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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group
Monday, March 29, 2004, 8:22 pm
Arcadia, California

Henry Z: Father for all the people who have fallen today we ask for your
grace and mercy. For all the people who have suffered injustice today,
Father, we ask for your grace, kindness and compassion. For all the
children who were abused today, Father, we ask for your grace, kindness and
compassion. For all the people who were hungry today, Father, we ask for
your grace, kindness and compassion. For all the people who had to suffer
and be afraid today, Father, we ask for your grace, kindness and
compassion. And Father we ask for strength and courage for those who take
it upon themselves to be responsible people and try to help through grace
and clarity to times of changes that are upon us now. We ask all of this
in the name of your Son, Michael, thank you Father.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, JarEl. It is very good to be
among you once again. It is always a pleasure to be among close
friends. Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile. You are
always welcome in this group and you are always welcome in my presence. I
come to you every other week to give you information which you would not
otherwise receive unless you have a clear connection with the universe and
your Thought Adjuster. We come together here to meditate and silence our
minds so that we may listen to what the universe might want to say to
us. Quieting your mind, in your spare time, would be very advisable, for
it would be very beneficial, not only for you but for those around
you. This would cause you to be a more generous and serene person,
therefore you will be able to affect others in a very positive way. So
quieting your mind in meditation has its benefit.

Many of you have come here tonight to listen to messages that perhaps you
have no other way of receiving. The messages that we give to you in this
group are meant to help you and are meant to progress the Age of Light and
Life. Sometimes we entertain curiosity questions but for the most part we
try to refrain from that. We ask that you do not waste your time to ask
curiosity questions, for it does not benefit you or the group. If you are
to come up with a question, think before you ask. Although there are no
wrong questions to ask, for we all truly enjoy our conversation with
you. We will gladly entertain all questions, however, for the sake of the
group we ask that you focus on questions that will benefit both you and the
group and perhaps even others that are not in this room.

Henry Z: So are you open for questions JarEl?

JarEl: TR, George. Most certainly.

Henry Z: Could you tell us something that would help give us some
indication that at this time on the planet that the human condition is
being aptly assisted by spiritual presence and spiritual pressure? Can you
assure us that the Most Highs are doing the best that they can do for us at
this time?

JarEl: TR, George. The reassurance that I give you is without a doubt the
best any spiritual being can give you Henry. For the Most Highs always put
your best interest before anything. The Most Highs are ever watchful of
the comings and goings of this planet. They understand its present
condition and where it needs to be. There is great spiritual pressure
being applied to this planet as we speak and the signs are everywhere. It
is up to you to recognize these signs and act upon them accordingly. There
is always help and assistance available but ultimately it will be humanity
who saves its own planet. The pressure has been increased recently and it
is for good reason. This is not a time to relax or to kick back and hope
that everything gets better. It is time for action and decision
making. The pressure that is being applied to your world as we speak will
bring forth great conflict but it will also bring forth great
leaders. Many of these great leaders will be the byproduct of this
pressure. For when the pressure is applied on them they will act
accordingly. Many of you in this room are natural leaders. Your time will
come when you must act and lead your people to a better tomorrow. Going
back to your question, yes they do have your best interest in mind. They
know what is happening on your world, needs to happen.

Henry Z.: Thank you JarEl, you more than fulfilled any expectations I
had. It is good to be reassured with the long term plan which is of course
the spiritual insight. I have no further questions, thank you.

Jim: JarEl, I need more spiritual insight, can you help me?

JarEl: TR, George. Can you be more specific?

Jim: My spirit is not on the upbeat, it is not on the positive, the
good. The everyday realities challenge my spirit daily, multiple
times. While, as Henry has mentioned about the long term goal, I stay
focused on that. It is just that spiritually I am drained right now at
this time at my life, because of attorneys. Financially I'm the second
most fortunate person I know. Can you help me JarEl?

JarEl: TR, George. I can certainly give you advice but ultimately you will
need to help yourself. The advice that I give you is that these challenges
that you have in your life at this moment you need to face head
on. Understand that all of these challenges that are being assigned to you
will build character in your life. You may feel emotionally, physically
and even spiritually drained, but in the end you will be stronger because
of it. Do not fret and do not be done, for your challenges and your
struggles will soon be over. Imagine the time when all of these problems
will be over. You must remember always that challenges are given to us for
good reason. These challenges may soon be gone but always be ready to take
on new challenges and new struggles.

Henry Z.: JarEl, there is someone who would like to speak.

JarEl: TR, George. Go ahead.

Nebadonia: TR, Henry Z. Greetings to you, I would like to address you my
son of concern, about your somewhat lack of potency in your spiritual
arena. At some point a person must decide what is the treasure? At times
you feel helpless as humans to conceive of anything but an external reward;
an accumulation of intelligent effort and conduct that renders one with
power and strength, financial gain and financial reward. This is hardwired
into the human mind intellect. This is tremendously worthy. One must be
cautious not to see the treasure on the outside and fail to recognize the
source of this treasure is within. It is this treasure within that needs
the balance of attention, which needs the attention and the strength that
you give yourself in its presence. The spiritual insight and the spiritual
strength comes through a dynamic and aggressive communication and
understanding and working with that which resides within you my friend.

Jim: Yes, it has been my choice.

Nebadonia: TR, Henry Z. It always is, isn't it?

Jim: But it was a conscious thoughtful decision I made when I was only
twenty-six years old. It was the most difficult decision of my entire life
and nobody who was in my life thought it was a good idea except me. I
thought, its my life, I am the one who has to live it. So I decided what
the most important thing in life was. At that young age I believed that
the most important thing in life was to be happy. I thought somebody or
something could make one happy, I was wrong. With middle age and
experience I learned that happiness comes from within you, but I am
maturing spiritually so slowly.

Nebadonia: TR, Henry Z. This is the method one must mature spiritually, it
is not an instantaneous leap. You are suffering mainly from exertion and
exhaustion and looking for a spiritual base on which to justify the meaning
of all of this in your life. Right now you are being tested. In your
quiet time and in your stillness open up and allow your true self to speak
to you. Allow it to show you parts of yourself you are suppressing. There
are parts of you that you are becoming that you need to become. This is
what is exhausting and zapping your spiritual energy not feeding the
necessary resource to your development. Not very much attention needs to
be indulged in these efforts. It is only a matter of time that you will
begin to reap the rewards of your effort. Do not view your spiritual
resource as a single thing like a book waiting to be read. Your spiritual
resource is a living presence. Like any living thing, like a spouse, a
child, animal or plant it needs constant and daily attention. The
spiritual presence within is not a cereal which you store for time of
hunger or poverty. It is a living presence that you partake of. It is the
spirit inside of you. It is the vital essence of your soul within you.

Blessings to you my son, begin to see the dream within yourself as a thread
of a much larger fabric that is being woven in your planet. Thank you, it
is true that your life on this world is more like a boat on the sea. It is
subject to the wind and the current; the wave, the temperature and the
distance between land. The oceans are not stagnant like concrete, formless
and solid and never changing. The ocean is like the rhythm and the current
change and tide of life. It is constantly moving and you constantly have
to be shifting your center of balance and your spiritual balance to
accommodate what is designed to strengthen you and bring you into a much
stronger spiritual presence within yourself. This is true for everyone.

There is a play advanced between the inner life and the outer life, between
our will and our desire and that what we manifest from this will
desire. Keep cautious to place your dream in the hands of spirit. Not in
the hands of your mind or your heart. The heart works for the mind. The
heart will tell you whatever your mind feels it needs to tell you. The
spirit will tell you and show what you cannot see or know. The spirit will
guide you through life's vicissitudes and life's challenges and changes
which beset you. Make no mistake that by choosing a spiritual path one
chooses a responsibility as well as spirit, which is constantly negotiable,
meaning that there is always the possibility of making mistakes but that
mistake will instantly come back to correct you. This is part of the
evidence that you are on the spiritual path; your mistakes are not taking
six months to come full circle, they are taking a matter of days.

Use the resource within you mind, it is all spirit-based, all of my
adjutants are from my mind presence of the Third Source and Center, the
Infinite Spirit. The Universal Source is resident within my power and
will. It is I, Nebadonia, your mother who speaks to you. It is I who is
the center of universal intelligence, the Third Source and Center is
personally conscious of every mind, every intellect, in all creation, and
maintains a personal and perfect contact with all the physical, morontial,
and spiritual creatures of mind endowment in the universe. All these
activities of mind are grasped in the absolute mind-gravity circuit which
focalizes in the Third Source and Center and is a part of the personal
consciousness of the Infinite Spirit.

All life is a part of the Father's grand plan of perfection. It is all in
an infinite sense and an eternal sense, interwoven. It has the same source
and it has the same destiny. Within time and space it manifests in a
different form. It is slowed down so that the Father can indulge the
universe with fragments of Himself, placing them in the most unlikely
candidates and gradually nurturing them, walking them through a plan, an
organized ascension scheme that is tremendously populated with a whole
universe of personalities willing to accommodate and serve you in your
journey to become more like the Father, more perfect. Thank you for
allowing me to speak.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Nebadonia, I would like to interject another
metaphor to the problem our friend is suffering from. Many of you may have
suffered similar problems or similar vicissitudes. Like Nebadonia said
change does not come over night and it is a slow process. There is also a
good side to that, whereas you may create change immediately by the full
realization of where you are and the problem you are facing. Many of the
obstacles that you are confronted with are many times illusionary, and can
be broken down in a matter of seconds by a quick and full realization of
your mind. This can only be done if you become aware and if you truly
contemplate your situation and where you are.

We go back to meditation; it is good to meditate. It is good to think
about your life and your place in the universe. It is good to connect with
the Father, for the Father brings much peace to your life and your
world. It is all up to you, all you need to do is open your heart and your
mind and your soul to him. Be as open as you can and be willing always to
do his will. Love one another and love the Father with all your heart and
bring peace to your life and to your world. You can do this simply by
connecting with the Father and with one another. The moment that you stop
connecting with Him is the moment that you begin to create conflict within
your life and within the life of others. This conflict will begin to rise,
the more pressure that is applied to it, the greater the conflict. Many
times these conflicts can be averted by the simple act of connection
through meditation or coherent and conscious thought!

Hopefully you all understand what I mean when I ask you to fully realize
your minds? It is not simple enough to understand something. It is
greater to realize it and to fully comprehend it. When you begin to
realize you begin to have the experience of knowledge and thought. You
begin to fully understand the situation which you are in, which in turn
gives you adequate tools which facilitate you in resolving whatever problem
you may have. The tools may only come from within. You may try to find
the tools elsewhere; you may even ask for help, which is good, but
ultimately the help that you long for will eventually come from within,
from the True Source and Center. This only is possible through clear
connection. So silence your minds and your thoughts and allow your Father
to enter your presence and your hearts. Allow Him to engulf your every
essence. Allow Him to caress you and to kiss you on the forehead. Allow
your Father to truly love you and to truly consider you as a child. When
you have this full realization of your connection with the Father, your
problems here on earth will seem much smaller and much less
significant. Are there any more questions?

I will close by asking you to contemplate and to meditate over the word
that our Mother Nebadonia gave us. Most importantly I ask you to meditate
about the relationship you have with the Father. What ever problems you
may have, always know that our Father is very close by. He is always
willing to help you. He always cares for each of us. No matter how hard
our lives may seem or how bad we may become, He is never far from our cry,
He is never far from our reach and it is never too cold for His
warmth. Thank you and good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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