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Thursday Night TeaM Conference Call Session

Teachers: Daniel, Aaron, & Christ Michael

* Daniel: Greetings, I am Daniel, and it is my pleasure to speak with you tonight. Center yourselves in the love of our Creators. Allow their presence to fill you and may this connection be solidified not only between you and your Creators, but may you each here tonight form a circuit with each other so that the greatest possible good can occur.

Tonight I would like to speak with you about commitment, not so much the commitment of yourself to the Teaching Mission or to a symbolic ideology, but rather your commitment to the Father's plan, the ascension plan. If you recognize today that there is a higher ideal of living then it requires that the ideal be taken from the lofty and distant shelf and that you actually work to implement those ideals in your life. Many mortals on your world can see the higher ideal, but due to inconsistent patterns of behavior, despair can set in, or fear that one cannot attain the ideal.

Tonight I would encourage you to commit yourself to continued effort and progress, for it is in your venturing into the uncharted waters of the ideals that you may slowly build momentum toward the incorporation of your ideals as a way of life.

Each of you here tonight have a sincere heart and a desire for higher truth to prevail. Often as you view your world you may become disheartened at the behavior you see around you, even horrific actions at times. I would say that many of you long to see more truth, more beauty, and more goodness manifested out there, and tonight I would simply direct your thoughts inward to recognize that what you would like to see in the world must come first from you. If you yearn to see more of the divine qualities then you might begin risking to become a better portrayer of the qualities that you hold as your ideals.

Commitment to the ascension plan does not require perfection now, but the commitment of your resources toward achieving perfection day by day and in eternity. Take heart that you can look over your shoulder and recognize a different person today than you were a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago. Progress is being made, and by your continued commitment to growth, achievement, and spiritual comprehension, you will surely be in alignment with the ascension plan of your Father.

At this time I would withdraw for the evening and my colleague Aaron will step in. Thank you for this opportunity. Good evening.

Lareen: Good evening. Thank you Daniel.

* Aaron: Greetings to you all. I am Aaron. Tonight it was our decision to have a period of interaction and it was determined that I should lead the discussion.

I would like for you each to feel free to communicate your thoughts regarding your progress in achieving your own reception of spiritual insight. It is my desire to touch in with how you are progressing, not only in communicating with your personal teachers, but also how your feel the quality of your stillness practice is. Is there anyone who would like to interact on this with me?

Lareen: Aaron, this is Lareen. I had a rough morning and everything Daniel said was to the point, and stillness and trying to get reconnected away from feeling the fear and feeling disconnected. I just want to say thank you for the lesson tonight. I feel as though it was a personal one for me.

* Aaron: Thank you for your acknowledgment, my friend. Did you feel you were able to connect?

Lareen: Yes. In fact, I journaled Father and it was a great comfort and upliftment.

* Aaron: Good. How do you feel your efforts toward stillness are progressing at this time?

Lareen: Well today I felt good, as it had been a rough week. I kept sidetracking every time I sat down for stillness and today I kept with it. So for me, that feels like progress.

* Aaron: Yes. It is if you choose to use it as a stepping stone toward continued commitment at sticking with the process and allowing the spiritual transfer to take place. It is often easy to be distracted. The stillness practice is merely an opportunity to allow yourself the balance in your mental activity that will produce, over time, the capability to be less distracted.

Lareen: Thank you very much. That's my goal and the lesson tonight has just reinforced it. Thank you.

* Aaron: Thank you. And my question for you each is how you feel this stillness practice is benefiting your life and how you feel the quality of this experience is either deepening or if you are having difficulties, feel free to communicate that as well.

Manu: Aaron, this is Manu. I would like to contribute.

* Aaron: Hello Manu

Manu: I think my stillness practice is steadily improving and I keep feeling that it's getting deeper. I also want to quickly answer your other question which was that I also feel that the spiritual insight I'm receiving is becoming more apparent to me even though I'm not able to discern my personal teacher. All in all I'm definitely very happy and I would also give you permission to maybe scan my mind or do what you can to give me personal advice on this front, if you will.

* Aaron: Your teacher has communicated to me a sense of satisfaction with the connection and with your ability to perceive. It is not so much required that you must be able to consciously discern the presence of your teacher, as that you are able to perceive, in general, insight from your teacher yes, but also from your Indwelling Spirit, and your continued efforts to engage the stillness are producing fruits. The differentiation of personalities such as your teachers or your Thought Adjuster or another being only benefits you to the extent that you feel a greater sense of participation in your life and your inclusion in the cosmic family. But all in all, the continued efforts to still your mind and direct yourself toward channels of higher thought will increasingly answer to you those things that you should do in your life, for that is the Father's will, you sharing your life with God. Does this answer to your question my friend, or can I clarify further some thought?

Manu: Yes, it answers my question. Thank you. I have one side question about some of the physical aspects changing in my being and wondered if you might have a comment? I've been having the feeling of a cooling effect in the area of my forehead that you might refer to as the third eye. Do you have a comment on what that might mean?

* Aaron: To understand you, my understanding is that when you do the stillness and begin to sense the presence you feel a cooling sensation on your forehead?

Manu: Yes, and at other times of the day when I feel connected.

* Aaron: Understood. These feelings or sensations are experienced by many and each person experiences this sense of connectedness in a different way. The reality is that we do not attempt to create sensations for you on the physical level, but many times incidental to contact there is a reaction by your system and this is manifested in many ways and so your cooling sensation is most likely a response of your being to the contact rather than us trying to create a sensation for you. Are you understanding?

Manu: Yes. That's good, and thank you so much for your time.

* Aaron: You are welcome and thank you for sharing this evening.

Sheila: Aaron, this is little sister Sheila.

* Aaron: Simeon's heart feels warmer to hear your voice and I am most pleased to hear from you, my friend.

Sheila: I would like to share with the group what all of these years of stillness have done for me. I'm in a situation now where I have to take care of my mom and every childhood issue I ever had has been presented as a challenge to me. I am so happy to say that the definition of childhood issues seems to have changed. I have patience that I can only say I have received from Father and Mother. The fact that I've come to know Mother has put a new meaning to who I am and I can say that with the help of all the lessons that we've learned all these years and the stillness process that I have in these chaotic times I seem to be able in a nanosecond to receive patience and compassion that I would never have guessed I was capable of. My gratitude to all the teachers, Father and Mother is great. I feel a true sense of connection and such a peacefulness, faith and trust. I am so happy to be here and participate and Aaron, I love you.

* Aaron: My friend, thank you for sharing this evening. Yes, indeed, have you learned that the stillness is a way of life and as your early practices deepened you gained in the ability to maintain a calmer and more connected place of being. In some sense, I have a curiosity for you, that now, feeling a stronger relationship to your spiritual Mother, I am most certain that this has produced a different level of perspective towards your earth mother and even allowed you to be in a place of trying to be more nurturing and understanding with her. Is this the case?

Sheila: Well, once I allowed Mother Spirit to be known inside then all the things I thought were missing in my earth life, and my mother issues, basically disappeared, because I began to see my mom as one of the Father's little girls just like me, because I know my real Mother. And so I was able to instantly forgive all that I thought had not been given to me. I think it was like I activated a level of compassion within myself I didn't know I had. So now, as I take care of my mom in some of my most challenging moments, I don't see her as someone who let me down. I see her as one of God's little girls and He has asked me to take care of her. It still has challenges, but I feel Mother Spirit reach out and touch her, understand her and have compassion for her. It's sad that she does not yet know the love and beauty that Her and the Father have.

* Aaron: Yes. Indeed have you pointed to the universal perspective of recognizing everyone as a child of God rather than maintaining the mortal ties.

Sheila: Physical labels are becoming a thing of the past and universal oneness is becoming more of the norm. That's what stillness and regular contact has done for me.

* Aaron: Thank you so much for sharing this evening, and are there others who would like to share their experiences?

Robin: I would like to ask a question. In deference to our T/R, I would like to ask Christ Michael what he sees or feels I need from my stillness in order to progress.

Michael: My child, thank you for inquiring of me tonight. Your personal need from the quiet time and stillness is no different than any other, for the practice of engaging inwardly is the calming of one's mind. It allows for the embrace and from this you will grow, whether it is visible to you or not. I know you and the absolute sincerity of your being. I know you are a feeling person. And your desire to reach out and embrace the larger stream of humanity is commendable. It is divine, even as you seek commitment in a community of believers where you exist at this time. Utilize your inward quiet time to simply seek the presence and allow that presence to be with you with no other requirement and the answers to your questions will rise up and be made apparent.

(Tape runs out, and is turned over.)

Robin: Thank you, Lord.

* Aaron: This is Aaron again. Thank you, Robin, for seeking understanding this evening. At this time if there are any other questions, or if any other wishes to share, feel free to speak up. The floor is open to you. (Pause)

As I sense a peacefulness beginning to descend upon you and the natural culmination of our discussion, I would take this time to redirect you to Daniel's lesson on commitment, to think about ways that you can bring the ideal down from being an ideal toward becoming a practical reality in your lives. And through continued seeking for spiritual understanding in the stillness and as you proceed through your day, you will find those avenues and those opportunities to open up and become a better portrayer of the love and the truth that you would so love to see manifest in the world around you. Keep on with your search and your efforts and thank you for being here this evening. I will speak to you again. Goodnight.

Group: Goodnight. Thank you Aaron.
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