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Klarixiska(Virginia): Father, we would ask that each heart might have the attitude to learn from what is said by the teachers tonight. We ask that each one present might be inspired to share Your love and Your fruits of the spirit with those that they would come in contact with this week. We ask that they might be able to demonstrate to all, that they know You. Help the unseen teachers to communicate the wisdom that will help their experience as a mortal become profitable and progressive towards You. In the name of Christ Michael. Amen.

Klarixiska(Virginia): I have asked to be the first to give a lesson tonight and my lesson would be a very simple one. This is because some truths are simple and it is also true that this TR will relax with that thought.

I would remind each of us of the foundation that each one is building; the foundation that must be strong enough to hold the many experiences that life gives. The foundation must be grounded, cemented, in the truths of the universe, that the universal law of love is basic. There might be many bricks in that foundation. Yes, truth, beauty, goodness, kindness, all that you can think of as far as expressions of the spirit, but each of the bricks must be cemented together with the love that comes from the Father. It would be like these bricks, perhaps, not being sincere in speaking kind words, [thinking] good thoughts, and so if there is not the cement of love holding these bricks together, they would crumble if there was too much pressure put on either side of that wall, that foundation. Good bricks must be aligned, held together with love. Good bricks must be held together with a sincere heart that has good motives to serve the Father, Who is the Center of All and to serve the brothers and sisters who we see. Good bricks – choose them by all means – but hold them together with the cement of love and sincerity. Thank you, that is all.

Daniel(Bob S.) This is Daniel, your teacher, guide, friend, and companion, as we walk together this walk to our common Father. Thank you Klarixiska and Virginia for that introductory lesson this evening.

We have another presentation, which will follow shortly on the same subject. We deemed it appropriate following last week’s lesson and discussions to develop these lessons you will be hearing, including the one you have already heard. One moment please.

Minearsia (Bob S.) I am Minearsia. I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you this evening. As a member of the Teaching Team, we try, insofar as possible, to rotate the presentations around the group so that all have opportunities. At the same time we know certain members have competencies in some areas, which are greater than those of the rest of the members of the group, so we try to avail ourselves of those experiences.

The subject tonight, as you know, is how to put one’s life together. Klarixiska has suggested that love is the cement, which is ultimately the foundation of our lives. No one can argue with that for God is love, as you well know. Your position at the beginning of this long journey to the Father can be seen from several perspectives. The truth that Klarixiska portrayed is clear. Yet, for those who are just beginning their walk, it is perhaps the most difficult to completely understand, for while love is the foundation, a full meaning of what that word entails lies beyond your grasp. Each step you take toward the Father will expand your ability to understand what true love entails. Even when one grasps that importance (of) making it part of their lives in completeness, it remains difficult. As you have said, some of your brothers and sisters are hard to love. Jesus showed that it is possible. At your level of understanding, it is probably is not. Think of all the people you have met in your lives who seem to understand that idea better than yourself. Bob’s list is a short one, as we suspect most of yours are. For now, know that while love is the foundation, it must be learned brick by brick. As your foundation is built by experience after experience; as you synthesize and process your experiences into the foundation of your existence; as your eyes are opened wider each step along the way, the strength of the mortar, of your foundation, which is love will grow stronger, more meaningful, and more perfect.

So, my words tonight to you my friends are patience. Lives are not built in a few short years; yours will take many years, as is the case for all ascendant beings. Those of us who are non-ascenders have a certain amount of understanding of that, as we work with mortals. However, as you pass us in your understanding of the fullness of love, you may find us with a “twitch of envy”. You have heard us say “we envy you” for your walk towards God goes beyond ours. We Melchizedeks, of course, are created at this level of existence, and with our experiences we have developed quite an understanding of love. We are told yours will be greater one day, so you can see why we may envy you, then. However, for now we counsel you patience, one foot in front of the other, experience by experience. File those away in your memory banks. Try to interpret each experience from the point of view of love. As you do this, your foundation will grow, your life will be fuller, your relationships stronger, your world a better place to live.

This concludes my remarks, we now throw the meeting open for questions or comments. What would you have us do next?

Virginia: Minearsia, I realize human love is based on trust and faith in that person and so then when you said that it is difficult to love some people, I think in terms of people, maybe that it is more difficult to trust, maybe not like, but you can still love that person in the sense that you desire the very best for them. I know that is not said just without some personal concern, because anybody else’s good is really also affecting me, and so I wish those I have trouble trusting the very best that God can give them, because it will also make our world a better place. Does that make sense?

Minearsia: Yes, of course. This is Minearsia again. That comment I made was my feeble attempt at jest, of course. You all, in this room, understand that loving and liking someone is different. As you have been taught, one can show love even to those who are hard to like, if you desire to and if you work at it.

I was also thinking to those less advanced human beings on this planet who do not comprehend love at your level, and you know there are many of those. Here is where you can be of assistance, by word, by deed, by example, by your tolerance; you can in many ways assist your brothers and sisters whose understanding of love is extremely limited. Are there others who have comments or questions?

LaReen: Welcome Minearsia. I have, it is off the subject, a curiosity question. Our circuits are supposedly clearer and all connected, where do the Midwayers come in? I know we need them to hear the teachers. I know we get a direct line from Michael and Mother, but I have heard the Melchizedeks say that also they need the Midwayers.

Minearsia: Yes, understood. In some ways the circuitry is simple and easy to describe, yet its underpinnings are quite complicated. As you have been told the circuitry enables one to not only hear words, but if you are fully connected and open to see and feel the communication, all that is lacking is to be there in person. The Midwayers place in all this is complicated. You know their position in TRing is to be the connectors between the human brain and the mind of the teacher, the words of the teachers that are to be transmitted. In addition, the Midwayers were the main architects and builders of the circuitry system. Their position there is not as demanding once the circuitry is in place. However, due to the spiritual immaturity of most humans, you do not have full access to the circuitry. Here is where the Midwayers must play a roll as well. So in that regard it is somewhat like TRing where they help with the connection. Although they are not helping with the teacher transmission, they are assisting you in receiving the communication coming over the channel. As your spiritual level evolves, they will be required less and less for your communication over the channel. But for now they are extremely important. Does this answer your question?

LaReen: Yes! They are important to me, they have saved my hide probably twenty times in my life time. I love the Midwayers!

Minearsia: And some day you may know the exact number. (Laughing) For now we will accept your estimate. (More laughing). I am getting better at this. (Yes you are) Are there other questions or comments anyone wishes to make this evening?

Bobby: I have a question if I may. Thank you for speaking to us this evening. Are we, when you were talking about loving people that it’s difficult to love, but we know we must do this, are we to let that individual know that we have forgiven the past and that we love them, or is this just something we just do within ourselves?

Minearsia: A very good question! The simple answer is both, if you feel both are appropriate. If you feel the individual would benefit from knowing you have forgiven them, then by all means you should convey that to them. For your own self, just the decision you have made to forgive them is sufficient for your own spiritual development. Well, is that a sufficient answer or do you wish me to…

Bobby: No, that is excellent. Thank you.

Minearsia: Anyone else? (Pause) Very well then, let’s close this meeting in the usual customary way by standing and praying.

Daniel: This is Daniel, my friends let us pray together.

To those Creators of all that is, or was, or ever will be, to that great Trinity on high, whose presence we look forward to, we have been told that eventually we will be face-to-face. But we know those times are far away. Let that knowledge now strengthen our faith, comfort our confusion, open our eyes to the truth, beauty and goodness which comes into our lives and may or may not be recognized. We are so grateful for this world, this universe, which You, our Creators on High, have given to us, in trust, in faith, in love. Guide us now as we seek to deal with this responsibility as You would have us deal with it. Amen

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