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Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you here this day. The
effort you have each made toward spiritual growth and self-improvement
is known on high. It is true that the Father's spirit respond to the
tiniest flicker of faith. How much more do you receive for your tenacity
and faithfulness in the face of many trying circumstances.

The opportunities for you each will expand in your lives as your
capacity for service enlarges with your faith. Your lives have been
sufficiently rugged to spur you toward spiritual questing. And spiritual
questing, the yearning to know God and to be like him, is the foundation
for your souls. It is for less robust souls to be content within your
earthly organized religions and it is the failure of these religions to
recognize and nurture spiritual questing and growth that remains their
greatest weakness.

Human beings have constantly failed to grasp the essential spiritual
nature of religious teaching. Always does the more advanced teaching
become polluted with evolutionary religious thought. But, you my
children have indeed broken free from the tradition bonds of this world.
You have begun to sense the reality of spiritual freedom, even if you
are afraid to stretch your wings and really explore the freedom that is
before you.

Spiritual freedom is a difficult concept for human beings to grasp. Over
many centuries the human mind has been locked in chains of the fear of
God and unconsciously endeavoring to appease this fanciful tyrant, this
judgmental parent who is critical of his children in your minds. You are
correct in sensing that releasing the concept of Hell and eternal
damnation is a great leap forward and though the Master never taught
such folly, it was so deeply ingrained in the minds of his followers...

Q: He said one time about taking the brush and throwing it in the fire
and pruning the plants that did not produce, but maybe they mistook that.

Ham: Yes, that is a misunderstanding like many of his parables. The
separation of the wheat from the chaff was meant to illustrate that the
spirit retains what is good and releases that which no longer serves
within each individual life. He did not mean that some people are only
chaff. The indwelling spirit retains and sorts and keeps everything of
value, that was his meaning. Human beings often try to be their own
sorter. Humans often try to judge themselves and judge what should and
shouldn't be. But this is the job of the Father's perfect spirit.

Human beings still endeavor to appease God by following strict rules for
behavior. Human beings still try to appease God by sacrificing or giving
alms or tithing which is all tied to the primitive idea of sacrifice.
Human beings try to understand God's laws and to work within that
limiting concept in order to gain God's favor. All these things had been
swept away in the master's life and teachings, but subsequently were
brought back by tradition and the compromises that were made in order to
spread the master's words. But, the Master's seeds are still sprouting.
They are still growing a new in each heart and will find unique
expression there.

Your world is trembling on the brink of great changes. There will be a
great deal of religious soul searching and spiritual decision making
over the next several generations. Your religions are still wrestling
between the concept of God as judge as given my Moses and the concept of
God as Father, protector, and friend as given by Jesus. The difference
in these concepts will be crucial to the story of your world.

You, my friends, have been taught much greater and enlarged truth. You
have absorbed the perspective given in your book and you have been
diligent students of the teachers words. This give you a vastly superior
understanding over that of your fellows. Each of you has a part to play
in the spiritual upstepping of this world. Doubt not what I have told you.

Each of you has grown in faith, grown in patience, grown in diligence.
But most of all, you have grown in love. And children once more I will
say to you, that loving yourselves, accepting fully your positions as
God's children, these things are not accomplished over night. This world
is harsh and filled with harsh punishments, harsh people, and it is
difficult to do as the Master did, to be soft hearted and loving with
those who cause you harm.

It is not an easy road, this learning to love. It is not a way of
timidity and shrinking back. Courageous loving requires the robust
exercise of faith. It requires grasping after the unknown value, but it
is faith which guides the human mind within that unknown and it is faith
that you must learn to exercise completely. Use up your reserves and you
will find you still have plenty. Don't be afraid to live by faith. Don't
be afraid to relinquish your hold on the ego in order to grasp that
unknown value that only faith tells you is there.

What are your questions?

Q: Is there any ways you can help use distinguish between a hard task
and a barrier our spiritual helpers put in front of us to move us in
another direction. Do you have any help?

Ham: Yes my son, if this were an easy answer, it would help in the
spirit. The difficulties are often deliberately designed to be part of
your growth, those that you work through and those that are not possible
to work through both. You cannot tell the difference until the final
outcome, otherwise your would be short circuiting your own growth. If
there is something which you can honestly say you have done your best,
you have reached the limit of your human abilities and your praying
abilities, and still the result is not what you would have wanted, then
this barrier has served and you can rest assured in your human efforts.
But, when there is something which all human effort has not been
exhausted, which you would simply like to escape from, this may be the
type of barrier that will reappear later in life because if it was not
worked through the first time, your lessons were not learned so it must
be worked through again. The difference will only be found in your own
heart and you will know as time plays out which is which. I cannot be
any more specific than that.

Q: That helps, thank you.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, you do well. Continue upon the path we have
laid before you. You do well in your perceptions and your analysis. Work
persistently and for a while look neither to the left nor the right but
stay focused and you will find your self moving forward rapidly. Be at
peace in this work for you do well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son, you do well also. You are finding a different role in being
the supporter rather than the one supported and for a while this is
necessary. In every true partnership, support is crucial in both
directions. You are finding within yourself a natural, nurturing
character, an ever more Christ-like attitude and a gentleness of spirit
that has long been submerged and smothered since childhood in the
mistaken ideal of the masculine that has been your persona. The cultural
shackles that propel people into false ideals of themselves are
unfortunate. It is good to explore all aspects of yourselves. For the
male and female, both exist within each body, and finds expression in
different ways. You do very well my son. Have peace.

Q: Do you have a message for Charlie B?

Ham: My son, you do well. The Master has said be gentle as doves and
wise as serpents. By this he meant to caution believers to use common
sense and to be wise in the ways of the world as well as gentle in the
spirit. Listen well to these words.

As always, my love and my prayers go with you each. Farewell.

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