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Rebecca is feeling much better now and we have resumed our weekly
sessions with Ham. The following is short, but all agreed it was a gem


Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am very happy to be here among
you once more. This evening, let us give thanks for the miracle of faith
for it is by faith that you persevere without knowing. It is through
faith that you touch God and experience his presence.

Faith is the gateway by which man feels himself to be entering into a
greater and more meaningful expanded existence. Faith is the hand which
receives the bread of life. Faith is the mouth by which you imbibe
spiritual water and the bread of truth. By faith, you abide in the body
of God and he abides within you. Faith is the means by which your spirit
is renewed. Hope is a first step, but faith is the means by which you
are transported to a greater reality. Always let your faith be such that
it shines before men and let your lives be a demonstration of your faith.

The master was ever faithful. He was joyful in his faith. He was
absolutely certain that the Father's will is the very best thing and his
faith was such that he trusted the Father's leading, even when his
mortal mind recoiled. Let your faith raise you as the Master's faith
raised him. Have faith that the Father will lead you, that he will open
those doors which you should pass through and close those through which
you should not pass.

Give his love to those you come in contact with and shine that love all
around you. Let love be your refuge and your protection. Discipline
yourselves not to indulge in negative thinking. Accept each day as the
wondrous gift it is. Dedicate your work to God and then rest when it is
time to rest. Carry the Master's burden with joy and with a light heart
do his bidding.

It is written that weeping may persist for an evening, but joy comes
again in the morning. Set your hearts to being joyous. Enjoy your
existence. This is my desire for all of you and this is my message for
all of you this evening. Seek after joy. Seek after a joyous life and
shine forth in your faith so that all men will know you have an intimacy
with Christ, you have accepted your sonship with God.

I do not wish to tire my faithful companion this evening. We shall
resume questions next week. For now, may the Father's peace be upon your
hearts and may your souls continually deepen in love. Farewell.

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Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man
grow out of his twofold relation to the
cosmos. Man is part of nature -- he exists
in nature -- and yet he is able to transcend
nature. Man is finite, but he is indwelt by
a spark of infinity.

The Urantia Book - page 1221

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