not always speak to you---only usually. 
 In the future sessions, we will have also more opportunities for 
question and answer sessions which were not a part of our just completed 
preparation series.  

It is a privilege for me to be able to serve in this way.  It is a task 
that I enjoy greatly and it is one that serves my own personal growth 
even as it may serve yours.  Goodnight my dear friends.  My Love and 
Encouragement is with you.  

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.  

Goodnight until next we meet.

Student:  Goodnight. Thank you for your devotion in helping us.

Solonia:  And for yours in serving the Will of Our Father and the Will of 
our Sovereign Master Son and truly our Mother's as well.  Goodnight.

[NOTE:] As per Solonia's request that we, "put these lessons together for 
those who may wish to "go the course","  I will also be sending the whole 
7 lesson series as a single e-mail and will also Attach a formatted RTF 
copy as a MSWord document for those who care to print it out as such.

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