[tmtranscripts] Faith Garden Team 3-13-04 Solonia

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Thu Mar 18 23:24:24 PST 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Saturday, March 13, 2004
Solonia - Lesson #4

	Solonia (T/R-Daniel):   Greetings precious young ones.  It is your elder 
sister Solonia.  I so appreciate you making the time to converse with me. 
	There is something that it would behoove all of you to begin consciously 
practicing, and that would be on Focusing your Attention, your 
Attentiveness, to the moment at hand.

	When you look upon the life of our beloved Master Jesus, you discover 
that he was expert at fully and completely focusing his attention.  There 
has not lived on this world one who was so accomplished at this, and I 
would tell you that he accomplished this within the human side of his 
nature.  He learned this and practiced it as a man among men.  Whoever 
had the fortune to be in his immediate presence, experienced the supreme 
satisfaction of having the Master's whole and devoted attention.  Nothing 
in the world seemed to be of as much importance as the individual person 
that he was with at the moment.  When he was in a group of people, each 
person there felt that they had his full attention.  The satisfaction 
that one experiences from this exhibition of loving interest immediately 
begins to infuse them with Spirit and entices the Soul into action.  
People genuinely felt his love.  They felt their own value, even when 
they may have felt that they had none.  His look of compassionate 
understanding was enough to reveal to the other that indeed, they were 
valued by Him.  

	Jesus was always focused; always attentive to the task at hand, or the 
person at hand.  And this is because he knew that when the Father chanced 
to put this person in his presence, through the circumstances of life, 
that indeed in that moment that was the most important person in the 
world for him.  This level of focused loving attention that the Master 
lived in his every moment was made possible, because in every moment his 
focused attention was on our Eternal Father.  He was always aware of the 
Father's Presence in every act of goodness and caring, and in all that 
was beautiful.  Jesus was able to do this because his love was so genuine 
and personal.  It was his attentiveness, his focus, which allowed him to 
recognize how he may be in service to his brothers and sisters, and it 
was because of the unconditional-ness that people felt of his love, that 
they were able to open their souls to him so freely.  

	Yes indeed dear children, it would be no small feat to be able to focus 
your attentions, your love, your compassion as fully and completely as 
did the Master Jesus, and yet, I am here to tell you that truly, it is 
not beyond your abilities.  Whatever your hand finds to do, give it your 
full attention.  Whomever you chance to be with, give them your full 
focus.  When you practice the stillness, this attentive focus is what you 
seek with our Father.  There is so much skipping of your minds from thing 
to thing, person to person, event to event, past to future.  Always is 
there so very much going on, as you would say.  I know it is not a simple 
thing for you to accomplish, and yet I would encourage you to 
wholeheartedly practice every time you think about it.  And then, I would 
encourage you to practice Thinking about it.  

	The present moment is the only place where any of us may experience our 
Beloved Father; The Eternal Now.  Focus dear ones.  Practice focusing 
your attention.  The Love that you experience from this experience is 
worth so far much more than any amount of effort that may be required to 
attain it.  The better you get at it, the better your Service to 
humankind will be, and so also will grow the level of your Spiritual 
Maturity and Understanding.  When your focused attention is upon the 
Heavenly Father, then everything and everyone else that you experience, 
is perceived far more clearly and purely.  It is as if you could see, 
where before you could not.  

	My love is with you dear ones.  Where you focus and place your 
attention, is where your heart and soul will undoubtedly follow.  Let it 
be upon Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Love.  Goodnight.

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