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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: A New Chapter in Planetary Progress, Reorganization is
Beneficial to a World, Deepen your Training.
Teachers: Michael, Jessona, Elyon

February 1, 2004

* Michael (Jonathan TR): Yes, though I am always with you I
step forward in this form of recognition to greet you. I am
your brother Michael.
It has been many centuries of my efforts to bring Urantia
back into the fold, and we have pursued this goal with great
sincerity. All my apostles, all my orders of sons and
daughters, each one who has enlisted with me in this task I have
requested that they each resolve sincerely, devoutly, within
themselves before the Father to be pure in heart, to be meek,
ever ready to receive my touch and the Father’s touch.
You have heard much in recent days regarding a new chapter
in planetary progress. “What may I do?” you may ask. I offer
first that you be patient and alert. Do not let complacency
replace patience and do not let inventiveness blind you to your
alertness. My Spirit of Truth indwells you and guides, and you
will clarify in your mind truth from untruth.
All that transpires on an evolutionary world falls short of
perfection, and while this is true, never let it make you
cynical. Hold high your ideals, pursue the divine. Your eyes
will open with every effort. More greatly, more broadly, your
perception will penetrate more deeply.
I have been excited waiting for this time when my children
of Urantia will come to know me as a whole body of people. Many
over the centuries have lived as you are living now, faithfully
hoping for the day of my return. Many have lived the truth I
taught even without knowing who I was when I dwelt among your
ancestors. All of these children of mine take equal delight as
I do in this turning the corner for Urantia. Every one of the
worlds grouped with you in the quarantine as a result of the
errant actions of my unfortunate son Lucifer have likewise
received these very same instructions. I hold them as dear to
my heart as I hold each of you. You know of one John, the
beloved, the apostle that is in history seen as my favorite.
While you understand that I hold no one favorite, John was and
is to this day a dearly beloved son. Urantia likewise as a
planet among the several who suffered the fate of isolation is
my beloved bestowal world. You have been born upon this planet.
You are therefore engaged in a great opportunity to take this
world that I love so dearly and make it into the planet that I
seek it become.
You will receive instructions as this new phase of
manifestation unfolds. Wait for the hour to come for you all as
a united body, but do not wait as individuals. Proclaim the
truth, let your light shine. There is much preliminary work
available to you before you have overt instructions. My Spirit
resides with you and will affirm and assure you of the right
steps and the appropriate actions. Trust me. As we prepare for
full enactment I will help you in your training; I will assist
you in acquiring talents and skills that you lack or hold only
in potential.
Do not let yourselves be judged by yourself as unworthy or
inadequate for the Magisterial Son. Remember; I am with you,
and in this association you are adequate. The Magisterial Son
accepts all who have Michael’s credentials Hold that in your
heart. I approve. I give to you Father’s assurance as well. I
also give to you Mother Nebadonia’s assurance. The time has
come for Urantia to blossom. Your dedication over these years
honors you before many of my ministering spirits.
I look forward to the day when all of Urantia will welcome
such communication and association as you enjoy this day. While
you are enjoying the easing of communication restrictions, never
forget the primary channel of spiritual contact, the divine
Father within you. This is the apex of all communication
effort. When I knocked upon the door of your heart and you
welcomed me in, you received the support of all Salvington and
all Nebadon pledged to my purposes, but you open this door
because already dwelling within you is our Father. The Father
seeks me as I seek you, and the three of us are unlimited in
Love everyone, my children, everywhere at all times. Set
your doubt aside, transform it when it rises before you into an
indicator of where you may continue to grow, of how you may
further develop your abilities. Do not let it ever stifle you;
that you must set aside. But when doubt stimulates you, move
forward. Seek quiet time with our Father and the assurances I
have given you, audible confirmation of which will rise within
Remember my first apostles transformed the world with none
of that which you have available to you today. Today my
associates in this mission are not only affecting this world as
my original apostles had, you are affecting many worlds. All
eyes are upon you. Be brave and couple that bravery with
humility, for all power is from on high. If you are willing,
His will is done.
Sublime peace be with you.

Kirk: Thank you, Michael. If you or Monjoronson or any
other light workers are looking for a beautiful place to reside,
you can have mine. I don’t mean that flippantly either.

* Michael: I take it with all sincerity. Mark you my words,
it shall be so.

* Jessona: This is Jessona, How are you all? While you are
uplifted by your recent reception of announcements, I share with
you that within the offices of my corps of seraphim we too are
rearranging our perspectives and our objectives, for this is a
point of celebration for many, many ages of work. The arrival
of the Magisterial Son is significant. Some of us will be
rotated out of our positions, honored for our work and our
perseverance through all difficulty, and many of us will
continue on depending upon the events soon to transpire.
Reorganization is beneficial to a world, for when new
personalities are assigned to positions, there is brought with
them training from the higher worlds. Those who have endured
long assignments are afforded the opportunity for refreshment
and to relieve that sense of fatigue from long durations of
work. When we have this changing of staff, we who remain offer
the evolutionary wisdom acquired to those who arrive with the
enhanced training from the higher realms, and you directly
benefit thereby. I remain on staff.

* Elyon: My friends, this is Elyon. I greet you.
I remember in our first meetings my students were much like
young children who have signed up to play on a ball team who
hadn’t as yet understood just how to wear their equipment, how
to carry themselves on the ball field. It was all so new and so
awkward. Enthusiasm ran high, abilities were lagging. Now you
have been through much training, many practice games, and you
have gone on for years, season after season, executing
yourselves better every round. We are coming to the big games;
they are fast approaching. With the arrival of these serious
events I must once again ask you to deepen your training through
stillness, through study, for the opportunities for service will
expand greatly before you, and you will then want that time of
stillness and study you have now. When the whistle blows and we
play ball it will be an exciting game, I assure you of that.

Tom: Jessona, with the reopening of these circuits is there
anything new on the healing horizon?

* Jessona: Healing is extended from the Father and never
changes over time. When the soul sincerely opens to the divine
energies, it is forthcoming. You who seek to act as
intermediaries of such energy transfer will experience an
enhancement of receptivity and connectivity of this healing
force. Before and after, however, the Father has never and
never will withhold based on the conditions of a planet, for His
love and mercy for every child is unconditional. We who work to
bring healing will enjoy among ourselves greater abilities at
our more terrestrial level. This enhancement to healing is an
enhancement because across the board you are all being uplifted
through circuits.
With the use of your stillness, your artistic creativity
will also increase. These are not unearned gifts; you must
deepen your connectivity to God and to the many spirit ministers
around you. Through that you, yourselves, will flower in your
abilities. It will be your actions that will improve your
skills due to the inspiration derived from this deepening of
connectivity and upstepping of energy.

Harold: I’d like your perspective on the answer I got to a
recent question having to do with the relationship between self
love and self forgetfulness. Could you speak to that?

* Jessona: If you truly love yourself, you are fully capable
of self forgetfulness, and this is due to the true understanding
of self love, and that is the enshroudment of Father love. When
a Father loves you, you have every right to love yourself as a
precious child of the divine Parent. Understanding this
relationship you are then able to set yourself aside and to
serve your fellows, to minister that love to another. This
forgetfulness is not to be detrimental to your well-being, no.
It is the forgetting of self in the recognition of Father and
the Father’s outreach to a fellow. You step aside in order to
be that loving conduit.
Love of self is often shied away from, for it can lead down
the wrong path of self admiration and infatuation, of false
prides of abilities that are not attained. To deepen true self
love, self forgetfulness is the method. Just as the master
required of his apostles to take a day of rest to step aside
from their engagements in order that they be refreshed. From
the detachment they subsequently discovered that this respite
enhanced their perspective and reenergized their enthusiasm.
So, when you step away from yourself, the mountains of self
absorption dwindle to merely mounds, and you regain a new
perspective of self worth.
In ministry self forgetfulness assists the one you serve,
for you truly seek to be of assistance to them ... the mission,
or gain for self. If you truly love yourself, you welcome the
Father’s guiding hand, and you relish the opportunity to help
your fellows. It is not an infatuation of your own being. It
is an understanding of the interrelationship of our Father to
you and with others.

Harold: That’s interesting. My definition of self would be
our uniqueness, which is an aspect of the Father’s gift to us.
By loving that uniqueness it opens us to the uniqueness of
others, which makes that channel of love possible. Does that
sound in the ballpark?

* Jessona: It does, indeed. This recognition of uniqueness
of oneself and the subsequent recognition of the uniqueness of
others generates brotherhood and tempers self importance, for
all are as unique and precious in that uniqueness. You can
forget the weight of ego self importance as you spiritually
delight in the discovery of the uniqueness, the skills, and the
revealing qualities all your fellows have of spirit.

Harold: Was there some condition or attitude the people of
this planet had to get to before this connecting could take
place? What sparked it, or was it just the timing?

* Jessona: There are two levels on which this programming is
functioning. Before any human development had any bearing upon
this program there needed to be the establishment of more
permanent administrative bodies. Up until recently many
governing orders on this world were temporarily assigned due to
the upheavals, and these agencies functioned expertly in
bringing this world back into the fold. Now, these agencies are
reorganized and better constituted to continue on into the
eternal future with the administration of this planet. With
this set, the human race may be informed of the new speed in the
course of our travel to Light and Life.
You are being informed because two factors are existent in
the civilization of humankind. One, while you have floundered
in relative darkness due to the confusion on this planet, you
have continued to evolve, to develop in your sciences and in
your religious philosophies. You have become interconnected
among yourselves. This has prepared you for the interconnection
of worlds. Two, mankind is approaching the threshold that upon
crossing over one can no longer accept that this world is the
only world and that life is merely a fortuitous circumstance of
temporary duration. One by one you are each crossing over this
threshold, and those who do cross this threshold create upon the
world a given condition of understanding this truth. In just a
few generations all will be raised with this understanding.
This paradigm shift makes it possible for this new chapter in
planetary progress. What has appeared to you all to be a recent
development is merely the culmination of many, many, many years
of effort on our parts.

Harold: Iam thankful for all those years of effort.

* Jessona: And we are very thankful for all your personal
years of effort. When we see beings like yourselves not merely
seeking cosmic consciousness out of curiosity and thrill but
continuing to expend the energy required to attain such states
of awareness, it further stimulates our desire to reach all of
mankind. If you can, so can all others. The weak at heart will
seek a pleasure, a religious consolation, but will falter soon
thereafter when that temporary comfort is met with hardship.
You have pursued through hardship and gained a depth of
spiritual character that no longer weighs the merit of your
actions based on pleasurable reward. You seek to serve because
the Father is worthy of your loyalty and your fellows are worthy
of your love. I thank you also.

Harold: I have a strong sense of all things working
together the way they should to bring about the Father’s plan.

* Jessona: And the heavenly chorus is singing this refrain
with you.

Kirk: Contact is such a reward it makes the hardship just a

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