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October 19, 2003

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to be here this
evening. Each of you has grown well these past few years. You have each
had to adapt, stretch your conceptions, change your attitudes, and all
the while use your energies in the work of daily life. All of you have
gradually shifted to place your old conceptions on the table. You have
all worked to move forward in the spirit and this has been very
gratifying for me to see among you.

You all have very well developed souls and as your souls grow and
integrate all the levels of mind and aspects of personality, you really
do become more real. That steady realness, that balanced and centered
being also becomes a focal point of God's love. The universal energies
bind together in your personal being and this attracts aspects of God -
goodness, truth and beauty - so that your personality attracts and
projects these qualities, these energies, these realities of the universe.

Love is the common force in all these things for beauty is love and love
is beauty, truth is love and love is truth, and goodness is love and
love is goodness. And love is the way each soul responds to all these
aspects of God. As you grow in your experience of love, you grow in your
ability to experience love. For the experience of love stretches the
soul and creates more space for love to reside. The experience of love
is never really complete. Each experience deepens and broadens your
awareness of love, but it is not final.

All spiritual experience is progressive. There is not time when you can
reach a culmination and declare that is all of love there is. As you
grow in love so too do you grow in beauty of the spirit, in truth
sensitivity, and in moral goodness. The enhancement of values has no
end. As you grow and deepen in your progressive realization of God's
reality, so does all his creation increase in value.

The Godly man values the tiniest living thing, the smallest flower for
in that flower he sees God. Truly it is said, the very hairs upon your
head are numbered. You cannot fully appreciate how greatly you
yourselves are valued. But you can have faith that it is so because you
experience it yourselves. Truly not a sparrow falls from the sky but our
Father has knowledge of it.

So each of you can begin to grasp by faith how valued you are in the
universe to your heavenly Father. Truly he has called you his own and
gathered you to him. In these things, however beginning your experience
is, faith can make you understand the greater truth. And each of you is
truly growing in faith and faith is growing within you. The Father would
give of himself equally to all, but not all respond to his love, not all
choose to live by faith. But, at each step, at each decision, you must
have faith and so your faith grows through having it.

The Master explained to those who are given much, more will be given.
And this is the way of faith. To those who accept the Father's love and
choose to live by faith in him, still more faith will be given. It is
only through faith that human beings have strength in reality. Every
other thing is not strong enough to remain on into eternity. Many times
the Master said that this world, this material creation, is but a shadow
of the greater substance. And so it is.

It is said that faith is the substance of things hoped for, but it is
more. Faith is the spiritual tether that ties you to reality. It is that
living substance which makes human beings more than they are. It is not
seen, but it is known. And as you grow in the spirit, your faith moves
from being hope to being certainty.

Truly my friends, you are finding that your souls reverberate in the
music of God's love and when you come to know in complete certainty that
you are never alone, that you are never abandoned, that though you walk
through the valley of death, the Father walks with you, then my friends
mortal fear passes away and you find yourself living on a higher
spiritual plane and this is truly the greatest gift God can give you.
Begin, through faith, to see yourselves and others through the Father's
eyes and with the Master's kindly human spirit.

You live in a world where all things are forgiven. There is no
punishment but that of your own error. The Father allows his children to
make mistakes, but he is completely forgiving of them. Human societies
require human justice. In the Father's kingdom, you find only
forgiveness and love.

Are there any questions at this time?

Q: Yes Ham, may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly, my son. Your world continues to expand and also to
contract. You are finding ever greater love in your heart but are also
finding that your love is not always accepted or understood. But the way
of the Godly man is simply to sow your seeds and move on. You cannot be
mindful of the fate of each seed, but rather you must see the overall
effect of your life and the many seeds which do sprout and bear fruit.
Rarely is the way clear. Rarely do things change as you expect. Life is
filled with unexpected change. It is complete with circumstances which
do not fulfill expectations. This is always the nature of life. Some
seeds find rich soil, sprout and bear a thousand times. Others fall on
rocky ground and never root. These things cannot be changed, they just are.

Q: Yes, I would like a personal message please Ham.

Ham: Of course my daughter. You are truly growing in the spirit and this
growth can be painful at times. But, this pain is reflective of the true
value of that growth. The journey you are taking, one of exploring your
life, is of the highest value. This is like a turning point for you, a
time of reassessment, a time of expanded self-awareness, a time to
uncover that which was hidden, both in yourself and in others. And so to
comes not only self-acceptance, but self-discovery - that rediscovery of
yourself, that change of perspective that throws a different light on
everything and while this is necessary and good, it is also good to get
out of it, to not keep picking at a scab but to let it heal. Sometimes
you can over intellectualize matters of the heart. It's not so important
the intellectual truth as the emotional truth. Sometimes just accepting
emotional truth is enough. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: Yes indeed, thank you.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are going through some emotional change and
you have much before you that is wonderful. So often, you fall into the
attitude that everything should be difficult because you don't feel
worthy of things being easy. But my dear, your strength lies in the
things that are easy so do not make them more difficult. In other words,
enjoy your life. Do not feel so obligated to carry large burdens.
Rather, accept the freedom that comes with faith as a gift. Give thanks
throughout this week.

Q: Jarad?

Ham? My son, you also have had to let go of trying to make things more
difficult than they are.

Q: Do you mean in the work and the writing?

Ham: yes.

Q: I'm not sure I grasp what you are saying.

Ham: You have great gifts my son and these gifts easy for you to utilize
and execute so they may not seem to be challenging enough and so you
have thought of yourself as needing to do things that were more
difficult, to change yourself in order to be challenged. But in truth
your gifts are like ripe fruit plucked from a tree. Effort, yes,
discipline, yes, but the gift itself is given not so much hammered out.
Is this helping?

Q: I am sure I will understand it better later, it always clarifies.
Thank you for helping.

Q: Do you have a message for Jeff W?

Ham: Certainly my son, you are also coming into a greater self-awareness
that will make all things easier for you. Each person must find within
themselves their own strengths and their own limitations. This is a
strengthening process. Indeed my son, you are growing in the spirit and
in this self-awareness. Have faith as you move forward. Be at ease with
these understandings and adjust to these changes at your own pace.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly. Sometimes, my son, when climbing high it is possible to
cut your feet on sharp rocks meaning whatever you try to do you may
suffer in its completion and that is part of the journey. Do not be
worried concerning the future. The small injuries are part of it. Be
happy for you do very well.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week Ham?

Ham: Yes, of course my son. You are truly becoming more balanced and
even in your spiritual thinking. The way of life is open before you and
you are moving every toward the Master's spirit and this effort is worth
all the little cuts and bruises of the way. You must remember that your
eternal life lays before you. Everything you do here contributes and is
part of your eternal life. Sometimes, the way seems clear and other
times it is quite cloudy and uncertain. But through all this, you have
complete assurance that your life is in the Master's hands and you are
working with him in its creation. Therefore, be at peace for you do very

We have evidently no further questions. Go in peace my friends, my love
and my prayers go with you. That is all.

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