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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to be here this
evening. This connection is tenuous this evening. My friends, all is
well. Do not be concerned over what you should do or what you have not
done. Rather, give yourselves some breathing room.

Sometimes it is that human beings are caught up in difficulties of your
own making. If you do not find enough wrong with your lives you will
sometimes exaggerate the problems in order to feel comfortable. Everyone
likes to feel valuable and needed and so when things are quiet, it is
tempting to draw more attention to the smaller difficulties so that
there will be no void in your busy life, no break.

It is important to find faith in those empty moments during times when
you are not immediately needed, when you are not busy with the details
of living. It is in these moments that you will discover and build your
relationship with the Master, when you open the door of your heart to
receiving and disengage the mental engine for a moment. Meditation is a
valuable tool and it will give you the tools you need to find faith in
those empty moments.

Learn to wait upon the Master. Learn to give him your attention. But
above all, learn to bring him in to your mind at all times, not just
times of need or times of meditation. Little by little you will notice
his presence. Just be open to that presence. You don't need to be a
master at prayer and meditation - just willing, just open. Once you have
made your decision to place your hand in his, he will guide you, he will
comfort you, he will give you the outlook and the attitude you require
to tackle any problem. His love never wavers. It is steady, calm, and
complete. You need do nothing to deserve it. Your responsibility is only
to receive.

Work all during this coming week on your receiving of his love. Find any
blocks where you may not feel worthy and remove them. Practice resting
in his arms and receiving his security.

My friends, you are all very diligent. You sometimes want to work when
resting and allowance would serve you better. Think on this this week
and we will take questions again next week. Our time will be brief so as
not to overly tax Rebecca's body strength. As always, my prayers and my
love are with you. Farewell.

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Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man
grow out of his twofold relation to the
cosmos. Man is part of nature -- he exists
in nature -- and yet he is able to transcend
nature. Man is finite, but he is indwelt by
a spark of infinity.

The Urantia Book - page 1221

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