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This evening our T/R, Barbara Bolling, was transmitting our regular teacher
named Virgil. Here is a verbatim transcript of the message, edited only by
omissions and indicated by ***.

"We greet you inn the name of the Most Highs. This is Virgil.*** I have
received a most important document which must be disseminated as soon as
possible. *** We must tell you that our time together is very precious for
very soon I will be called away to deal with a conflict going on in another
country. I am aware that we were scheduled to transmit some new material,
however this must wait. I will be back before the end of this calendar year.

"We would like you to send this document to all groups meeting who are of
the same mind. If you are ready we will begin.

'To all Urantia Readers:

'This is a proclamation given by the Most Highs to your members at large.
Greetings: this is the second proclamation of this opening of a clear
channel whereby all who are interested within the group are invited to
participate. There will be a gathering of Celestial beings to discuss and
explain how this new channel can help in transmitting.

'This is a very momentous gathering. All Transmitters will be present.

'To enter in on the meeting, one such as you will need to clear your
calendars so that the evening of January 29 is open. If you will go into
group silent meditation and be open and receptive to what will be going on,
it will prove to be an exciting and informative meeting. Start at 7:00 p.m.'

(End of proclamation.)

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