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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am very happy to be among you
this evening. The way of love indeed has permeated your hearts and
guides your souls. It is truly an honor for me to be your teacher and to
be a welcomed guest among you.

Our lesson this week will concern time. Time is the great underlying
mechanism that allows for progressive becoming. You have been created in
time so that you are, as will creatures, willing participants in your
creation itself. Time is that thing which allows the creature to
participate in his own creation. Each of you, as you progress through
your lives, gradually learn how to make those choices which add to your

The choices of sin, of selfishness, add nothing to character, nothing to
your morontia soul. On the other hand, conscious choices which confirm
and make actual your spiritual understanding, those choices which are
unselfish and self-forgetful, these do add to your morontia growth. They
do make you more real in the universe.

The Master said, no greater love has man than this, that he would lay
down his life for his friends. His entire life was laid down for his
friends, even for you today, not in the sense of redeeming your sins
through his sacrifice, but rather through the giving of his being
through living his life as one among you. Indeed, the Master laid down
his greater life to become one among you, as a helpless babe. This is
his amazing love. Always did he give his love completely, not for just a
small group of men, but for all mankind through all time. The Master's
love was and is and always will be perfect love. There was never any
shadow of selfishness in it.

The Master gave up his place in eternal perfection to join the great
adventure of time creation. He was born as you were born. He died as you
will one day die. And in between those two events, he brought the love
of eternity to the children of time. Even now, in this time, does he
speak to your hearts. He does so through the resonance of his words
spoken then, as well as speaking directly to the heart of your souls,
saying "This is the way, follow me".

The Master came so that you would know you are not orphans in the
universe. He came to portray the Father's love for his children through
his life. This event is still reverberating throughout the universe.
This action on the part of our beloved creator changed not only the
history of your world, but the history of all of Nebadon. The Master's
words have been as indestructible seeds scattered throughout the
universe. Some are still tumbling about waiting for fertile soil in
which to sprout. Your world, and indeed much of the universe, is still
adjusting to the teachings of a humble human being on this tiny planet.

The Master's words as so potent with life that once they sprout within
your soul, you are transformed with his growth. No longer are you alone
in your spiritual quest. From that moment, you are joined with the
Master like a vine and its leaves. It is forever true that you who hear
his voice become part of him and he becomes part of you. Then you are
not alone searching in the dark for a glint of truth here and there. No,
once you become a part of the master's spiritual body, then you are
never lost again.

Each of you is becoming ever more truly yourselves. Time is your friend
in this quest. Do not make the mistake of despising time, or the lack
thereof. Make time your friend. Feel its movement. Allow yourself to
open and bloom according to the Master's will in his time. All the work
and worry, all the energy expended fretting about what will or won't
happen, none of this adds to your experience in time now. Each moment is
eternal in itself. You are always a part of eternal perfection even
while change swirls about you in the rapid pace of your changing lives.

Have patience with yourselves. Don't try to grow too quickly or change
too rapidly. Be at peace with the time it takes you to grow. Otherwise,
you can feel yourselves to be fraudulent as though your don't really
belong. Move always toward that place of secure reality that exists
within your souls in the now - not what you will be, not what you have
been, but who you are now.

Let the Master set your time table for you. Trust that he knows what you
need before you think to ask him. Be assured that you have all the time
necessary to become that which you truly are. And, my friends, be not
afraid to speak your truth. Be not afraid to uphold your righteousness.
For in these times, the Master stands with you and you are not alone. In
the times when you are most true to yourselves, his hand is with you,
his voice goes before you.

As you go about your lives, be increasingly aware of the Master's body
within your body, of his spirit within your soul. Let this be an
everlasting comfort and walk firmly on the path he has set before you.

Have you questions at this time?

Q: Ham do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, of course my son. My son, you do very well. Step by step you
are growing with the Master. Step by step you are gaining in confidence
and courage. Step by step you are finding joy in this life and a
firmness beneath your feet. Each bend in the road, each seeming problem
is an opportunity for you to exercise your growing faith and to find the
road and to follow it. There are tests ahead, even as there have been
tests in the past. But, increasingly, you are able to meet these
challenges with a growing spiritual fortitude. You were a very sensitive
child roughly treated in the world, rebellious and angry. But now you
are getting your footing in the spirit and you are finding the love
within you and the kindness you show others is being reflected and given
back to you. You are finding your place in the universe. Hold firmly
then to the spirit. Move ahead step by step. Allow the spirit to lead
you and release your anxieties as you find peace in ever greater measure.

Q: Ham I want to know if I have a teacher?

Ham: Yes my son, you do have a teacher who waits for a time of future
contact. But for now, I am your primary teacher and it is advised that
you cleave closely to me and my words. It is important for you at this
time to become firmly grounded in truth and this you are doing. My son,
you reacted to some deep disappointments in your early life by
pretending to be indifferent to people and circumstances. In other
words, you made a great effort to be OK being alone. But truly my son,
you are loved, you are cherished in the universe, and you are anything
but alone. This coldness is melting very rapidly and it's a little
frightening for you not to have that buffer between you and the world.
You are a man of great love, you have a naturally very loving nature and
this loving nature is winning the battle right now. Allow this to be.
Gradually you will get that nature back that little child who loved
completely but did not feel loved in return. As you grow to understand
the universe is love, you are surrounded by love always. Your fear of
love will dissipate and you will be completely at home once more.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you too have been making strides in loving and
accepting yourself. It is like you have made a breakthrough in this
area. You too are coming to love the world as you have come to love
yourself. These things are not separate, but one. Grow in your firm love
for yourself and in this love you will find an exalted self respect, an
increasing road to ever greater self-respect. Cleave closely to the
Master's spirit. Allow his love to fully invade your heart and mind.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for you do very well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son, you also do well. You are finding likewise greater love
within yourself for yourself. You are a man who is finally aware that he
is surrounded by love and you are grateful. Allow the world to speak its
love to you as you speak your love. Be increasingly happy with who you
are and allow this joy to overflow to the world. Again, let the Master's
body be your body, let the Master's life force be your life force. Have
an open heart toward all those around you . And from this open heart,
speak your truth. You are a man of great faith. Be assured in that
faith. Be firmly rooted in yourself and in your love for yourself. Your
strength will come from that.

Q:Do you have a message for me please Ham?

Ham: Be at peace my son. All is well and as it should be. You are where
you need to be. You will have what you need. Let go of worry and release
your fears. For now, take each day as it comes and all will be well.

Q: Keri would like a personal message, please.

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, you are as all people are, in the process
of self-discovery. Self-discovery is a continual process for always are
new potentials becoming actual in your life. Be careful to always seek
balance and to be true to your own path, not the path another gives you.
Others may assist, but each person must walk their own path. Be at peace
within yourself my daughter, you are doing very well.

Q: Ham, a while back you counseled my friend Elisabeth whose son was
having some sort of dangerous situation with his pituitary gland and she
is concerned again about his health and could not find your other
message from the last time.

Ham: Yes, the human body is a very delicate machine. Tiny changes in
chemical balance can create far reaching ramifications in health and
well being. This young person is going through some chemical imbalance
still but it is not life injurious or threatening yet. You are doing the
right thing in your efforts to aid him. It is always helpful to get a
second or third opinion when the present treatment is not satisfactory.
Have faith that you will find the answers and the treatments that will
make the difference and allow the spirit to guide you in this quest.
Trust yourself. You will have all that you need in this effort.

Q: Thank you so much Ham.

Q: You are welcome my dear. You are also doing well. You must find an
increased loving tenderness towards yourself as well. You find it easier
to focus on others than upon yourself as though you don't deserve the
attention. But my daughter, the attention of the universe is upon you.
You must come to find yourself worthy of infinite love in order to begin
to accept it. You have taken some journeys in your childhood. Now focus
these journeys on yourself, upon your feelings, your needs. You, at an
early age, imbibed the atmosphere in your home which was one of the
denial of need. And so, you have continually discounted your true needs
and at the same time sort of magnified other kinds of needs to balance.
Feel again the needs of childhood and allow these needs to be filled by
the master's spirit, by the master's love and yes, by your own love for
yourself. You are doing very, very well and you are finding greater and
greater comfort within as you grow closer to the master's spirit. Follow
his love as it ripples within you back to the time when your truly
needed love as a child. As time goes by, you will find it increasingly
easier to love yourself and this will be a great relief and help in your
life. Be at peace, my daughter. Know that you are loved by a vast
universe and also know that you are loved by me and by the Master
himself. Take this love in your heart, it is yours.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Of course. My friend, you do well. You are finding also that time
is not the enemy and are coming to enjoy the little moments of life
which give you pleasure, joy, and comfort. Stop denying yourself these
moments. It may be difficult to allow yourself that which you need for
often you do not know what it is your are needing. But my son, you need
love and you need to allow yourself the painful opening to love. Do not
be afraid of love nor afraid of the pain of love. Embrace love
completely, never in part. Find joy in the in between moments and you
will find happiness in all time.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course my son. You are, as always, moving forward. You have a
greater inner strength and a more profound persistence than you ever
could have realized even one year ago. You are a man who seeks truth in
all things and you are a man who is not content with partial truths.
Cleave to this for this is the essence of your character. Many human
beings content themselves with partial truth and have not the daring or
the single minded purpose required to move toward complete truth. But
partial truth can never content the true seeker. You can not be
satisfied going half way. You are a true second miler, a true seeker. In
this quest, you have a mighty helper. The spirit of truth lives within
you. Be fortified by his strength and be strengthened through his
complete nature. Truly my son, you are doing well. Seek and you will
find, knock and the door will be opened.

Until next week, my love and my prayers go with you each. Farewell.

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Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man
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