[tmtranscripts] Solonia 2-28-04

Daniel cwithin at churchwithin.org
Thu Mar 4 09:55:36 PST 2004

The Faith Garden TeaM - Post Falls, Idaho
Saturday, February 28, 2004

	Solonia (Angel of the Garden of Eden)-(T/R-Daniel):  Greetings, precious 
young ones.  It is your loving sister, Solonia, once again, for Lesson 
Number 2 in your continued personal preparation for what is coming.  Our 
last lesson was concerning "Loving the Truth."  There is another 
translation for the term, "Loving the Truth," and that is what tonight's 
lesson will be about.  And the translation is, "Actively Seeking Father's 
Will", for truly that is what you are doing when you are in love with 

	Discovering Father's Will is not something you do by talking or by 
reading or by listening, although these indeed can and do lead you in the 
direction of discovering Our Father's will for you, but the Truth of 
discovering Father's Will is acquired only through personal experience.  
You can say, "I Know that is Father's Will for me," but if you have not 
experienced the reality of this, first hand, then regardless of how true 
it may be in potential, it is but a statement.  It has not the power to 
personally affect your life and the lives of those whom you touch.  
Seeking Father's Will must always be an active and voluntary undertaking. 

	The discovery of Father's Will is not something that falls from the sky 
into your lap.  Also, it is not something that comes to you out of the 
blue and says, "This is it."  Father's Will is revealed in the act of 
making choices.  All, from the lowest to the highest of the children of 
God, must discover the Father's will through the act of making personal 
choices.  No one may suppose to decide what is Our Father's Will for 
another; only for themselves is it possible and profitable.  One may 
speculate, and indeed we may encourage you to speculate upon the out-
workings of Father's Will on a broader scale, for in this way are you 
occasionally able to perceive the steps in Father's Will unfolding for 
the big picture.  Part of the joy of higher life is in this discovery of 
how Father's Will unfolds--often times, according to one's perceptions, 
but most usually, not.  The fun, if you will, of discovery is in 
recognizing that our own perceptions-albeit somewhat misaligned with 
reality-are indeed parallel to the True Will of Our Father and this 
discovery, for those of us on a higher plane, is a true experience of 
humor.  We enjoy discovering how far we were off as well as how closely 
we were on.  Father's Will is Supreme over all.  Indeed, it is truly 
infinite.  Aligning one's self with Father's Will wholeheartedly reveals 
great and higher Truths.  Love of Truth brings a greater desire for what 
truly is Father's Will.  

	Do not fear to seek for those things in life that will make your life 
more productive and even more comfortable.  Fear not to step in any 
direction toward the betterment of your life, for assuredly it is these 
choice steps-these decision steps-that put you in active situations 
wherein you Can discover what is Father's Will for you and your 
direction.  Be willing at all times to discover that what you seek may 
Not be Father's Will.  Be unattached as much as possible to outcomes.  
Attachment to outcomes in a situation may inhibit your receptive ability 
to be able to truly discover what may or may not have been Father's Will. 
 Seek the Truth, even Crave the Truth, but do not seek to define or mold 
the Truth.  

	Every time you have an opportunity to make a decision, to make a choice, 
ask your Father to reveal His Will to you in the matter.  It need not be 
about large and grandiose matters-and yet, for these also, should you do 
this-but for the little ones, for the every day choices, "What is your 
Will for me, Father?  Which of these choices would best serve your Will?" 
 And when you feel you have decided upon the one that would best serve 
Our Father's Will, then step towards it eagerly, for though you may 
eventually discover that perhaps it was not Our Father's Will, at least 
as you are able to discern it, you indeed were provided a great 
experiential opportunity for learning.  

	Always is there a gift in the process, if you can but recognize it and 
claim it.  Never will your sincere steps lead you into a situation in 
where there is Not a divine gift from our beloved Creator, but 
discovering the Truth-truly discovering Father's Will-must be your 
motivation if you are to greatly benefit from the experience.  

	I know you have experienced these things in your lives, even many times, 
and yet if you would truly prepare yourself in the best way possible to 
be ready for that which is approaching, then these experiences must 
indeed become an all-the-time occurrence.  They must one day become a 
natural part of you.  You know of what I speak.  Even, you have lived 
times wherein this was a seemingly unbroken fact of life, and yet always 
will there be new challenges, new exercises wherein you must learn once 
more how to make the quest for Father's Will be the all-encompassing 
quest for life itself.  I assure you it is the eternal quest, for we all 
must experience this in our way, and it is the flavor of achieving it 
that feeds the craving for the discovery of more of it.  

	You may think that unconditionally loving Truth and actively seeking 
Father's Will might be the only lessons you would need to learn for the 
great preparation, and indeed they do encompass all lessons.  And yet 
there are others that will be forthcoming.  So, continue in your 
preparation, dear ones.  There is much more to come.  I love you all 
dearly and I will say good night until the next time.  It is an honor to 
serve; a great honor.

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