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Ham 03/14/2004

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you here this evening.
All our time together is very important and precious to me personally.
Tonight, let us discuss harmony. The relationships between the three
figures of the trinity - the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite
Spirit - are always absolutely harmonious. As creation progresses
outward, there is a gradually increasing potential for disharmony among
personalities and among material beings, perfect harmony in a
relationship is more of an ideal than a reality.

Human beings are naturally very self-motivated, self-aware, and
self-centered. The coming together with another human being requires the
setting aside of selfishness. This setting aside of selfish motivation
is the only thing that can create the potential for harmonious

Harmony in the celestial spheres is ever more complete as one progresses
from the worlds of time and space on into the higher celestial spheres.
In the worlds of time and space, human beings have inherited a great
deal of belligerency, a great deal of fear driven competitiveness and
the desire to control others. It has been the unfortunate lot of
humanity to have been subjected many times to enforced control over free
will. Many utopian plans have used the enforcement of conformity as the
basis of social harmony. But this is not so in heaven.

As you progress in the heavenly realms, you are given more and more
freedom and there is more and more social harmony to be seen. As you
progress in these realms, you also progress in the art of self-control,
which allows freedom. The greater ones control over self, the greater
ones freedom of choice becomes. It has been said the he who control his
own tongue is greater than he who controls a city. Growth in
self-control is absolutely essential for social progress as well as
personal spiritual progress. You are not free if you are a slave to an
unruly tongue or unruly appetites. These things limit the choices before
you and eventually remove your choices.

It is wise to continually be self-aware. Become aware of the impulse
before it is an action. Become understanding of yourselves and do not be
anxious about self-assertion. Self-assertion is an "I want" stance. It
is focused on self. The Master, on the other hand, was self-forgetful.
The body, the ego-self, did not control him, he controlled them. He was
not in a hurry to make his views known. He was not anxious about himself.

He taught a unity of spirit. He taught the common effort toward
God-knowingness, but never did he require uniformity or that his
followers should conform in any way to a set list of requirements. His
religion was liberating, never enslaving. His religion was know God and
become increasingly like him in your own way. This is the only way to
unlock human potential. Each person must, in their own unique growth
toward God, become increasingly themselves.

There has been much too much emphasis on conforming to certain beliefs
and certain efforts towards enforcing conformity have done more harm to
religion than anything else. The Master said many times, I have come to
liberate spiritual captives. This liberation is still occurring as his
words resonate upon your world.

The only law of God is love. The only requirement the Father places upon
his children is love. Let love then rule in your hearts. Let love be
your requirement and allow the rest to fall away. Are there any
questions at this time?

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Yes, my son, you do very well. It is wonderful to have you here
once more. Your recovery is wonderful to behold for all your friends,
and I am indeed among them. Do not be in too great a hurry to move
forward. This effort to come here has been a great strain and as it was
said of Abraham, this is noted for righteousness. You have come very far
in the spirit during this time of crisis. Indeed, you have come through
quite a profound change. Embrace this change. Let your decisions be
firm. Move toward increasing self-understanding, and listen to the wise
words of your partner and helpmate. She will help to guide you on firm
ground. Be at peace my son. You are doing very well.

Q: Ham do you have anything for me tonight?

Ham: Yes of course. You are doing well my dear. Think about the Master's
gentle self-forgetfulness. Think about his continual laying aside of his
human desires for each person must come to that point where even in the
small things one prays your will be done, Father. This laying aside of
one's selfish desires goes in all areas of life, not simply certain
ones. It is hard for human beings to submit themselves to the gradual
wearing away of the ego impetus, the ego requirements because these
things feel like they are the self. But, the ego is not the self. The
ego desires must gradually die for the true self to be born. Is this
making sense to you?

Q: Yes, kind of? How do you know. Sometimes there's a question of
whether it's the ego or if it's real?

Ham: You will find as you grow in the spirit that you can see the
difference, but in general Jarad's comment (It's all ego) is correct.
Human beings are greatly enslaved to ego, by and large. The Master put
it very simply. I do these things not for my own glory, but for the
glory of him who sent me. All his actions, all his words were to glorify
the Father not himself. Sometimes is it is easier when you can see the
goal way ahead to move toward it rather than the thing right in front of
you. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Ham: You are welcome my dear. Questions?

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my daughter, you must be at peace. Do not worry concerning your
work or your personal efforts. Rely on the Master's hand. Take each step
deliberately and above all do not rush. Little by little the way will
open. Have patience with yourself and you will have patience with others.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son. You are doing very well. You have great skill and
talent. Be completely at ease as you move forward in your work. Take
your time and do not rush. All things will come to you. Move forward
with great deliberation. You have oriented yourself properly with
respect to your spiritual life. Now it is a matter of walking forward.

Q: Could I have a message Ham, please? A lot of transition in my life now.

Ham: Of course, my son. Yes there is transition, but also a definite
movement toward love. Love is that wonderful thing that takes you out of
yourself and son, you have been too long a prisoner within yourself. The
time has come for reorientating yourself with respect to the spiritual
life. For a while, the intellectual life has been most dominant. Yes,
but the spiritual is coming back and reasserting itself in your life.
Your heart is opening and with growth it will continue to open like a
flower. This flower is the seat of your creativity. Love is the kernel
of truth from which your intellectual life is born. Continue to open
your heart for only in this opening is beauty perceived. Only in this
opening is truth appreciated and only in this opening will goodness
invade your life and transform your soul. Gradually, you are being
healed. Allow the Master to heal your soul and your heart. Allow his
forgiveness to be completely accepted by your soul and your mind. Have
complete faith in the power of his love. Accept his healing, accept his
love. All else will take care of itself. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, two questions. Is the stress I have been feeling a result of
this growth, kind of a growing pain?

Ham: Stress is suppressed fear. Ask yourself, where is this fear coming
from. Am I afraid to experience love? Am I afraid to let go of the
intellectual constructions that have limited my world but kept me safe
within that limitation?

Q: IN this relationship I am in does if figure?

Ham: Of course.

Q: You are saying to trust that?

Ham: Yes. Can you allow yourself to be happy? Is this making sense?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Ham: You are welcome my son, you do very well.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Let me say that for our members who are not here this evening,
including those overseas who cannot be here, listen to the words I have
spoken to others for they also apply to you.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: And for you my son, you are doing ever better. By that I mean, you
are continually taking steps that lead you to an ever more
God-experiencing life. The pressures of your work life are great and so
it is incumbent upon you to seek the spirit whenever you can. Even the
quick prayer, Father help me be patient, this can make the difference in
your day. Consciously make the effort to connect with the master's
spirit, even if it is very briefly because this connection will grow
ever more strong as you do this. Sometimes the last thing human beings
thing of is to ask for divine help, but this was the first thing the
Master did before any action. Try to develop this habit. It will serve
you well.

Are there any further questions? My friends, you do well. You have each
come very far. But this has not been without effort, without pain and
struggle. Gradually this life becomes easier and less full of conflict
as you progress in the spirit. Go then in peace. My prayers and my love
are with you each. Farewell.

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Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man
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