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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am glad to have you here this
evening. Tonight, let us discuss your ever widening spheres of
forbearance and understanding. Many times we have discussed tolerance
and forbearance. Let us discuss this as a growing attitude, for when you
exercise faith, you can be unmoved whatever the surrounding chaos. This
attitude of calm and peace lends the reaction of forbearance.

Let your faith be as un unmovable stone, a firm center, a point of
gravity. In this place, you can be tolerant of those things which once
frightened you, which once threw you off balance. Faith gives you that
certitude, that unshakable confidence in God's protection and mercy
which allows freedom from fear.

We have spoken of forbearance in terms of intensity, how many times
should my brother sin against me and I forgive him. But this forbearing
attitude, must stretch wide as well. It must give you the confidence to
always to return good for evil, to return courtesy for rudeness, to
return a smile for a frown. Those whose minds are staid on God are at
peace within and the world may buffet about them outwardly, but inwardly
is profound peace and this peace is the key to forbearance.

When a human being goes in partnership with the Master, when you allow
him entry into your heart and complete sovereignty there, then are you
given more strength than you ever could have realized. The spiritual
peace is something very strong and unshakable. It is not something which
is easily swayed, or a dreamy imagination of nirvana. No, spiritual
peace encompasses the whole personality. It lends gravity, weight, and
permanence to your character. For those who are certain about one's
relationship to God, nothing that happens in this world can shake that
or change it.

My friends, you are doing very well. You are developing a relationship
with God. This achievement of the spirit cannot be overstated for then
this relationship will bestow upon you all that is needful in your
lives. But more than that, your relationship with Michael will also give
you wisdom and wisdom is something very rare among human beings.

As you continue to receive his love and his blessings in your lives, you
will become ever more naturally courageous, naturally confident and sure
of yourselves. You will have spiritual drawing power which will bring
you that which is necessary in your journey. And all these things will
be easy, natural, and quite effortless.

Each of you has a path before you. Bring the Master along for each step
of the way and all will be plain and clear. No longer will you be frozen
by the fear of perhaps you have been in error, you have done something
completely selfish. For if you start heading in that direction, the
master will pull you back, he will help you, and he will show you the
better way.

As you move forward upon your path, allow the master to comfort your
mind and steady your hearts. Remember always that the work is important,
but you yourselves should not take on the importance. Get yourselves out
of the way and your fears will go with it. Follow the Master's leading
and you will not be in error. This is not to say that you may not make
small mistakes, or you will suddenly become perfect, of course not. But
you will begin to think of your lives as service to him and this will
lighten your burden not increase it.

Let your faith be unmovable and let the ripples of loving kindness
spread out from there. Approach each fellow human being with love and
doors will open.

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