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Celestials Present: Michael Daniel and Minearsia

Topics: It is the essence of mortal living to experience loss.
Spiritual presence
Teacher assignments and ascension

Prayer(Bob D.): Dear Father, thank You for being with us tonight as we share with each other the words and understandings of the teachers who serve under You. May we open up our hearts to receive Your light and Your love and the expressions of truth that may come forth from our celestial friends and siblings in the spirit. Much has happened since we last met and we simply come before You tonight seeking understanding, comfort and the all encompassing knowledge that You have. Amen

Michael (Bob S.): My children this is your Father, Brother Michael here tonight to share as I can the loss you are feeling in your hearts, with the graduation of your brother and friend Bill-Isaac. I asked to be present tonight to share in this difficult moment for you because I have, as you are now, experienced the loss of friends and relatives, acquaintances and parents and I understand how a mortal feels at this difficult time. My life on your planet was foreordained to possess difficulties just as you all have experienced. It is the essence of mortal living to experience loss. The words you hear from us who have gone on before you, I am confident, helps you to deal with your feelings at this time. However, we fully understand that each of you must deal with this experience in your own way. Never forget My Spirit of Truth is ever present to all of you. You have only to open the door to allow Me to come in. I deem this My responsibility, My obligation, My trust, and My duty to assist all of My children when I can. Please remember your Mother and I are only a phone call away, as it were.

I am pleased I have been given this opportunity to speak to you. I now ask one of your regular teachers to speak next. Good evening. (Good evening Michael)

Daniel (Bob D.): Greetings. This is Daniel. My friends, I am here with you tonight to share a lesson that may help you in your processing of the loss of your friend Isaac’s material presence in your lives. You may have heard it said that material securities are vulnerable, but spiritual sureties are impregnable, and thus does this event portray the reality of that statement. For as you have the many emotions regarding Isaac’s departure, it is mostly true that your loss is the recognition that his material presence is no longer with you. But, tonight I would emphasize that his spiritual presence cannot be taken away, for there are realities in the universe that cannot dissipate; you can all think of, visualize, picture, your friend, and his presence; you can remember the interactions you had; you think of the love that he shared with you, the support, the caring and the desire that you feel comfortable and embraced by his presence. These recognitions are not in doubt. The spirit of Isaac lives not only on Mansonia, but even here with everyone that he communicated with in his life. The integral nature of the universe is suggested by this reality. All your interactions have energy to them; a spirit is left behind in your communication with others. Therefore tonight I speak to the stronger reality of the spirit which is still present and lasting, whereas the material vehicle may have worn out. You all know that it is merely a matter of time before you reunite. As you go forth in your lives those memories aid you and are a part of the person you’ve become. Thus, as you interact with others you perpetuate the spirit of love, support and caring that your friend brought into your lives.

I have visited with Isaac. He was overjoyed to meet with me in a capacity where it was beyond the discernment level. You can rest assured that he is as a child in a candy store at this time; although he thinks about you all and worries, as only you know Isaac’s capability. He is so thrilled with the opportunity to meet with those people that have left impressions on his life that he watched go on. He looks forward to the time when you will have the same opportunity. So, even in your bittersweet moments rejoice in the reality of the Father’s Kingdom, and how we all progress forward toward an eventual destiny. Feel the emotions you need to feel. Deal with the issues you need to deal with. But, lift up your sights and know that the human feelings hold no torch to the spiritual illumination that is yet to come.

I would take a few moments this evening to recognize our guest. Thank you for taking the opportunity to experience this group and to open your mind to the possibilities. I recognize there is so much information to absorb. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and, of course, my associates here in the flesh can offer you understanding as well.

At this time I would allow any questions you may have, if you have any this evening.

Bob S.: Daniel, are there any circumstances under which we would be allowed to communicate with Bill over the circuitry?

Daniel: I can share a message with him to some extent. Although, I must say that it is widely believed, in recent years, that this communication is possible, but it generally is not allowed. For the workings of universal progression do not usually permit communication of the deceased with inhabitants of the world they lived their mortal life on. Although you hear of others, perhaps, doing this, I would not speak directly to any instance, but would try to move your perspectives toward the separation between levels and there are very good and many reasons why this separation is there. Does this help you in any way?

Bob S.: Yes and No! I was just curious as to whether the circuitry went that far.

Daniel: It is not that it couldn’t happen, technically. It is that it is generally not allowed.

Bob S.: Yes I understand that. I was just testing you I guess.

Daniel: If it were my decision to make (laughing) (No! I know its not) and that is perhaps why those who have the deepest wisdom are the ones that make these kinds of decisions. (Bob: I thought that was you) I enjoy your humor my friend. (Thank you.)

Ken: Daniel, I know Bill knows (this), pass on to him our love for him and our excitement for him in his new life. Thank him for sharing his mortal life with us. Thank you.

Daniel: Indeed I will. He already hinted, to me, that I share the happenings of this meeting with him. Rest assured that I will communicate what I am permitted to.

Ken: Daniel, were you present when Bill was resurrected? Did you go with him?

Daniel: Yes! I did. (Thank you)

Bob S.: What will happen to Alkon, Bill’s personal teacher? Has that been decided? Will he remain with Bill? Are there any plans for his coming back to work in the Teaching Mission.

Daniel: His teacher is a teacher for the purposes of this communication process and the development here on Urantia. Alkon will be reassigned, for the assignment in his ascension level is this world. Although he has also communicated with Bill, he will remain and resume activities in another capacity, perhaps with another student or at an advisory level.

Bob S.: Thank you. That is most interesting.

Daniel: In general, the teachers have terms of assignment and are working towards a level of awareness, not only for the students they teach, but also in the teaching, a certain level of awareness is gained over time and when that level of awareness is achieved, is when it signals their movement to a different place rather than when somebody dies and moves on.

Bob S.: I’m not sure I understand what you mean by level of awareness. Whose awareness? The student’s awareness of his personal teacher….

Daniel: The teacher’s awareness. Most teachers are what you consider as students. They are working in their Morontial experience and have been assigned to this world for a certain level of growth that they must achieve before they move on to another assignment. The level of awareness that the teacher receives will determine when they move to the new assignment.

Bob S.: That’s difficult to comprehend. It sounds like a student here going from grade to grade, level to level, in school. Is it anything like that?

Daniel: Yes! It could be compared. When you ascend you are continually gaining experience to round out your being and to find completeness. Thus, in the areas where awareness lacks, are those areas where you are generally assigned for further growth. While most of the teachers have the capacity to teach certain universal concepts, they also have some deficiencies in other areas. For example: many teachers come from planets that are in Light and Life, thus, do not have the capacity to understand life as it is on a world that has been in rebellion and default. The experience of being here on this world deepens their perspective, so they can understand and better accept the different levels of their fellows in their growth ascension scheme.

Bob S.: Yes! That’s clearer. Thank you.

Daniel: You are welcome my friend. I would take the time now to ask if there are any last thoughts or questions before another of the staff closes the meeting this evening. (Pause) Let us stand and hold hands.

Minearisa (Bob S.): I am Minearisa, let us be in the attitude of prayer.

To those three who, from Paradise, created all that is and was and will ever be, we offer our humble thanks for Your universe and the opportunities we have been given to learn and grow and work and serve under such great leadership, that our breath is taken away. Be with these our younger brothers and sisters now as they leave for their homes. We thank You for this opportunity we have been given to share the truths of the universe with them. We see this as love in action, a transfer of that love which created this universe and each and every one of us. Go now my friends, my loved ones, with the knowledge that you are never far from the source who created all that is. So be it.
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