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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to have you here with
me this evening. Have faith my children for you are all doing very well.
Do not have any heaviness in your hearts, rather feel the lightness of
your lives, the ease of your burden.

This life is over in the blink of an eye. It is but a days work. Do not
burden yourselves by taking your roles too seriously. Do not fear the
future, for the Father has you firmly in his arms. Be strengthened in
all that you do through simply leaning on the Master's arm here and there.

You are each fulfilling your destinies even in small ways. Life is made
up of those momentary decisions which can change things remarkably. The
Father's love surrounds you each as you go through your daily quota of
the small decisions. Rarely is there a time when great decisions are
laid upon you. Usually, lives are the sum total of a series of small
decisions. Sometimes even impulses which change or steady your course
one way or another. It is very important for you to understand this
deeply. Kindness, gentleness, a helpful word toward another - these
things have more impact that you know.

It is appropriate to come before our Lord in prayer many times a day,
not in rote fashion but in a simple remembering, a simple acknowledgment
of your relation to him, a simple asking for help. The Master, who
treated the Father's spirit as a best friend, has a constant guide. You,
my friends, are developing that same relationship with the Master's
spirit. Jesus as a little boy would insist on having a little talk with
his Father and now you each may lay down your burdens and have little
talks with the Master's spirit whenever you so choose.

It is not necessary for you to see the future or to be all wise or to be
constantly understanding, but it is necessary for you to strengthen your
relationship to the Spirit of Truth by talking things over, feeling for
his guidance, and allowing him to change your mind. He will help you
every time you ask. The Master holds nothing away from you. He desires
to give you all good things.

No person is so perfect as not to require the Master's helping hand. The
more you can acknowledge your need, the more you can be aided and
comforted in your life. The foolish man says: "I do not need help, I am
the master of my domain. I am the sole source of my own guidance". Such
a man will find just how deep his need is through many trials and
tribulations. The most important thing you can do is to acknowledge and
identify your need for the Master does not enter where he is not bidden
to come.

My friends, you were created in order that the Father might be pleased.
The Father is pleased when you find a way to come to him. His love
runneth over the entire earth when one child turns around and begins
walking toward him. The Father does not expect perfection from you but
he does require movement and growth. And to grow, you must also draw
from the universe those things which you need and in order to do that,
you must ask. The Master and the Mother Spirit stand beside you. They
will uphold you, they will love you, they will grant the hunger of your
soul its fill and they will bless the desire of your heart.

Do not fear the tribulations that are inevitable in life. These things
are full of nutrients for the soul, full of little lessons that will
serve you. The Master watches and it is just as important to him how you
react to the little things as how you react to the big things. All of
your life is but a preparation for a life of service to God beyond this

In order to truly serve, you must serve in all things great and small.
The self-important person who does not feel the need to be diligent in
the small things will be brought to understand just how important the
small things are. The truly great man cannot be petty in the small
things while simultaneously hoping to be great in the large things.

Your souls are integrated, you are one person. You must be complete in
your actions and responses, large and small.

What are your questions?

Q: Regarding those pauses during the day when you seek the spirit. I
have been thinking about it as trying to feel the presence of the
thought adjuster and making myself more open to its guidance. Are you
suggesting that it is more appropriate to make that inner seeking a
conversation with the master?

Ham: Yes, it would be a help to you my son. The more you can feel the
Master of the Father as a person and as a friendly person, the easier
contact will be. Spiritual experience is always integrated. Human beings
cannot readily separate the Master and the Father in your experience.
Even the Mother spirit is experienced as one. This integration is a
great help to you. That way your contact with spirit is always reliably
the same. It is always consistent, it is always one. The Master is more
readily identifiable as a person. You know him from his words and what
you have read of him. His personality is discernable. It is probably
easiest for most human beings to feel personally connected with this
God-man, with his human side, than with the Father, who is no less
personal, and yet his impersonal aspects make him seem very remote. The
Master was one of you. He thoroughly understands your feelings and
thoughts, your dreams and desires. This connection with humanity was
completed with the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth so that he could
be with you, personally, through everything. You can see that his desire
to be with you equals or exceeds your desire to be with him. He is the
one who goes in search of lost sheep. He is the one who seeks entrance
to your soul. The Father is both of you. He is within you as he is
Master. The Master is the way. He is the helper, the one who bridges the
gap between human and divine. His power is equal to the Father. He is
the Father in your experience. So yes, it is always wise to grab hold of
that part of divinity that is closest to you and that is his spirit.

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Yes, of course. My son, you do very well. You have a great inner
strength that has served you very well and much of that strength has
come through this time of recognizing your weakness. You are certainly a
battler. You have a hold on life and you are not letting go. Rest for
now. You will have plenty of work to do in the future. Take your time.
Continue to explore your inner self. You will have all that you need for
each step. Rest in calm assurance that you are cared for in the
universe. You are healing more than simply physical. Very much is
healing within you. Be at peace my son, you do very well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, you are doing well. Your way continue to
grow and to expand. Do not worry concerning things that are beyond your
control. Trust the master's guidance. Take each step slowly and carefully.

Q: Ham could I get a personal message and also schedule a one-on-one.

Ham: Certainly. My son, you are doing well. Each day is a new beginning.
Allow the Master's blessings into your life. You have been somewhat
closed off from God during certain times, times when you did not feel
deserving, times when you felt fearful or boxed in. But you must
remember that the Father's only requirement of you is your love. He asks
for nothing but that you love him and that he be allowed to love you and
that you accept his love. Do not be drawn into feelings of unworthiness
or misapplied guilt. Love and be loved. At bottom, that's all there is
to it.

Q: Ham, may I ask for a personal message. I am about to embark upon a
big trip tomorrow.

Ham: Yes, my dear, of course. Have complete confidence in your ability
to rely upon the Master. Allow him to sustain you and his spirit will
comfort you. Remember that each encounter is not only for yourself, but
for him who sends you. You may not always grasp the reasons, but you can
fulfill his will by following his leading. Allow that you are working
for greater purposes. Allow that you are touching someone's life and
through this touching perhaps the Master also touches. Be a conduit for
him and all the rest will fall into place. You are doing very well my dear.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Of course my son. Have faith and courage as well. You also must be
revealing of the Father's and the Master's love. Do not fear this or
that project or circumstance for at each step, the Master will provide
guidance for you. All the small concerns must dissolve in the greater
picture. Simply keep moving forward one step at a time. You will not
falter nor will you fail. So be at ease.

Q: Do you have anything for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Of course my dear. You are making very good progress. The coming
weeks will usher in some important changes. Many things will become
clear that are murky right now. You are a woman truly open to the spirit
and this opening will continue. There will be times of inner work which
must be completed. You are growing and learning and coming into ever
greater self-awareness every day. This will continue. Have faith in this
process. You are doing very well.

Q: Norbert would like a personal message please.

Ham: Certainly, my son. You are doing well. Be at ease as you discover
ever new and greater depths to your soul. It is important for you to
find reassurance in your relation to the Master. Find a way to have
those little talks with God, like the Master did as a boy. It is not
difficult. No, it is very easy to talk to God. Place your burdens on
him. Allow him to help you in all the things you must do. Fear not my
son, you are making good progress.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes. My son, move toward the Master continually. Allow him an ever
greater place in your life and accept the love he brings you. Do not
have any of that crippling self doubt involved. Take hold of this
relationship and do not let go.

In all things, my friends, you are finding your way to God. Have courage
for you will need it, have faith for you will need it. But above all,
have love. For in love, all things are possible. Until next week, my
love and prayers are with you each. Farewell.

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Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man
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