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SE Idaho TeaM

Topic: Health
Teacher: Daniel

Linda (Nancy/PamElla): My dear friends, I will take the microphone for this opportunity in prayer. I am Linda, Nancy’s personal teacher.

Creator Parent, First Source and Center, You who have created such splendor, such an “awe inspiring walk” of progression to, You. Be with all of us, students and teachers, as we prepare to come together in a manner that best meets the needs of these our students. Help us, as teachers, to respond to our students concerns and needs. Help our students to open themselves to discover new aspects of their beings and reasons for their actions and responses, that we all may progress rapidly in our walk to You. I offer these words with much love and great devotion to You, my Father, my Parent. Amen

Group conversation prior to the prayer: Little Abby is being the typical 2-year old enjoying the gathering of friends here at our meeting. Ken asks, jokingly, the question if our teachers see us the same way? Daniel responds immediately, “only at times.”

Daniel (Nancy): Greetings my friends, I am Daniel your teacher guide, friend and, yes, admirer, continuing and constant. I do so enjoy your whimsical humor, and your insight into the reality of spiritual progression.

You may remember early in my curriculum with you here at this space in SE Idaho, we did discuss on many occasions the nature of your infant-dom, your toddler-hood, in the great progression to our Father. So while you all have matured greatly in this past brief time, brief in the sense of infinity and even in the sense of the span of our lives (we your teachers), you still remain quite young.

Let me also communicate to you the intense delight we take in your many growth steps. That delight that you feel as you watch this youngster or your own grandchildren or children is no different for us. We are charmed by your beingness. We are thrilled by our friendships, and we are often stunned by the leaps that you take. So, I, Daniel, your great admirer greet you this evening. Kenneth, thank you for that opportunity to make such a little speech.

Ken: (group laughing) My pleasure Daniel, …my pleasure.

Daniel: Now may I say that the infant-dom and the toddler-hood that we discussed early in your foundation building has been replaced. You are clearly in school. However, there is no comparison to your grade levels, so, we will not even go there.

LaReen: School of “hard knocks!”

Daniel: Yes LaReen, indeed does experience school one far better than any intellectual understanding that comes from even a lesson such as the early lessons of this mission. Rather, it is in taking these lessons and putting them into action in your lives through experience that understanding is formed. It is through struggle that your soul is evolved, and this is in accordance with the will of our Father.

Now as a qualification I wish to acknowledge that this world does have its share of “knocks”, as you put it, that differs from more advanced planets or planets without a history of rebellion. But, you notice and you also have heard of the advantages that you will experience as a result of these “hard knocks” as you progress.

And, so, while I greatly appreciate your humor, I am of serious tone tonight, am I not?

Ken: All the heads nod yes. But not mine, I thought you are in great humor tonight Daniel, thank you.

Daniel: My friends, please bear with us a moment. Yes! I am of serious tone tonight, for I wish to discuss a serious subject which has thrown Nancy in the same way that Simeon mentioned feeling thrown last week …with the same concept of health.

Yes! It is the discussion of health I wish to pursue. And the manner in which I wish to pursue it is of the style of Aaron. However, it has been decided that I shall conduct this discussion rather than Aaron, for the TR is more familiar and more comfortable with my presence.

Last week, Rayson emphasized the significance of your relationship to the Father and spiritual living in promoting greater health. He also answered questions in general terms regarding specifics. We are aware that you have contemplated this lesson over the week. Although you discussed it somewhat in reading the transcripts, we would like you to take a few moments and share your ponderings, your open questions, your conclusions, and the areas you desire to research. This is broad in general, but I hope it will help spur a discussion.

My dear friend Pat, would you be willing to begin, on this topic?

Pat: Being spiritual and in tune with the Father, I think we certainly will become more healthy in all parts of our lives. It certainly makes us want to be better and make better choices. I guess that’s why we are all at this point, trying to be healthier.

I have been reading a book on blood types and food that you should eat for your type. I am wondering if that is appropriate or has value. I do not know if you can help me with that or not.

Daniel: One minute please. I do have the information, yes.

Pat: Is there value in that train of thought in this book or not?

Daniel: Yes, Pat, there is value, however, the research is still being developed and the factual basis is somewhat “muddied.” So, my suggestion on this is to take that part of what you read that stimulates that “ah-ha” response, that feeling of a right fit, and ignore that which does not. Remember that the Father works in numerous ways to guide and school His children. While all that you read, all that is brought to your attention to be read, may not be generally true, pay attention to those aspects that strike you as correct. This would be true. This would be a wise way to proceed for all of you in your reading. Does this help and address your concerns?

Pat: Yes, thank you Daniel. I think it is difficult for all of us, as each body is different, and reacts differently to foods and just normal conditions. I don’t know if there is a flat over-all answer for us all.

Daniel: Yes, Pat, and let me address that. Indeed is every individual different, with different biochemistry, different needs and these nutritional needs vary over time; vary with environmental conditions, vary by age, etc. Normally, the human body is miraculously able to find those foods which it needs at different points in time. I would give you the example of the animal kingdom, wild animals that are able to free-range.

In their ideal environments they are able to find those foods that heal them. However, because of the history of this planet, because so much information that did exist at the time of Adam and Eve has been diluted and lost, and because of the realities of your culture and your food industry, etc, it has become quite difficult for you as human animals to say to yourself, “what is it that I need to eat today?” Also, your eating institutions do not support that type of eating process.

The decisions that drive choices of food occur much more at an intellectual and an emotional level. There is also the physiological addictive effect of many of the additives that are in your foods that do not assist in the type of eating where an individual could say: “what will nourish me today, what nourishment is it that I need?” Yes, this is the very question that all of you should ask of yourself, before eating, not, “what do I want,” but rather, “what will nourish me.” There are most definitely variations in human animals that come from your differences in evolved status that impact predominate tendencies. Yet, as Rayson said last week “eat those foods that are closest to living, that have the greatest life in them,” and you will find greater nourishment.

The additional difficulty for you as you ask “what is it that I need to eat for nourishment” is that it is very hard for you to find those foods that may in fact be nourishing because of the way they have been raised, shipped and stored, etc.

Has this helped?

Pat: Yes, thank you.

Daniel: My pleasure. Before I ask someone else to share their thoughts from the week, does anyone want to respond to the current topic on the table?

Virginia: Daniel, I would go ahead and think in terms of relationship with God as the nourishment that really causes us to find more balance in our life.

Years ago at school when I was teaching, I was called Pollyanna in derision, and I was really annoyed with it because I really think the positive attitude, on the part of human beings helps them through their day rather than focusing on the negative. At that time, I just happened to find an article on research coming out of a Methodist university from Texas in the local newspaper that said that Pollyanna’s live longer. I’m sorry I don’t have the specific there, but it certainly made me feel better. In spite of the knocks of this world, to know that Jesus said, “be of good cheer for I have overcome the world” gives me great hope. So, I think it’s very important to continue to look at the good within everyday because not only does it give you balance, it also gives you the Eternal hope of the Presence of the Spirit in your life.

Daniel: Thank you, Virginia, for beautifully bringing to the forefront the central plane of this multifaceted thing called health. Yes, health has its physical human animal aspects, as we were discussing in the relation of the physical mechanism to food, to nutrition. As you have beautifully expounded upon, spiritual help and emotional help are vital components of overall health.

Pollyanna’s do, indeed, live longer because of the interplay between the emotional and the physical and the power of the mind. This is an aspect of what I will term, the laws of the material (being of substance) world. As one perceives, a connection between the mind and the molecular structure of the organism is created. The spiritual, the desire to do the Will of the Father, balances the whole, guides the thinking, assists the organism in finding those elements that are needed for physical health. However it is, of course, one’s spiritual health that leads to eternity, that leads to the Father, that leads to the Grand and Glorious Adventure. It is the alignment of the personality to the Father that balances the health of the whole.

Virginia: Just one other thought on that. My son sent me an email of the latest research, which says that meditation stimulates the immunization system in our bodies, and indeed he gave credit to meditation as perhaps a reason we had Bill as long as we did.

Daniel: Yes, this is another connection between the desire to be of spiritual health and it’s effect on the physical. I am sorry that I cannot respond to the implied question regarding Isaac, for I really do not know. As I stated previously, the timing of his graduation was a surprise to me. I was not prepared. I am sorry, my dear, that I cannot tell you this. However, I am as pleased as anyone that Gregory brought this to your attention and that it added fuel to his flaming torch that is flickering less than previously. (Thank you Daniel)

Kenneth how about you?

Ken: I’m fine thank you.

Daniel: Yes, indeed you are. Now if you would be so kind as to share your thoughts about last week’s lesson, I would feel gratified.

Ken: The lesson last week and the comments this evening raised many thoughts in my mind. When you say when we sit down at a meal and ask what will nourish us the best, other than spiritual …I think my thoughts go to the point where we are asking for spiritual guidance from our Thought Adjuster or those in attendance to us, that we would find the right nourishment to not only work on our immediate problems, physical problems, but also to reactivate aspects of our DNA that have been suppressed for sometime. I think with the proper nourishment we can reactivate that (DNA) and help us lead a healthy life.

Daniel: Yes, Ken. You are well tuned in to your guides. This is our desire in raising this issue, a combination of spiritual practice, healthy nutrition, Life Carrier and other types of healings, and various other practices that are new, or soon to come into your knowledge base, can have this effect. My TR is struggling to keep her thoughts on this subject out of this, and yet I do wish to draw upon some of her research.

A number of years ago Nancy was given a cookbook by her brother and sister in-law. It had that ah-ha effect upon her. She began a cleansing of her kitchen, made the investment in the foods recommended and began to feel more energetic than she had in years. At roughly the same time she became involved with her husband, made a move, and found that pursuing this new way of eating was not convenient (her word would be practical) under the circumstances.

I wish to raise this style of eating that you may research it( you being you in the broader sense, including readers). Macrobiotic eating is not for everyone, but it is a very good beginning place. Some people may require greater animal sources than are provided for in Macrobiotic eating, but these animal sources should be hormone-free, free range, organic, or wild. There are other technologies that have been well researched for a number of years, although much of this information has remained suppressed.

Do read books as they are brought to your attention. I will not name the particular technologies at this time. Not because I am unwilling but my TR is.

LaReen, my dear, this issue of health is one you have struggled with and had ample opportunity to consider. Do you wish to share with us this evening?

LaReen: Yes! Good evening Daniel. For three years I have been researching food, supplements, herbs, and life styles around Lupus. Everybody has been helpful, from friends, and family, and to always getting the latest information. I have cut out the foods that I’m supposed to, and still I would find myself in a flare. If I look back honestly, it has been after an emotional day or event. Something clicked back here in August, and I believe it’s more trust and faith in Father and Mother and turning over my worries that I can’t do anything about and more still time, quality still time. Something just clicked, I just threw everything out the window, I walk in the sun, I’ll eat citrus, and not one problem in three months. So, I can see what you are saying about the balance. I’m a believer!

Daniel: Yes, LaReen. Thank you for sharing this insight tonight. For ultimately it is the mind in alignment, that can heal. However, one should never feel guilt for illness, for these other dimensions are valid, are real. However, the mind aligned with the Father can trigger that molecular rejuvenation. We are thrilled by your state of being, my dear. Good work!

LaReen: Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Daniel: It is, of course, our pleasure to be of service to you. Are there any other comments, or questions this evening? (pause) In that case, let us hold hands.

Father, I Daniel, thank You for the gift of these friends to walk hand-in-hand , to work mind to mind, to stand in joyful thanksgiving, singing praises to You. I ask that You be with these, Your children, this week as they work to perfect their balance, that they can adjust from skipping and dancing along a balance beam, to doing flips. Go with joy, and be of good cheer. Amen
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