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Southeast Idaho TeaM

Prayer by Nancy: This is Nancy.
Father we ask that our ears may be open to hear and our hearts may be open to learn. We ask this in the name of your son, Christ Michael, our father-brother. Amen.
Minearisa (Nancy): Greetings, this is Minearisa, instructor in residence for this Southeast Idaho Mission group. What a delight it is to participate in this manner of bringing mind to mind, heart to heart, person to person. We are pleased with your ingenuity, your creativity, and your desire to bridge the miles [of separation] created by this stormy season. And this is indeed the theme for this evening’s round table discussion, time of interaction, giving and receiving, the concept of bridging the distance created by the storm.
For such is the reality of this planet, Urantia, long isolated by years of rebellion, very analogous to [the aftermath of] your most ferocious storms. The effect of the rebellion on Urantia certainly can be likened to the aftermath of tornado, hurricane, earthquake and so forth, and, yes, even winter storms with their ice and wind that separate people from one another in distance and in time.
Your desire to come together on the phone this evening is also analogous to the up-swelling of desire we perceive occurring in the people of Urantia as you collectively reach out to bridge the chaos and the distance created by isolation and separation, the storms of rebellion.
Tonight we wish to update you regarding the spiritual progress of your planet, for many of your hearts are heavy with news of war and still war, of sorrows and continuing sorrows, that can weigh down the optimism that you individually have sought to achieve and have gained as you have worked your spiritual paths. We wish to bolster your flagging optimism this evening, for, as we have told you in the past, things often are not as they appear on the surface, or, certainly, as your news media reports them. For the media is not looking with the spiritual eye, it is looking with the political eye.
As you now very well know in theory, God uses all things for the good, and, in the worst of circumstances, the good that is brought forth leaves the error inconsequential in comparison. In the struggles of war, in the individual concerns of many Urantians for their brothers and sisters reaching across the far-flung globe, a unification is occurring in the realm of consciousness. A new sense is developing: “We the people of Urantia have had enough; we the people of Urantia desire a new direction; we reach out to You Father, in our diverse understanding of You, to beseech You to help us end this reign of war, of inequality, of exploitation.”
And in this unifying desire of the people of Urantia, a flame is growing, spreading like flame moving along a fuse. And, so, while the material eye beholds more of the same, the spiritual eye recognizes a shift, and this shift should provide you with optimism.
I know that it can be hard to believe such proclamations, when it is not what you see. But I ask you, we, the Melchizedek Corp and the Teaching Corp, ask you to allow a flicker of belief to take hold in your hearts. Search inward for the veracity of these statements and let the flicker grow into a towering flame of optimism that can ignite your fellows with whom you come in contact.
And, so, I bring my remarks back to the bridging of the distance created by storm. Indeed is the Correcting Time here. We are here bridging the distance from our side, and humanity is responding, as we see it.
I have concluded my personal remarks. I am not the only speaker this evening. One moment please.
Daniel (Bob D.): Greetings to you my friends. I am Daniel.
I would take a few minutes this evening to discuss your commitment to the plan of Michael. Recognize this plan as being more all encompassing than any one person’s journey toward spiritual enlightenment. And, yet, Michael is, at the same time, particularly concerned with each person’s spiritual development.
As you perceive your relationship to Michael, who is the representative of the Father to your universe, recognize how completely you belong and how truly delighted he is at your induction into the conscious family. This gives you a sense of knowing that you have value and that your ideas are important to be developed and tested, experienced internally. With this relationship, you can also hold in your mind the realization that your own thoughts and ideas are a part of the vast system of thoughts and ideas. And, so, while you on one hand gain an awareness that you are free to express, create, experience and grow, on the other hand, humility can set in as you realize that you must do so in relationship to each other child’s relationship to the Father.
As this truth sensitivity of Michael blankets you all, may you recognize both the power this gives you and the perspective that your ideas are one of many. In holding this dual notion in your minds you can pursue freedom of expression and development with self-control.
And as you each proceed, do not feel you need to diminish yourself for who you are. For all of you, and each of you, are truly what the encompassing plan of Michael is all about. Recognizing the scope of your role, the boundaries that you have between you and all other persons doesn’t diminish your creative potential, but actually enhances it.
And so may you take these perspectives tonight and ponder upon them, hopefully giving you a sense of strength even while making you aware of your place in the larger scheme of things.
I know this has been difficult for Simeon to receive this evening, but I do want to provide a glimpse of the future and what may be in store as far as the structure of your group and even the development of your own individual purposes.
At this time we will allow you to ask any questions you might have. My friends, it is good to be with you.
LaReen: Good evening Daniel. Thank you for that message. At last week’s lesson you closed with a statement that Michael’s plan will not fail. I love that. It is such a hope giver. It follows up tonight’s lesson. Thank you.
Daniel: Thank you for tying these two lessons together. For during these times, as Minearisa has alluded to this evening, a sense of confusion, scatteredness, sadness and uncertainty can emerge. Thus, we do hope to provide you with a vision that things will work out in due time and also provide perspective for you so that you may be able to perceive yourself in relationship to others and perhaps begin to look for ways that you can express your nature in relationship to God more in your environment in your inner and outer life. Thank you my friend.
Ken: Greeting my friends. I would like to comment on Minearisa’s comments that he made. He mentioned seeing the world in today’s eyes, seeing the future in our spiritual eyes, playing with the future. I am on the remote call this evening and have the pleasure of sitting here and watching a fire log burn. I relate that to what Michael told me once, that the burning of the old and the firing to the new. Minearisa, you brought that home very clearly this evening. Thank you.
Minearisa (Nancy): Ken, it is my pleasure to reflect upon your comments. Yes my friend, you have illuminated the essence of the message. Change is not always sequential, step-by-step, even, but in turmoil does newness spring forward. The world awaits the new. The world is weary of the old. The weight in the balance has shifted. Thank you.
Are there any thoughts, comments, questions from anyone, either remote or present including the two TRs this evening.
Virginia: Perhaps I have a comment on a couple of them, one regarding what Minearisa was talking about with hope, and that certainly it’s like a fuse being lighted in that there are just so many books out there, people out there, writing about significant values. I received several for Christmas that are very clear that other people are getting the same messages as the teachers [give us]. Daniel’s comments reminded me of the disciples and the apostles when they were teaching and said that they were teaching the truth of the Kingdom and expressing it in their own way. This would suggest to me that there is truth in the Kingdom of Heaven, and that we are all brothers and sisters, and that this is to be expressed in our own way. I think that is what Daniel was saying.
Daniel: Yes my friend, it is true that each individual must find that space which allows them personal expression and at the same time doing so in such a manner that doesn’t infringe upon the personal expression of others and the balance between these perspectives which can, for reality on a large scale would signalize the approach toward the personal attainment of light and life.
Virginia: Thank you.
Bob D: I think I have a question. Mainly it just has to do with how to merge – I often have higher intentions than the reality of my actions, and sometimes it’s frustrating when I feel that I want to live one way, and I don’t make it there. So, I guess the question I have tonight has to do with…is there a step, is there some method or technique…because it just seems like sometimes almost like there is this dysfunction in me that can’t merge the two – and I know, yes, that I’m human and mistakes will be made – but there are some fundamental things in my life where I can see, that are patterns of behavior and can never seem to sustain or bring myself into that…. So I both pray for that sort of transition in my life, and I also ask Minearisa, or whoever, if they have any insights into what steps I could take to actually achieve that.
Daniel (Nancy): My dear friend, this is Daniel responding to your inquiry. I will address this in a general manner, yes, but I perceive that a personal session might serve you better. I would suggest that you contact a TR in the mission in whom you have confidence and a sense of personal trust and explore this issue in greater depth.
I will say that, of course, this is a burning issue to many, many people, to accomplish their ideal, to be the model that they can envision. And yet they stumble and fall in the day-to-day interactions.
This stumbling has many reasons related to the issue of balance that we have discussed before. There is the physiological well being of the individual, the fatigue or discomfort from a myriad of possible physical reasons – not enough sleep, exposure to sensitive foods, exposure to chemicals – etc. The physiological dimension itself is large. There is the emotional dimension when the past enters into the present, unexpected, uninvited and very often with unfortunate results. There is the dimension of the mind, the mental attitude, the sense of rigidity or openness, often related to the emotional but different. And so there are many of these factors that can result in an individual not responding to life as they would like, despite their very high and true intentions.
It is your job as individuals to get to know yourself, with our help and the help of as many tools as you can avail yourself of, to come into understanding of what the driving factors are for you. It is in the sense of helping you sort through that broader range [of possible issues] that I have outlined that I would suggest that a personal meeting may be of value. Is this of help to you?
Bob D: Yes, I think it does help to outline things, and I will ponder a possibility of having more personal sessions on that and see if I can think of a person. So there is no quick fix? (laughter).
Daniel: Indeed the world would be [settled] in light and life eons ago.
Virginia: (laughing). That magic wand is still wanted.
Daniel: Yes Virginia, I know of your longing for this special tool.
Bob D: Just a quick note on that. The Urantia Book talks about how when your mind isn’t working right for you all the time, that you can just exchange it for the mind of Michael’s. I never really understood that. I’ve prayed. I’ve been on my knees saying “Michael just give me your mind,” and of course it doesn’t necessarily change the entirety of my behavior on a long-term scale, even though it may help in the moment. So, is it really meant in the Book as a more momentary exchange, or is there actually some technique for being able to do something like that?
Daniel: The answer is both. The long-run exchange goes back to our lesson from several weeks past where we discussed the concept of stillness and continual stillness and the need to practice this stillness to increase the amount of time you can maintain it. It is like exercising any other muscle. As those of you who have begun to develop stillness know, you have not yet reached the place where you can continue it for any real length of time. It feels exhausting after a while, even as it is very full and strengthening in the moment. And so, it is through this practice of lengthening your ability to remain in connection with your circuits open to God, with your energy extended encompassing all of your brothers and sisters, feeling your feet a part of the earth, your mind a part of the atmosphere, becoming one with Michael’s mind that you can exchange it permanently. Is this of help?
Bob D: Yes it does. It leads me back to the practice that I know that I need to extend. Obviously I have the same struggles as others who have kids. Finding the time to do it is the issue. I know that really is an excuse, and I just need to extend that more often as part of the healing process that can bring about these changes in my life.
Daniel: Yes, and may I add that it is precisely when you are interacting with your children that it would help you to connect and become mindful, as you do, but to increase that practice. The [practice of daily]stillness is the foundation, but the scaffolding upon the foundation is to increase that time so that you are experiencing that connection as you interact with others and can do so for more than two or three minutes before you lose the awareness.
Bob D: Thank you for your help this evening.
Daniel (Nancy): My friends let us stand and hold hands.
Klarixiska wishes to close with Virginia if she is willing.
Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.
God, we come to you as we close our time together asking that you would be with the mortals that are here and those that are in other places. May the lessons of tonight, both of hope and of individuality, be the cornerstones for their expression of your love this week with all that they encounter. We thank you for the Teaching Mission, for every person that is expressing your truths on this planet. Truth is available, and we thank you that there are those that know you as Father and all others as brothers and sisters. We ask this in the name of Michael who loves each one dearly; we ask this in the name of our Father who is no respecter of persons: justice for everyone; love for everyone. Amen.
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