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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Ambassadorship/Friendship, Appealing to Spirit 
Consciousness, Freedom and Absolutes
Teachers: Aaron, Timothy, Rantarason

October 19, 2003

[ Editor's note: This session turned out to be a reuinion of 
some of the teachers common to the Spokane Teaching Mission 
Group during the last half of the 1990's]

*	Aaron (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Aaron.  I come to 
you today to once again enjoy our fellowship, to continue my 
relationship with you as teacher and friend.
	It is important that you do consider the words of 
Melchizedek Lantarnek as regards ambassadorship, for there lie 
many implications that you will realize as you attempt to place 
yourself more consciously in that role that has been granted to 
you.  I am here today to offer some temperance, for there is 
potentially a danger in being overly concerned with this 
designation.  Naturally one may react with a sense of low self 
worth, and while accepting in theory that one is an ambassador 
of Michael, will not consider oneself so capable, and so 
therefore politely acknowledge the designation and then proceed 
to let it rest.  The other potential reaction is to become 
overly absorbed and to hastily seek methods in which to engage 
yourself in activities that are expected of one who is an 
ambassador of Michael and to do so with force and to do so 
without clearly discerning the best activities, the ones that 
will serve your fellows, instead of those that merely seem to 
verify your role as an ambassador.
	My effort today is to encourage you to engage yourself as a 
missionary for Michael is the simplest method possible, one that 
you all this day have as a talent, and that is friendship.
	An ambassador is assigned to another country representing 
the country of that ambassador’s origin, and such a role is 
never as a conqueror or an invader.  It is always in the form of 
a handshake, of acceptance, cooperation, and the desire to share 
each other’s knowledge to assist in resolving difficulties, to 
develop greater cooperation in use of resources and talent.  To 
one operating for Michael on this world friendship fulfills 
these very functions, providing the resources of spiritual 
understanding, those derived from experience, your direct 
contact through stillness, and the legacy of your pervious 
efforts to inform yourselves of truth and to present the gospel 
message to others, and the lessons you have derived from your 
previous attempts as presentation. 
	It may be asked how can a simple friendship hasten the 
development of spiritual living on this world, for friendship 
often can establish a common denominator, expected, preconceived 
interactions and behavior.  When one grows it often becomes 
difficult to behave in a new or higher manner when all friends 
are expecting behaviors that are familiar and long established.
	I direct you to observe the life of Jesus, for he exhibited 
the talent required wherein he could open the door of trust, of 
love and acceptance in anyone, stranger or relative, and 
continue with that first step and finish by leaving in the mind 
and the heart of the other individual the sense of cosmic 
belonging, a sense of the spiritual proximity of the Heavenly 
Father, and of the value and benefit of truth in one’s life.
	He bore no credentials; he had no diplomas; he was not 
ordained or in any other way recognized, yet he was the creator 
of this universe, fully capable and wholly unrecognized.  As you 
proceed in your ambassadorial duties, these same conditions that 
Michael faced will guide you in your work, will alleviate 
dangers, the pitfalls, that may occur to one who may as yet not 
understand the humility required of being a representative of 
Michael on planet earth.
	What truly establishes friendship is honesty.  Friends are 
capable of expressing to one another viewpoints and experiences 
that are accepted with merit by the other friend, even though 
they may not be accepted in concept or desired to be undergone 
by that friend.  To present spiritual truth, to offer concepts 
of value in advancing Urantia, will likewise follow this 
pattern.  First there is friendship, and through the friendship 
follows the ability to express insights and understanding that, 
while not yet acceptable to your receiver, will be honored, for 
they have come from a trusted source, a friend.
	I will not occupy all the time today.  Thank you for having 
me here.  I am fond of all of you.  I will let others greet you 
as well.

	Ginny:  You mentioned how difficult it is sometimes to act 
differently; I don’t want to say “above” because it indicates 
arrogance.  The more I try to act more Godlike the less I feel 
connected to most people.

*	Aaron:  It is a curious reaction of human nature that a 
stranger, while it is true may be first approached with some 
caution, since there is no background to evaluate the meeting to 
be prepared for being taken advantage of or to be put at danger, 
that often a stranger is received with curiosity.  As the 
stranger becomes an acquaintance there is much latitude given as 
you discover what this new friend is all about.  Behavioral 
tendencies are allowed to have wide range.  It aids in 
discovering who this individual is, in finding common ground, 
and in discerning what is different about the two.  Yet when 
people become longtime friends there arrives the potential for 
stagnation through expectation.  While it is a friend who should 
encourage higher development of a spiritual nature, it is often 
a friend who holds one to status quo, and it is the new 
associate who encourages breaking patterns and stimulating 
	You will find increased difficulty as the years go on and 
you grow and refine your spiritual natures.  I encourage you to 
continue your growth which will lead you into being not of this 
world.  While the lessons that will present themselves to you 
for greater advancement will continue to stimulate you and cause 
struggle, the greatest lesson will be that of learning to be 
continually in the world, well associated and relate-able to 
those around you.  The higher you ascend, the more below you you 
must descend to maintain contact.  Those that we may term 
“beneath you” have not sunken; you have risen.  The very fact of 
your ascending is a demonstration that all else may do likewise, 
for it is not an exclusive condition.
	Honor your relationships through acceptance, but also honor 
the potential in all your associates for growth.  That honor is 
shown through the gentle encouragement, the challenge, that they 
likewise struggle and strive for greater character development, 
for closer personality association with the divine Spirit, for 
refinement in truth discernment, beauty appreciation, and a 
demonstration of God through goodness.

*	Timothy (Ginny):  Greetings to my friend Aaron and to this 
group.  This is Timothy.  I simply would like to add to the 
thoughts you have just heard.
	Even though you in your ascension will notice the difference 
between yourselves and your friends, you can also look upon 
them, even though they speak of things that to you have no 
interest or no loyalty; you can look upon them as fellow 
travelers who are on their own paths and who seek the same 
things you do in the sense that they in their ultimate essences 
seek happiness.  You can look upon them as children of the 
Father.  You can look beyond the earthly trappings that we go 
through; you can look beyond that to their ultimate goals and 
their ultimate desires.  They too ascend as you do and have the 
same light as you do.
	There is also happening as you ascend that you will attract 
different souls, souls who are ready to hear what you have to 
offer, who are ready to receive what you have discovered and 
what you have learned.  You will be leaving one kind of 
lifestyle and entering another, and you will be attracting 
different souls who are searching for just exactly what you have 
discovered, and they need the spokesperson; they need an 
example, they need a flash of light that you can provide.  
Jesus, our master, dealt with many levels of development, but at 
no time did he ever act as though he had no time for them or act 
in any arrogant manner.  He always appealed to their higher 
sense of spirit consciousness.  It is simply a lesson that you 
must learn as you travel to the different levels of your 
ascension.  We still at our level have to deal with these 
matters, how to speak and behave in the presence of those who 
may be a different level.
	It has been a pleasure to visit you again.  It has been a 
treat for me to be around my brother Aaron.  I bid you peace.

*	Rantarason (Jonathan):  This is Rantarason; I join you in 
this reunion.   I am wont to say that the best means whereby you 
may promote the messages of Michael, the messages of all your 
teachers, is to stand upright as one composed, as one who knows.  
I am a melchizedek, and I am therefore not governed by a ruling 
body as many of the other orders of beings are.  We melchizedeks 
each learn that our independence is derived by resigning 
ourselves to the sovereignty of Michael.  In so doing we are 
granted great independence.  When you approach your activities 
in this manner as we melchizedeks do, you will find that it is 
futile to require conformity from another, that the best example 
is to demonstrate our independence, not in a secessionary 
manner, but in your willingness to be accepting of eternal 
truths and your willingness to become your highest ideals in 
spite of all conditions around you.  Witnessing this in yourself 
by others will encourage the bravery needed and will establish a 
hunger for such freedom and independence.  Those who teach 
freedom from the guidance of absolutes and its relative forms of 
truth, beauty, and goodness create imprisonment to ignorance and 
to the stiflement of growth.  But those who teach the observance 
of and the attainment of these high ideals end up truly free, 
end up granted great liberty in function and assignment.  Be not 
afraid to be who you are becoming under Michael’s Supreme 
educational program.
	Take care.

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