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Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Mon Apr 12 22:31:57 PDT 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Monday, April 12, 2004
Solonia - Preparation Lesson #6
"Freeing Your Awareness"

	Solonia (T/R-Daniel):   Greetings my dear friends.  This is your adoring 
older sister Solonia.  Tonight's lesson, number 6 in this series we have 
been sharing about individual self-preparation for coming times, will be 
about Freeing Your Awareness.  

It is perhaps beyond your ability to discern how truly many opportunities 
for sharing your Souls, and that Spark of Our Father that is within you, 
that you are offered each time you step out into public.  You have been 
told before that there are thousands of opportunities each day, and the 
only thing that blocks your ability to recognize all of them is that as 
yet, your awareness is not yet fully developed.  This is quite normal in 
the human race as it exists on this world today.  And yet, most of you 
have already developed a level of awareness that is far above the normal 
on this world---awareness of the Father in your life, and awareness of 
Father in the lives of others.  

Opportunities abound if only you are Aware of them.  Indeed the Seraphim 
and often times our Midwayer brethren are quite active about you as you 
journey through your day.  There is much potential for the outpouring of 
Father's Love, and it is part of "Our" job to coordinate opportunities 
for the outworking of this potential into a reality situation.  The 
Angels are ever busy at this task, and as you allow your Spirit Awareness 
to grow and to become more adept at functioning in your conscious level, 
then are you more fully able to "be there" for the brother or sister who 
may need you the most at any one time.  And at the same time, you will be 
open for those who have something to offer that you may need as well.  

The reason I called this session, "Freeing Your Awareness," is because in 
essence, it is the process whereby you are freeing your Soul to function 
and lead your personality.  Each conscious choice for goodness that you 
make in Full Awareness, frees the function of your Soul that one more 
step.  It is not so much a one time "I will get it and keep it" sort of 
happening, although truly there may come a point where that Does happen, 
rather it is truly cumulative as you make personal choices to love and to 
serve, to see your earthly brothers and sisters AS Your Brothers and Your 
Sisters.  As you more and more come to free your Inner Awareness, you 
more easily are able to recognize that Divine Spark of Our Father that 
resides within the mortals of this world, and indeed by discovering the 
Father within another do You personally get to know the Father a little 
bit better.  

Each of you on this world have so much to share of yourselves.   And 
truly, it is the desire of all to be able to share who they Really are, 
and yet, the pain and fear that remain from the rebellion of Lucifer and 
his followers inhibits most of these poor children of God from easily 
being able to reveal this Spiritual Spark Within them.  It requires one 
who is Willing to Serve, and one who is Aware of the Divine Spark of our 
Father within themselves, and who seeks it within others, to begin to 
free them from their spiritual prison.  When one of your brothers and 
sisters experiences the True Love of the Father coming through you to 
them, then indeed put your Awareness in high gear, for then you will not 
be able to Miss that little Spark of God coming back to you from them, 
saying "Thank you."  

Being in Service to Our Father is a Full Time Job, if you are willing to 
accept it.  Truly it is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Job.  But it Is the 
Highest Paying Job that there is, for in doing it to the best of your 
ability you are not only contributing to your own Spiritual Survival into 
Eternity, but you are helping us all to heal the hurts and pains that 
were inflicted upon this world due to rebellion.  You are the field 
workers my friends.  By your Awareness are you able to make Grand 
Changes, share Divine Gifts, and spread the "Benign Virus of Love."  

Think about being Aware. Begin even More so to free your Spiritual 
Awareness.  Look for "Our" hand in the circumstances that are daily 
offered to you.  Rarely these days, are meetings "by chance" or 
"accidental."  When you meet with anyone, on the street, in the store, at 
work, wherever, consider that the Seraphim very well may have set this 
meeting up---the Meeting of Two Minds, the Meeting of Two Souls.  Open 
your heart to them, open your Soul to them, Mirror the Father to them.  
Even perchance, try to discern Our Purpose in getting you together.  Be 
Aware at All Times my young friends.  Be aware of the Spiritual world 
that surrounds you and that is also Within you.  It does Wonders for 

The next time we meet will be the 7th and final of the series on 
preparing yourself for what is so soon to come.  Study these if you will. 
 I assure you their implementation will prepare you Indeed for Service in 
a big way.  

My love is with you at all times dear ones, goodnight.

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