[tmtranscripts] N. Idaho TeaM 9/21/03

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics:Loving Brotherhood, Self Criticism, Your Spiritual Garage 
Teachers: Nebadonia,Jessona, Elyon.

September 21, 2003

*	Nebadonia (Jill TR):  My children, how wondrous you are!  I 
delight more than you can imagine in hearing your discussions, 
in hearing and seeing what true, devoted, children of your 
Father that you are.
	Every expression of your life as you describe it, and which 
I have heard in your discussions this morning, has come from 
your loving understanding of your role as a child of God.  When 
Father’s children such as you who are grounded in understanding 
the loving brotherhood one to another, when that is at the base 
each time you reach out in friendship you are serving your 
Father exactly as He desires.  You are living His will.  It is 
the little everyday things each of you does each day that are 
His truest expression, for you reach out to one another without 
thinking about it, without analyzing it.  You are being His 
will, and truly it is only when you are being that you can be in 
	Listen not to the doubts in your mind; listen to the truth 
in your heart.  Practice letting go of the doubts so that your 
mind can receive the truth.  As you practice being motivated 
from the love in your heart, that love can move to your mind, 
and your mind, like your heart, will become all loving in its 
perceptions, all understanding, all accepting, all embracing.  
That, my children, is what you can look forward to, because you 
have made the conscious commitment to do the will of the Father 
and to be the will of the Father.
	I am Mother Spirit, and I embrace you, my children, my 
wondrous, delightful little children, this morning.

*	Jessona (Daniel):  It is Jessona here, I greet you in love, 
and you are in my spiritual embrace.
	Truly it is time to put aside the criticism of self 
primarily, for in those instances where you find criticism of 
others, it is because of a criticism that you feel in yourself.  
This is not to be taken that you should not critique yourself 
from time to time; this is a good practice in reflection, but it 
is time to put aside self criticism for not being perfect yet.  
None is.  We can only grow in our perfection.  It is the way of 
time and space; truly it is the purpose of time and space; 
continually growing, continually experiencing what is less than 
perfect so that you may make the choice to discover what is more 
perfect, what is Godlike.
	As mortal children of the realm you have the greatest 
opportunity for experiencing this purposeful process of 
evolutionary growth.  You as mortal children have opportunities 
that those of my order -- and indeed all orders serving in this 
universe, indeed, in the grand universe -- wish that they could 
have the opportunities of struggling to overcome the handicaps 
of material existence.
	You have no capacity, really, to judge yourself without 
prejudice, for every experience in your very short lives has 
propelled you forward.  Your human self remembers and recognizes 
the times in which you were less mature, less perfect, than you 
are now at this very moment.  You can do nothing with the past 
but learn from it.  You can do everything with the present to 
mold for the future.  You have had no experiences in your 
lifetimes that have been valueless when you are able to look at 
them in the present and recognize the direction which each has 
steered you in.  You are not here at this very moment in spite 
of your past; rather you are here because of it.  See the beauty 
in that.  Recognize that as a child must stumble and fall and 
skin their knees to learn to walk, to learn to run, to learn to 
explore, that your lessons are identical only from a slightly 
more mature perspective.
	You have grown enormously in your maturity over the past few 
years, and you will continue to do so on up through the 
superuniverse.  It is your destiny.  Truly it is your gift.  
Allow your maturity to grow beyond the supposed need of 
criticizing your immaturity, for these moments of immaturity are 
what have been part of the earning of the greater maturity that 
you now possess.
	The greatest thing about “now” is that at this moment you 
can go anywhere, do anything, be anything that you feel is 
loving and Godlike.  Now is always a point to go forward from, 
and when you have your sights on the Father you cannot help but 
be going in the right direction.
	Love yourselves; love one another.  Be that love that the 
Father bathes you with.  You are cherished children, all of you.  
We delight in you most heartily.  Truly, watching your judgment 
of yourself does give us a good laugh, for we know you better 
than you know yourselves.  This world is not without humor, and 
I enjoy very much my role here.  Good day, dear ones.  Carry on.

*	Elyon (Jill):  Good morning, group.  This is your 
brother/teacher Elyon.  I am quite pleased to have Jill 
recognize my presence and be willing to transmit my message this 
	As you know, my preferred way of teaching new insights and 
perceptions is to use analogies from your material world to help 
you perceive your spiritual growth.  Our brother Tom has given 
the analogy for today’s lesson.
	He describes loving to be a seeker at garage sales.  He 
describes with humor the furtive search for the treasure of the 
day.  All of your brothers and sisters also seek furtively to 
discover the treasure of their Father just as at a garage sale 
you busily finger all of the treasures, pick them up, look at 
them from all sides to see if they have value for you.  If you 
see value for you in it, you take it with you.  Other items you 
look at and you don’t see value for you, and so you leave that 
item for another.  It is the same for your spiritual search to 
find the Father.
	You need not judge whether your brothers and sisters are 
finding the right treasure from your perspective; you simply 
need in your search to explore all spiritual perceptions that 
have been offered on your earth through time, mentally pick up 
each concept, look at it up and down, sideways, in and out, and 
decide whether it has value to you in terms of knowing your 
	As you go about your daily life be aware of what your 
brothers and sisters share with you, their spiritual treasures, 
their perceptions, their experiences of truth, beauty, and 
goodness, and take from their garage sale offering to you that 
which has meaning and value.  Every “now” moment can be and is 
your spiritual garage sale.  So, go forth each day excitedly 
seeking the treasures of the Father that He puts in front of you 
in your daily experience.  Do so with the same zest and zeal 
with which you hop in your car on a Saturday morning and head 
for that advertised garage sale.
	Have fun being a spiritual seeker.  That is my message for 

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