[tmtranscripts] 3-5-04 Faith Garden TeaM =- Solonia

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Mon Mar 8 09:33:12 PST 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Friday, March 5, 2004
Solonia - Preparation Lesson #3

	Solonia-(T/R-Daniel):  If you truly wish to prepare yourselves for the 
incredible opportunities of service to Michael, and indeed to our 
infinite Father, then an incredible exercise-even more so for it to be an 
integral part of your life-is to go about comforting others; comforting 
one another to be sure; comforting those whom you already love, of 
course.  And yet, at All times when you are among your other brothers and 
sisters of this world are you given opportunities to comfort another 
fellow child of God.  
It requires you to be in loving awareness of those about you and, a 
desire to share a piece of Our Father's Love with them.  

	This is your sister Solonia and again I am here for another lesson about 
preparation.  When you come into personal contact with another brother or 
sister whom you do not know-it could be the clerk or a customer in the 
store; it could be a car salesman or a mechanic, or any of the wide 
numbers of people whom you may meet in the day-it is going about your 
business, As you are going about Our Father's business.  Being in service 
to another through the gift of offering comfort may be as simple as, a 
genuine understanding smile, a look of recognition, of caring, a look of 
compassion, an acknowledgement of their service or their value.  Many are 
the ways that you can offer the service of comfort to those "as you pass 

	You do it already, most of you, when you think about it.  Often times 
you do it unconsciously, as a matter of course because of who you are.  
And yet, as things progress, the need for these acts of kindness and  
comforting will grow.  It may require you to go about this business, this 
service, quite consciously as Well as unconsciously.  It may require you 
to at All times, look for that opportunity to serve, to be of assistance, 
to be a brother or sister, to be a comfort to one who appears needing it. 
 Again, it is but a gift of Our Father's Love that you share, for when 
you step out in service for Our Father, be assured that He will guide you 
and assist you in your efforts.  

	There is much confusion in this world at this time.  In times of 
transition this is a natural result.  And this, my dear ones, is a time 
of great and grand transition.  Truly is there the beginnings of a 
Spiritual Renaissance beginning upon your world, and as such, those who 
resist it, do so with somewhat more aggression lest they lose hold of the 
way of life that gives them power in the material realm.  This is what 
gets reported.  This is what you are bombarded with and yet, I tell you 
truthfully that the percentage of those who reject the better way is far, 
far smaller than it may appear.  All of you who truly know that you are 
sons and daughters of our beloved and Almighty Father have a duty, a 
responsibility, and in my eyes, the greatest privilege to be as loving 
comforters to those who are unsure, to those who are easily swayed by 
what they hear, to those who do not yet know the sweetness of being God's 
beloved child.  Even those who may seem to you angry, who more is in need 
of comfort?  

	Practice this comforting one another, my dear friends.  Practice as if 
you are training for the Olympics.  Become good at it.  Become good With 
it.  Worry not about who will comfort you, while you are about comforting 
others.  I assure you, Father will inspire those who will provide your 
comfort, if you but allow it.  Even each of You, my dear students, is in 
need of comforting.  It is a nourishment which all spiritual beings 
require, and oft-times you provide a service of comfort as you accept 

	Okay then, it is time to go into training.  Let the games begin.  Good 
night, dear hearts.

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