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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, March 1, 2004, 8:00 pm
Arcadia, California


Stella: We thank you for the opportunity to meet together and we welcome
our new guests. We thank you for the opportunity to discuss the life of
Jesus and see how we can emulate his glorious life. We thank you for the
Passion of Christ movie, may it bring each of us closer to the realization
of the son-ship with God and help us to bring in the Age of Light and Life,

JarEl: TR George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl: It is good
to be back and to see all of you once again. Welcome to those who are here
for the first time. I come to you tonight in the midst of great change on
your world. I come to you as you rise on a precipice of change and great
new developments. Many of you will meet with great challenges in your
life. Many of you will be shown the way in which you will be useful to
your world and community. Tonight's lesson is no exception to the previous
lessons in which I have repeatedly instructed you to recognize one another
as brothers and sisters. With that recognition comes the recognition that
God is your Father and he loves you and cares for you deeply. This is the
one great truth in our lives. This is something that we all should hold
deeply within our hearts and truly contemplate. For what greater
relationship can you have than with the Father who truly loves you and
cares for your well being? It is important to remember this truth and
hold it dear to your heart and to bring them to the rest of the world so
they may know. I am not asking you to save anyone, but I am simply asking
you to make that connection with your fellow brethren. If you can make
that connection on a religious level, that spiritual level will
do. Spiritual connections are what holds everyone together regardless of
what they believe. I will now open it up once again so other teachers may

Archangel of Nebadon: TR, Henry Z. Greeting to you may friends. I will
just share a few words with you tonight, a few words of kindness, gratitude
for the daily small things that each of you contribute, which for the most
part go unnoticed, yet constitute the majority of what we would call
spiritual progress on your world. In your minds you are capable of
envisioning great and somewhat dramatic moments of change, of courage and
fortitude, only to come down to stand on your own two feet, to toil through
the daily necessity of life. It is much like a knife to a sharpening
stone. It is this daily toil which enhances your fortitude and courage;
your ability to help one another, whether it's in your immediate family,
whether it's in your community or whether it's to complete strangers. Just
as the earth slowly but consistently and continually moves around the sun
no matter what the climate at any one point on the planet may be, the same
is true in the day-to-day and all the small things that you do with one
another which keep the spiritual presence of the Father and Mother Creator
alive in the minds and hearts of you on this planet. I just wanted to
share and acknowledge this to you this evening. A lot of time people do
not feel worthy; that they make too many mistakes. Life is so
overwhelming, even if this is true, what you do to stay alive and to help
maintain life support with those around you is just as important. Most of
you are not poets, most of you do not have tremendous insight into the
human mind and personality. Most of you are not clairvoyant and can see
into the spiritual thread of other human beings as the Master could. All
of this is of little importance and significance compared to a friendly
smile or your ability to share and respond and to help when needed. So
when the winds of change want to spin people around enough to blow you
over, stand firm in your belief of who you are, what you are doing and why
you are here tonight. I am an Archangel of Nebadon, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you for that beautiful message. Are there any
others who would be willing to speak tonight?

Machiventa Melchizedek: TR, Henry Z. Greetings to you tonight my friends,
it is I, your brother Machiventa. I don't have to tell you that there is
tremendous work to be done on all levels of social interaction in your
world today. Actually since my sojourn of a few thousand years ago until
now not much has really changed. Albeit that the population has increased,
the quality of human nature and human experiences is just as diverse and
un-dramatic as it was when I was here. Now as Planetary Prince it is my
duty and responsibility which I wholeheartedly accept to direct and guide
the unseen spiritual application to the necessity of the human interchange
and human task endeavors in the world. I can sit here and tell you that we
are doing all within our realm of possibility and authority to work with
governments, financial agencies, business and trade corporations,
religious, medical, social humanitarian, education and occupational levels
of human endeavor. We have our fingers in almost every pie on the
planet. It is tremendously difficult for you who live such a short life on
this planet to see into the larger picture of gradual change, but I can
tell you from where I stand that this is such a case on your world. That
you are actually making steadfast and adequate progress. Albeit, may not
seem quite that way to many of you.

My feeling for those of you who want more change is you have a
responsibility to provide more change yourself. Change is not something
that is external as well your own ability to make adjustments. It is very
difficult to listen to anyone who whines wanting everyone else to change to
accommodate what one particular person may think what they need or
want. It is entirely another situation for a person, an organization, even
a nation, to take it upon themselves to strengthen courage, to forestall
their responsibility and to get to work and to integrate change on a
personal, social or institutional level. You are being helped at every
stage of this process. No it is not always dramatic and it is not always
obvious. I also want to send a few words of encouragement which I feel are
apropos that you get a sense that you are on the right track, that you are
making progress. We know that you are all performing as much as you are
challenged. So with that my blessing to you and in the name of Michael,
have a pleasant evening, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl, I would like to open up this time for
any questions you might have?

Stella: I would like to ask what do the Celestials think about the new
Passion of Jesus movie by Mel Gibson?

JarEl: TR, George. We encourage any and all expression of the life and
teachings of Jesus, no matter how obscured or diluted they may be. We must
remember even when Michael was on your planet as Joshua Ben Joseph and his
teachings were being carried out throughout the land his apostles came to
complain to him that there were those who were teaching but the apostles
could not agree with what they were teaching or how they taught. Jesus in
all of his wisdom overlooked the inconsistency and allowed for them to
continue as they willed. In such a way you must all allow each other to
express yourselves in whatever form or fashion you may choice. Only
through dialog and freedom of expression, and honest and sincere
cooperation will people ever come to any full realization of the mission
and life of Jesus. So we are overjoyed that your planet has come to
another significant point in your history in which the story of Christ is
again touched upon. We look forward to much dialog between each of
you. You must remember that everything that is done with the utmost love
and care is worthy of universal survival; even the Psalms (that the one
time teachers of the Melchizedek were worthy enough to be preserved and
were written down in your books). One day people will record your
expression towards the Heavenly Father and these expressions shall be
representative of your people. It is OK for an expression at this point in
time to be less than it should be, but you must remember that it is
representative of much of your world. Although it does not represent your
own particular and highest aspirations, it is yet sincere and honest. One
day the highest aspirations that a human being could have will be resounded
by the rest of the world as well. Are there any other questions? Did I
answer your question?

Stella: Yes thank you, I had forgotten what Jesus had said about his
message not being told exactly as he lived it or as he had taught. Thank
you for your answer.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome. If there are no more questions here
tonight, I wish you all a very pleasant leave, until next time, good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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