[tmtranscripts] Aaron 3/12/04 Re: Celestial Nights Communication

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Fri Mar 12 09:15:48 PST 2004


(Following stillness this morning, I felt Aaron's presence so I asked him a question about his comment on the message from Armando at the Celestial Nights Gathering.)

Bob: Hi Aaron. I wanted to ask a question today regarding the transmission from Armando at Celestial Nights a couple weeks ago. Why is it that you cannot comment more regarding this message?

* Aaron: Greetings to you Simeon. I am here, and willing to give you a perspective to the extent that I am authorized to share. We are working for the spiritual upliftment of your world via the individuals we communicate with. The process that we use is a delicate connection to your being that requires the assistance of spiritual forces, not the least of which is your Thought-Adjuster. The process we utilize is a technique that bridges the non-material forces aligned with divinity into the consciousness of a still mind.

Your requirement is to set aside your desires and to draw yourself into the quiet embrace of divinity, recognizing that this is the Source from which our communications spring. Your preconceptions, expectations, and your frame of reference, all have the potential to color the communication process and we recognize this and work with this, knowing that what you receive is colored by what you believe.

We do not comment on the nature of communications where we recognize the discernment of those listening is mixed in reaction. It is the policy of our mission to allow for a period of time for information to settle so that your truth discerment faculties can be utilized to their highest potential. We do not affirm or deny such communications in an attempt to utilize such occurences for the highest potential of growth among you.

We want you to grow in this process and it can only be done by dismissing what you want to happen and settling in for a discovery of what is happening, day by day, as we share with you those truths which can bring about an elevation of your soul in the desire you have to know truth and become characterized by it in association with love, tolerance, and understanding.

This is what I can offer you,. I know this doesn't just answer your questions in a black and white manner, but I trust it will give you ideas to ponder for your own development. My love to you.

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