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Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Mon Apr 5 23:52:07 PDT 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Sunday, April 4, 2004
Solonia - Preparation Lesson #5

Serving "In the Moment and For the Moment"

	Solonia (T/R-Daniel):   Another lesson for you to practice if you truly 
wish to be in higher service to our Father's plan, is practicing 
individual service "In the Moment and For the Moment."  

This is your sister Solonia and it is good to be back with you after a 
few weeks off.  I trust you have each been studiously been practicing our 
previous lessons?

You are already aware of the dynamics of tonight' lesson, and truly you 
are becoming much better in it's practice.  It is the way the Master 
served when he walked this world in the flesh, with his individual loving 
service to each of his children when he was in their presence.  Jesus 
loved people very much, and always did he look for opportunities to be in 
loving service with each individual in his presence.  And when he so 
served, he did so In the Moment and For that particular Moment.  He very 
much wished to give Spiritual comfort to each of his children, and he 
knew for a certainty that his loving trust in the Father's Will would 
provide for each individual, through his desire to serve, exactly what 
that person needed for that particular moment in time.  It is to be noted 
that Jesus never followed up on those he served, to see how they were 
doing or to see how well his service had served them.  For he had 
absolute trust in the Father's Watchcare and guidance for those people, 
and he knew that his loving service was to be but one part of their 
progress in the Father's Plan for them.  Jesus rarely planned how he 
would serve in a particular moment with a particular person, for he knew 
that the Father would take care of that as well.  

This is the type of Service that we all must practice---must learn to 
love and enjoy---for this indeed is being in Service to the Will of our 
Heavenly Father.  You have loved ones and companions and friends for whom 
you undoubtedly have more opportunities to serve in this way.  And yet 
the opportunities abound around you, whenever you are among your human 
brethren, in which you may be called upon to be the one to serve In the 
Moment and for the Moment.  You serve by your love for your brother or 
sister; you serve in your compassion, in your listening.  In these 
moments words of love often come unbidden, and many times these words are 
filled with what seems to be intuitive wisdom.  In these times you are 
truly allowing our Divine Parents to minister to their children through 
you.  Concern yourselves not with the consequences of these moments of 
loving service, for indeed it is truly said, "the action is ours, the 
consequences, God's."  The Master never considered himself to be the one 
who Saved a person or healed a person, for he knew in fact, that it is 
only the Father who can do these things in truth.  

Those of us who serve the Father may truly share in the bestowal and the 
workings of our Father's divine mercy and love, but remember always that 
congratulations are due you, only for your willingness to participate 
with the Father.  All that is good, all that is great, all that is 
loving, true and beautiful is of our Heavenly Father.  What mortals are 
given, indeed what we are all given who are the children of this Divine 
Father, is the choice to be a part of His Infinite Love.  Each and every 
time that you choose to serve in our Father's Love, In the Moment and For 
the Moment, you have become more an active part of Spiritual Reality---
You have been a participant in the Spiritual Evolution of the Universe of 
Universes.  These personal experiences of God-likeness are what we carry 
with us forever and on into Eternity.  They are a part of the fulfillment 
of the mandate of the Heavenly Father to each and every one of us, His 
children, and that is "Be you Perfect even as your Father in Heaven is 
Perfect."  Indeed no one of us is perfect, nor is the attainment of that 
perfection in any way foreseeable from the present perspective, and yet 
each time we serve and each time we love, we have truly taken one step 

Be there for your brothers and sisters in need.  Be there in the moment 
and as you pass by.  Do your best to be there for one another in all 
ways, always.   

I cherish my time with you dear ones, but in fact tonight's time has run 
out.  I dearly love you as my little brothers and sisters.  I take great 
satisfaction in watching each of you grow and mature, and ever do I learn 
from you as well.  Goodnight my loves.

Student:  Thank you so much for being with us.

Solonia:  Thank You so much for being with Us!

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