[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 11/02/03

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Change and Volition
Teachers: Gabriel, Elyon

November 2, 2003

*	Gabriel (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you all.  I am Gabriel.
	The nature of all creatures who have the power of volition 
is to direct the string of events that occur in your lives.  It 
is inherent in will power to function as an orchestrator.  It is 
the nature of time and space to continually flux; never in all 
your observation will you discover permanency.  You will observe 
a relative degree of constancy, but even this will alter as time 
proceeds.  Since volition has the ability to manage change as it 
occurs, it naturally will seek two forms of function: one is to 
stabilize change thereby softening transition.  The benefit is 
continuity from prior condition to a subsequent state of being.  
The drawback is a tendency to resist adjustment to a new 
position, to a new standing, to a new orientation.  Its other 
quality is that change in time and space can be directed.  It 
can be oriented such that some degree of random results may be 
eliminated and a goal or an ideal realized.  The simple 
mechanism of change then becomes development or evolution as in 
the case of a personality growth.
	Success in adjusting to change is to approach with two 
perspectives: one, acceptance, and two, I will use the word 
appointment.  You who welcome the agitation of spirit, who 
welcome the influence of celestial assistance, who are ever 
alert to the extraction of meaning, the impress of profundity, 
are well developing the acceptance of change, for you have 
accumulated experience that testifies to the benefit that such 
alterations in your life have brought.  You are also increasing 
your skill in appointing change to a desired result.  As you 
have enlarged your soul capacity you have developed personal 
skills and a sensitive working relationship with the Divine 
Presence that resides within you.  This condition increases the 
power base of your will, and you are able to direct change to 
achieve results that foster your spiritual upliftment, that 
assist your fellows in need.
	At one point in your development of spiritual maturity 
change was much like wind wherein you found it difficult to hold 
things in place when the winds of change blew.  It was 
buffeting, disheveling, upsetting, disquieting.  Then as you 
accumulated experience and wisdom you discovered the ability to 
harness change, to sail with change, to take to flight.  Soon it 
came to your observation that change was a means of 
transportation to new levels of being, and you welcomed the 
change.  Following such an ascension your horizons expanded; 
your map of life became more visible, and you discovered your 
ability to steer through change, that the winds of change may 
blow in any single direction, and you could sail in numerous 
other directions with the assistance of that change.  Then you 
came to trust that change of an upsetting nature worked for good 
as well as a welcome change did.
	As there is no steady state of constancy in the temporal 
realm, the development of the ability to accept, to adapt, and 
to apply through change is your greatest skill.  Welcome such 
shifting in time as you would gasoline for your motor vehicles.  
Take it in, let it provide the power whereby you may steer your 
vehicle.  Let it create the energy that you may rise upon and go 
in the direction you choose.  It is an ever present current, and 
you have the ability once in motion to go in the direction of 
guidance and of your personal goals.
	I encourage you all to continue in the development of your 
abilities to rise with the transient shifts of time and to 
leverage that energy input towards your advancement as a child 
of God, as an aware and conscious cosmic citizen.
	I am more than happy to take comments from you or to address 
your questions.

	Kirk:  We might have some heavy changes coming since you 
only come to help in major changes.

*	Gabriel:  Yes, civilization on Urantia is climbing an 
extremely steep hill.  If you could observe other worlds within 
our Nebadon, you would find skills and equipment, if I may use 
that term, that assist civilization in such steep ascents.  
These skills are developed within the human race over centuries, 
and the equipment I speak of, the planetary administrators, are 
also available to aid in the climb.  Urantia lacks this 
preparation, but nonetheless has civilization proceeded.  You 
are now climbing with fingers and toes, so we have come to toss 
you the necessary gear to make the ascent.  My Father and your 
Father is no respecter of persons, so we are here to aid all of 
you to reach the crest to see over the top, to witness before 
you the new valley, the new land wherein Urantia may further 
grow, harmonize, and fulfill its potential.

	Evelyn:  From our perspective civilization ascending a steep 
slope is pretty daunting as far as wanting to help the process.  
It’s reassuring that there are personalities in those positions 
who have what it takes.

*	Gabriel:  As with the individual so with your entire 
population.  There is naturally the occurrence of the 
development of other-consciousness.  Initially all things 
revolve around self.  Over time more selves are brought into the 
conscious arena, and decisions and behavior are adjusted 
accordingly.  With your technology you have entered into a 
global era and are having to make the same adjustments an 
individual does as a young child.  There is resistance, a desire 
to isolate, and there is present power structures which wish to 
dominate the collective rather than share it.  You will make the 
adjustments; there will be difficult times, and you are assisted 
and aided.  Eventually your world will undertake the same 
process on a larger scale when you enter into interplanetary 
relationships.  That is quite a distance into the future, but it 
is important now for you as a world to interrelate as would a 
family with ideal qualities.  That is a significant task in 
itself at this time.  I pledge the assistance of many ministers, 
of many angels.

*	Elyon:  Greetings to you, this is Elyon.  I enjoy having the 
company of Gabriel.  With your interest he is much delighted to 
extend friendship.  As you increase your spiritual vision you 
will be delighted to witness the form and pattern this brilliant 
angel takes.  Even to me who has been to many worlds and have 
risen the ascension ladder some ways, Gabriel stands as a mighty 
figure, and I am honored to have him with us today.

	Kirk:  As are we.  Coming from him, telling us to accept and 
grow from the change is pretty powerful.  It means to me that 
change could be rough at times and to hang on to celestial help 
for the truth and beauty that comes from change.

*	Elyon:  Yes and I would draw a close by adding my two cents 
worth, as you say.  One cent is to be flexible.  The second cent 
is to apply foresight.  If you are flexible to change and apply 
foresight you will find that you will welcome such shifting.
	When Michael came to your world he did so to fulfill his 
mission as a Michael Son and also desired to reveal the Father 
to His children.  Much change occurred in his life that he had 
to adjust and adapt to and to use to fulfill his mission.  Some 
of what impacted him eliminated his previous plans for his 
mission.  But he pursued, altered his goals, maximized his time, 
and trusted in the guidance of the heavenly Father to work in 
the lives of his associates to continue his mission even in his 
	I extend to you light and love and peace, and I greatly 
value our friendship.
	Kirk:  It’s nice to hear from you Elyon.  You’ve become an 
old friend.

*	Elyon:  Thank you, friend.  Farewell.    

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