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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group
Monday, March 15, 2004, 8:13 pm
Arcadia, California

Donna: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, for this time and for
this evening for us all to gather and hear from the teacher that you have
sent for us. Please open our ears so that we may hear whatever wisdom they
may have for us. Please let our hearts be open for the love from Michael
and Nebadonia, so that it may flow through us. We ask for healing for this
world and the people. We ask for healing for ourselves Father that we may
better do your will, in Jesus Christ Michael's name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good
to be among my friends again. As I talk to you tonight, so many changes are
happening in the world. I know that Urantians are beginning to realize
that the only way through the next decade is to work together for
peace. They will not rely anymore on war or revenge. They see what it
does to this world. No more shall the lies and the influences of wars be
among the people.

We have seen you grow strong. We have seen you endure and we have seen you
challenged in the daily difficulties that this world has to offer. We have
seen you overcome many of these difficulties. Now we see you react with
grace and guidance. We see you embrace one another in love and
tenderness. We see you reach out to your friends and your loved ones. All
of these qualities we see in you and the rest of the world; the qualities
that you have deemed important in your life. The reason why you feel that
they are important is because you have tried everything else and you have
seen what does not work.

Some have tried hatred, anger, despair and confusion, and all these things
left you empty and alone. But then you turned to one another and you tried
love, forgiveness and kindness. You saw how this built bridges between
each other and you created comfort and happiness. The bonds that you
created with one another are strong. These bonds held when thing got
tough. Then you realized that these bonds were the one important thing
that mattered in your life, for without these bonds you would feel utterly
alone and desperate. Because of these bonds you have people who care about
you. You have a sense of security and love and you have friends.

Now is not the time to react once again as we did on 9-11, we must not fly
off the handle and imagine that there are people who are out to get us as
every corner. That does not solve anything; it only creates more fear and
more hatred. The world does not need anymore of that. Take what you have
all started here, expand it to greater arenas and bring it out to the rest
of the world so that they may feel the love you have in your group and in
other groups. You shall continue and take it forward. Give your peace and
kindness to all those who are willing to listen. Expand your knowledge of
truth and justice and espouse whatever is good in this world.

The time of change is not over yet, for there is still greater to come to
your world. Many of you are keyed in helping this change happen. Many of
you have dedicated your entire lives to bring about this change. We are in
the Correcting Time. Even though this Correcting Time only started a few
years ago, we have traveled far and quickly. We are moving at a greater
pace than predicted. Many of you, more of you have joined the ranks of
your spiritual brothers and sisters. Many of you will live to see a time
when the world has made a dramatic change and once this happens nothing
will ever be the same. Then things will only improve from that point on.

I remind you that the Universe watches you and cares for you. They are
here and ready to aid you in whatever you may take on your shoulders. If
ever you need help or assistance, ask and it shall be provided to
you. Celestial beings are real and they are present, and they are here in
this room among you at this moment. They care deeply for you and standby
to protect you when danger is near. They have the utmost respect for
you. Take the time to acknowledge them and to thank them for all the work
that they have done to assist you. They will remain by up until you decide
that you do not need them anymore. Chances are that you will always need
them and require their assistance, whether it be a angel or a
Midwayer. They are here and they request me to tell you that the love that
they have for you could not fill this room, for this room is too
small. Love is so great that it goes beyond the walls and atmosphere of
this room. It reaches back to its roots and is sent back many fold. Are
there any questions tonight?

Stella: I have one. 52% of the world's population are woman many of whom
have sadly been subjugated and mistreated. What is being done on the other
side to help them?

JarEl: TR, George. The fate of many women in this world is sad and it is
very pressing in our minds. We are very hurt each time a woman is
subjugated and made to feel as if she is less. You in this room know that
it is not like that. You in this room understand the equality of your
brothers and sisters. You understand that this is the message that you
must send out to the rest of the world. Most of the world is still under
the impression that there is no equality between men and women, that men
are superior to women. Some men look upon women as property. We try hard
to change minds, but it is very difficult to change tradition which is so
imbedded in culture. One way to eradicate such beliefs would be through a
revolution. Although we shall have no part of that, for we do not believe
in revolution, rather do we strive for the evolution of mankind.

We strive for the time when you will change your laws and traditions and
your way of thinking. We strive for the inspiration of man; we strive for
the enlightenment of man. It is true that it is very sad that this
continues, even though women have made many advances in this part of the
world, but those advances were made here and not there. Sooner or later
the message that you have will arrive to that part of the world and things
will change. Does that answer your question?

Stella: Yes, it just seems with certain religious and cultural beliefs
that women are property and should be subject to man, that they are
depriving the world of great talents which are not being used for the
betterment of mankind. It seems that it will take forever before it will

JarEl: TR, George. It will certainly not take forever, Stella.

Stella: It feels like it.

JarEl: TR, George. Perhaps it may seem as such. But you have to
understand that change at times comes very quickly and at times it comes
very slowly. Here in our country the change for women's rights came over a
span of a hundred years and yet you are still not equal. There are still
inconsistencies related to women at work or in the household. Until such a
time when women can uplift themselves to equal status with men, then you
will begin to see dramatic changes happening all over the world. It has to
begin somewhere. The best way to help the women on the far side of the
world, Stella, is to demand your rights here and now as a woman living in
this country and to fight for those rights. You must remember that many of
the rights and privileges that you now have were not naturally given to
you, they were earned over time. So as you seek for women to have more
equal rights, this is a struggle for women to continually fight for, but
you must do it here.

Stella: I have been fighting for equal rights for 50 years. There is some
progress, other forces seem like they are trying to set back the clock. It
seems that it is the same old stuggle over and over again. One step
forward and two steps back.

JarEl: TR, George. Then you must take four steps forward.

Stella: I guess so.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any other questions?

Virginia: Yes I would like to ask a question. I understand when we go on
the other side we will generally look much as we do now. What if you have
a gender identity disorder, like if you were born a male and you feel like
you are a female. What happens when you go on the other side?

JarEl: TR, George. Well it will not matter that much for there are no
reproductive organs on the other side. However, if you lean towards a
certain gender you will certainly be identified as such for the remainder
of your Morontia carrier. It is really your personality which survive in
your Morontia carrier. The personality that you exhibit here on earth
travels with you into the next world and that imprint that you leave on
people is something that helps them to identify who you are on the other
side. When you travel to the Morontia Realm and you meet up with old
friends, they will remember that you were once a woman here on earth and
they will see you as such. It does not really matter that much for you
will soon see that we are all equal in more ways than one. When you travel
to the Morontia Realm there will no need to reproduce, at least not in the
way that you've been known to reproduce. Does that answer your question?

Virginia: Yes it really helps me, I think I understand, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. Are there anymore questions?

Stella: Spain was just bombed, it that a forerunner of this happening to
other nations?
This bombing in Madrid caused a change in the election, the socialists came
into power
Will the terrorists use the same methods to influence elections in England
or our coming election?

JarEl: TR, George. The incident that happened in Madrid caused by the
terrorists did not in anyway influence the outcome of the election. The
decision of the people was caused by their frustration with the government
and the lack of connection between them. In the same way if there was to
be another terrorist attack in this country that would not change your mind
if it is already made up. You have come to make up your mind from past
experiences of what the government has done. If you feel separated from
your government's action, then your decision will clearly be made
regardless of what event may happen. So if there are changes in government
or representation it will not be because they are afraid of terrorists,
rather it will be because people are sick and tired of war, fear and
destruction. They will most likely elect a form of government which will
represent them more honestly. Does that answer your question?

Stella: Yes it does, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. Good night my friends, I bid you
good night until next time.

All: Good night JarEl:

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