[tmtranscripts] Pocatello and Woods Cross 8/24/03

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AUGUST 24, 2003
SLC, Utah

Prayer by Bill Kelly

Gracious, ever-present, loving and forgiving God, our Father, today we are holding hands with friends that we have not always seen recently, and yet we are intimate in spirit, for we do share your Spirit among us. So now we eagerly await the hearing of voices from across the barrier of mortal death. We desire to absorb the wisdom of those who would come here to this planet to be part of Michael's time of correction. May we as we listen also become more aware of our unity, as we have sung about it, and now may we have the joy of all these things as we celebrate the fact that Michael Himself chose this planet to come to. We honor that event today. All these things we pray with the attitude that your will, not ours be done. Amen.

TR: Nina---I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. Each year I so look forward to this family reunion. I know that I am made more to be witness to your growth. I am with prosperity in spirit, for Father has expanded every area of my existence. You, my brothers and sisters, are indeed a part of this expansion. I am filled with joy to look back upon our years together in this cause of our Brother/Father Michael.

In the beginning you were each spoon-fed, so to speak. Now you have accepted your place at Michael's table and partake for yourselves. Our Correcting Time is ripe for gathering the harvests of our labor. You have each learned to take responsibility for your spiritual growth and development, and this has been a major accomplishment in the Correcting Time.

No more does man need to look to man for spiritual nutrition, but simply to look inward for their own inner guidance. This is your ministry, my friends, to help your fellows discover this inner guidance for themselves. You are teachers, counselors and confidants, no doubt, but your main objective is to aid your fellows in finding their own inner God.

Michael's plan has proven successful--mountains are moving, faith is permeating all areas of the world, all walks of life. You, our ambassadors, are to be living examples of our Master, examples of His kindness and compassion, yes, but also examples of His strength, courage and ability to be equal with all persons. How much more rich are our lives because of our personal relationships with the Master? How much more are we because of Him? How much more easier can we bear all things because He teaches us, He works with us, He goes with us into all our circumstances, and no matter how many times we think we may have failed, He continues to love us without end.

To know our Master is to live by His word. Said Jesus, "Love one another as I have loved you." In celebration of this birthday let us begin a new commitment to loving and serving one another as Michael has loved and served us. In years previous our beloved friend/teacher Daniel had spoken of maintaining a social fragrance, meaning a person who would have friends must be a friend, to be open, understanding, kind, non-judgmental and willing to love without expectation. In this coming year let us revisit this technique of being socially fragrant.

I am with a worshipful heart that I have been a branch on this family tree. I am honored to serve one who has been so much to me. Today is a day to acknowledge our Brother/Father, our Master, Michael. My love is ever growing for you each. I leave you to another. Shalom.

TR: Bill---Good afternoon, my friends, my students. I am DANIEL, a teacher in Michael's Mission of Correction. It is an honor to be associated with Father Abraham and we indeed have had many good times in the past. Ham is also in our midst, how could he not be, for his heart is still partly rooted in this group, which began these auspicious times in the Woods Cross.

Indeed are we all recipients of Michael's overwhelming love. Our Sovereign has gained full sovereignty now as a result of struggling and living on this earth as a mortal human being, even growing up as a helpless babe, as the midwayers have so beautifully told us in your text book, the Urantia papers. Even though Michael's Mission has not been fully grasped by that church which bears His name, His influence has been overwhelmingly positive. The forth epochal revelation was not a failure; it is being up stepped by the fifth epochal revelation of which you are the advanced contingent.

For many years now most of you have been a part of our Melchizedek classroom and you have been earnest and worthy students indeed. You had many different motives for joining this endeavor, but despite whatever may have led you in the direction of this course in correction, you have all accepted the outline of its objectives and eagerly jumped into the course requirements.

You have all built for yourselves a spiritual foundation. You have reached the point where you can truly teach others by your lives for the most part and also by your words. Some of you have even gone off on personal projects of worth and value, but one of the most important lessons that you have all been learning is that which you have put into words and song, that is - the lesson of your spiritual unity, which comes about as a result of your agreement and goals and destinies.

This world at this time in history seems to be falling apart; at least as it is sensationalized by your media. Many are growing discouraged with every human effort to heal the wounds of war, of human separation, of human degradation, of vile and unspeakable acts of un-brotherhood which are committed daily. But my friends, our appraisal is that this is like the last gasp of a dying era; and from the ashes of this time will rise, like the phoenix, a new and glorious day.

Do not become discouraged because you have eyes whose perception is far greater than your brothers and sisters, who only rely upon the arm of the flesh. The prophets of old declared over two thousand years ago that it is better to trust in God than in other people or even in princes, which would be national and international leaders in our language.

So you must also return always to that quiet pool of God-centeredness, where your confidence is renewed and strength is replenished. Michael's Mission shall not fail! This world will reach Light and Life, not in your day, but perhaps you will be before you graduate and join the rest of us on this side see such progress as your minds would never believe, given the apparent condition of things at the moment.

We have consistently taught you that Light and Life begins with an individual, with each of you as individuals and grows from there. Never forget that. Always know that while you cannot change the world, you can allow God to change you as you move into more close alignment with His spirit.

I am delighted to once again celebrate this combined event, for you are after all really one group, as you have been told in the past. People have come and gone, but your purpose has remained unmoved, stalwart and according to the will of Michael. So, celebrate, enjoy each others company and know that we on this side are also having a party. Carry on. Good afternoon.

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