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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

Monday, January 19, 2004, 8:00 pm
Arcadia, California

Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this day and we love you very much
Father. We pray for peace in the world, we pray for a healing of this
earth and its people. We pray that we may be lights that help direct our
brothers and sisters to the time of Light and Life when all men and women
know that they are children of God; that we are all spiritual brothers and
sisters. We look forward to that day Father, in Christ Michael's name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good
to be among you once again and it is good to see all of the familiar faces
in this room. I welcome back the TR, as I welcome all of you. Although it
has only been two weeks since I last spoke to you, it may seem like it has
been a long time, for in the span of two weeks many things can happen; many
things can change and many things can be learned. You will be surprised
how many changes can be made within a period of weeks or days. But as in
all things change usually comes swiftly and suddenly. Albeit change is
sometimes gradual and consistent, a dramatic and revolutionary change
happens within a second. I point this out because I would like to make you
aware of the time that you have on this earth; the time that is granted to
you so that you may bring about change in your own life and in the lives of

You can easily bring about change into another person's life simply by
smiling at them or by being kind. See how quickly a person's frown changes
into a smile when you offer them your smile, that my friends, is
simple. It is easy to bring about change into your own life as well. When
you think of God and how much he cares about you and how much he loves you,
the change comes immediately to your heart. For you cannot hold back the
flood of love that God pours out towards you. It would be like trying to
dam up the ocean. Whenever you feel hurt or angry, think of the love that
he has for you and also think of the love that he has for all of your
brothers and sisters, truly contemplate this notion. If you truly, deeply
sit in silence and think about this, then your troubles shall find their
answers. Your path will be clear and straight. You will know what to do
from then on, for he will guide you on whatever question you may put
forth. If you would but trust his wisdom and guidance, your life would be
that much better.

Many times all God asks of you is to forgive. That is the one simple thing
that many find hard to do. The longer you put off forgiving one another,
the longer you dwell in your misery. For forgiving one another is the key
to your own happiness and your own peace of mind. Life would be so much
simpler if you were to forgive each other and in turn ask for forgiveness
for yourself, and not be so proud and arrogant. When you let down your
guard and defenses, and you open your mind up to clear and crystal thought,
you will begin to see that it all lies in you forgiving one another. The
answers will come only once you have made peace and allow bygones to be
bygones. If you continue to hold grudges towards one another your life
will be filled with bitterness and anger. It shall build up and boil, and
it shall bring your quality of life to an all time-low. Not only will you
be effected mentally, but physically as well. For you hold others'
negative energy within your body and it will manifest itself health
wise. But when you free yourself from all of this negative energy and you
allow it to flow out freely through the act of forgiveness you allow new
and positive energy to enter your own body. In turn this positive energy
is shared with all that surround you. You create for yourself an energy
field that is positive and good. All of this for the simple act of
forgiveness, which I know for many is hard to do, for they have been hurt
and injured. The last thing they would like to do is to forgive someone
who has injured them so greatly and so deeply.

The greatest example that has been given to you on forgiveness is Michael,
in the life of Jesus, for he forgave all those who had injured him. He
forgave them even as they were afflicting injury upon him. His love for
his fellowman was so great and so powerful that he understood their folly
and their error. He allowed himself to be the victim of their
shortcomings. Even after all that, he had so much forgiveness for
them. The example that Michael gave for all of you is a measure as to how
much you can forgive. Some find it hard to forgive another, when all they
did was call you something; a name or something you did not like. You
squabble over something as petty as that and you waste all of your life
with bitterness and sorrow. It is only after you reach the Morontia Realm
that you realize that all the pettiness was not worth it and your life
could have been much better if you had only found it in your heart to
forgive one another and move on beyond this childish and immature attitude.

I ask you this: why do you revert back to childish attitudes, when you
should be representatives of a quality of life which should endure on
Urantia? How else are you supposed to educate the generation of tomorrow
if you yourself cannot be an example for them to look up to. It is not
enough to read The Urantia Book papers, you must live them and set an
example for others to follow. Live as if you were living among your fellow
Morontia brethren. Live within their code not the code of the
Urantians. Follow a higher way of living. Adjust your ethics and morals
to that of the Morontia Realm. Bring Light and Life to Urantia. The only
way it shall be brought is through your hearts. We cannot import Light and
Life for you, you must grow it and raise it within your life. Only by
example and actions shall this new world arrive. With your help and the
help of others, you shall bring forth this new age. Are there any
questions here tonight?

Stella: Yes, I have a question. What form should forgiveness take? It is
relatively easy to forgive personal slights, but should one forgive murder,
rape, genocide, exploitation of people, how do you handle something like
that? Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the Temple, he did not just
passively forgive them, he did something. So how are we to respond to the
things happening in the world today?

JarEl: TR, George. My dear sister Stella, there are different variances of
forgiveness. Your society gathers together to judge the rules and norms of
society and therefore society creates laws as to what you can and cannot
do. Murder is a grievous offense and therefore you have laws against such
acts. Yes, the victim's family can find it in their hearts to forgive. But
a society brings down punishment for such acts. As far as other acts like
genocide they should be treated with similar laws like murder. Anything
that destroys lives should be quickly dealt with on your planet. Your
world is evolving to a point where such things will be appropriately dealt
with. As an individual, you may forgive those that do wrong and you may
even forgive leaders that you feel strongly about; that is your own
personal road that you must travel. The question that you asked pertains
to both the society and the individual. Society will evolve as it has been
evolving for thousands and thousands of years. You will create laws to
deal with such things. I cannot give answers as to how your society must
adjust it's own laws. I can only give answers to how you may deal with
such offense. Would you like to elaborate on your question?

Stella: No, I think you gave a very good answer. You spoke about the
individual and society and those are two different areas in a way. I thank

JarEl: TR, George. You're welcome. Are there any other questions?

Stella: Can we be righteously indignant?

JarEl: TR, George. If you see an injustice and you know that it is wrong
you can react in whatever fashion you choose. However, that is up to
you. The decisions that you make in your life depend greatly on the level
of understanding that you have towards yourself, your fellow human beings
and your place in the universe. The more you understand how the universe
works, the greater your capacity to understand injustices. If you feel
deeply about a certain issue, it is your right to react and to speak
up. But for every action there is a reaction. You must be aware of the
actions that you take within this world and be prepared for a counteraction
in whatever fashion it may come.

Having a voice and denouncing injustices is completely in sync with the
universe. Allowing for injustices to continue and be silent allows for
evil to slip into the cracks. Sooner or later this evil will surround you
and isolate you. It is only when you speak up and let others hear you that
you begin to connect with your brothers and sisters. It is only when you
are heard by others that they understand your dilemma. Perhaps they too
are in a similar dilemma; where you can join together, where you can combat
the situation you are in and bring down whatever injustice may be harming
you. Yes, you can be righteously indignant. But understand this, the
greater knowledge that you acquire of how the universe works the greater
your righteousness is. Does that answer your question?

Stella: Yes indeed it does. You are so wise JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George. Thank you Stella. It is only through the Father that I
acquire my wisdom. I am only a conduit to the greater source of truth
behind the love and the energy that surrounds us all. It is understanding
this energy which brings me closer to God and to all of you in this
room. Understand the love that surrounds you and you will understand your
fellowman. Forgive and you will come into greater understanding. Love and
your understanding will be complete. That is all for tonight, thank you,
until next time.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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