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Sat Aug 2 15:26:58 PDT 2003

S.E. Idaho TeaM

Daniel(Bill): Let your thoughts rest lightly upon the pillow of God's love
so that the fatigue of anxiety, fear, doubt, and guilt can drain away and
leave you filled with the Spirit and Its fruits.  

Father, I pray that this evening, once again, we may re-experience You in
fullness; that we may recognize our kinship to You and each other; and that
the light that shines so brightly upon our pathway will illuminate every
hidden stumbling block, so that we may safely traverse our passageway
through time on this planet of Michael's nativity and on to Paradise.  Help
us all to be conscious of Your nearness and to continue to allow Your
Spirit to be our Source.  Amen.

Ham(Bill): I am Ham.  My best wishes to you all, my dear friends on this
fine evening.  I come with greetings from our whole staff to make you aware
that even though you are one small part of the Teaching Mission, that you
are also a very important part.  

Of course, each group is equally import to the whole in the same manner
that each part of the human body is indispensable to the function of the
whole body. Yes, it is a good thing when the experience of one group can be
amalgamated into another group's experience so that the commonalities of
Spirit function become evident to all.  You are, again, like the human body
in that each part has an overall purpose of functioning for the ultimate
goal of allowing the personality, who indwells this body mechanism, to
express himself/ herself.  At the same time each part plays a different
role in its individual function.  The hand grasps; the foot stabilizes for
locomotion; the heart beats to supply energy to the whole body and remove
waste from the cells.  You know the functions.  I don't have to give you a
science lecture as befits sixth graders.  The point is that each  group in
this Teaching Mission is like this human body.  In a larger fashion this is
true in the functioning of a larger whole, at the planetary level, the
constellation level, and beyond that to the Universe level; and ultimately
to the level of the Almighty Supreme.    

You are aware of the difficulties of being mortals, inasmuch as you dwell
within your own skin.  You understand, also, that on this planet, a
rebellion planet, those difficulties are even greater.  One of your most
urgent cries that come from your hearts is to see progress move more
convincingly, to believe with a full heart in the promises which have been
given you.  This is inherent in your agondonter status.

As Aaron described it last week, we watch over you like adults watching
children playing.  We resist any inclination to interfere with your
struggles for progress.  We will not reach down and take the car from your
hand and bulldoze a better road for you!  We are not permitted to do that;
and we are, for the most part, wise enough to know why that would not be in
your best interests.  The result is that you must learn on your own in
terms of the doing of your daily living.  We can advise you, as we do.  We
can make suggestions and describe the project to be learned.  But YOU must
do the work!  We know that lifetime habits can be changed.  We know because
we have accomplished this.  Some of us did this more in the mortal life
than others.  But all of us, as we ascend, do learn to overcome lifetime

Why we press you to work hard (aren't we tough task masters?) is because
you really can learn in a unique way as mortals, given your agondonter
status, what cannot be learned in the same manner later on.  What I mean by
this, is, in the struggle to do the will of God on this darkened planet,
having only faith, hope, and. love to support you, brings forth lessons of
such clarity, such brilliance, such splendor that you will, indeed, have a
unique place for sharing this experience in the growth of the Supreme.  To
rely on your Spirit connection ,without external support for guidance,
develops immeasurable strength of character!  It is like the difference in
physical health, musculature and body functioning between two people: one
who sits on their couch watching television all the time; the other who
goes to the gym and works out for two hours everyday.  One does the minimum
to keep alive: eats, sleeps, and relaxes.  The other puts out effort, makes
commitments and sees immensely satisfying results.  

It isn't simply that you will speed up your ascension process by doing
morontial work here.  It is also that you will build morontial muscle, that
you will walk down the street and catch the spiritual attention of people
passing by..  This isn't an ego thing.  This is the kind of fragrance that
Jesus exuded as he walked among his fellow men, women, and children. [At
this point the TR spills his drink gesturing]

This incident [the spilled drink] suggests another comparison.  When you do
anything for ego enhancement the result is spilling your milk.  Ego
enhancement detracts from spiritual nourishment, for the milk of the
Father's love is wasted when the ego takes charge and clumsily flings
itself around in your life.  But when you calmly approach that living
Source of nourishment and thankfully take it to your heart, the nourishment
is effective and you are able to share the milk of human kindness with

My dears, you are very brave to have come to this particular table and to
allow us, your unseen brothers and sisters, to share our food with you.
You are brave because you are outside of the box of most people's
experience.  You have dared to open the doors of your mind and your heart
to this experience of universe education.  But tonight I wish to say to all
of you, "Take another step!  Don't procrastinate any longer.  Whatever it
is that you have been planning to do, thinking about doing, expecting
someday to do, don't do it tomorrow, do it now!"  Don't put off for the
morrow what can be done today.  Don't put off for next week what you can do
tomorrow.  Yes, I feel like a trainer in a gym.  Grab a hold of those
weights and lift them!  Exert yourself.  Don't just purpose to do it next
year.  Now is the time!  

Each of you have your own Trainer.  He dwells within you, your pre-personal
fragment of the Father.  He is trying to get you to lift your thinking, to
change your mind, to push beyond the limits that you have set for yourself,
to do more than you think possible.  You can benefit; and you can do it.
But it will take work, for, after all, that is the only way we ascend in
this universe.  It is through work.  Yes, there is rest; there is
recreation, etc.  But tonight I am calling you to get back to work!

This is not an inditement on your progress (nervous laughter).  Don't be
discouraged with my words.  I feel like the coach at half time.  You've
done great in the first half.  Let's do even better in the second!  I am

Bob D.: Can we ask questions of you tonight, Ham?

Ham: Absolutely.  I was about to say that, but assumed you all knew that
habit.  Yes, please, Bob.  Do you have a question or a concern?

Bob D.: I had a question on my lips, ready to ask you, when you said, "Just
do it!" sort of thing.  At the conference there was some discussion about
developing some sort of a non-profit entity aside from the Teaching Mission
but paralleling it in a sense.  We don't want an organization or
association that would actually supplant the Teaching Mission, which we
really feel is for a spiritual purpose, but it seems increasingly with
conferences, with the preservation of the TeaM archives, and certain
things, that there is a need to have some sort of a surface organization or
association.  I was wondering about this whole thing, about not getting
caught in the ego.  It seems there is always that potential, when you do
things, to have that quagmire.  I was wondering if you had any insight from
your level that could help guide our thinking about facilitating some kind
of a service mechanism that would provide a basis for doing some of these
things.  I hope that question is clear.

Ham: We have been urging some groups to make connections with your culture
in such a way as to spread the Good News.  Your culture is no longer
tribal, at least not in this country.  The need for an institutional
skeleton and structure is therefor unavoidable, yet highly fraught with
potential problems, as you all know.  
There is an organization, which you are cognizant of, whose structure is
minimal and whose purpose is tightly focused.  Beginning with two people in
the mid nineteen thirties it now embraces millions.  I am referring to
Alcoholics Anonymous.  This program is a spiritual program and was fostered
by the Angels of Progress at the same time that the Urantia Papers were
being delivered.  The success of this organization is due to its clear cut
goal, its twelve step spiritual program, and its refusal to become involved
in anything other than its single issue goal...to maintain sobriety among
its members and to help the alcoholic who still suffers.  

Now you can't imitate the structure of AA necessarily.  But you could
review it and ponder some of its methods, if you are interested.  

Bob D.: Yes, I will.  Actually, I will find out a little more about it.

Ham: A minimally organized spiritually structured movement can be done.
That is why I mentioned this program which in the course of sixty plus
years has gone from two to millions.  You would also discover that the
twelve step program is very familiar, for we have been teaching a similar
course, but with differences in words and larger concepts.  I don't know
that I can say anything more that would be of assistance.

Bob D.: I appreciate that.  The focus to maintain and to help those who
still need help, as I take those two ideas, seems to be the focus of any
association related to the mission or the Urantia Book, to maintain the
community that we have, and to provide insight to those that may want
exposure to what the community believes in.  This would be an emphasis and
a goal.

Ham: Correct.  This would be very analogous to Alcoholics Anonymous in
goals, yes.

Bob D.: I appreciate this.  Thanks.

Ham: Okay.  Are there others of you who wish to address Coach Ham?
(Laughter, then silence) Well, it is better than Ham and cheese.  (More

Bob D.: We missed you at the conference.  I wondered if I felt you, or was
that just my desire to hear from you?

Ham:   Whenever you are thinking about a teacher there is a good chance you
are getting a knock on the head.  Yes, of course I was there.  I was with
you, Bob.  If I was in my ego days, back many, many years ago, I might be
regretful.  But my friends spoke well.  You all were marvelous.  We would
like you to take some of the energy back from that to kick start everybody.
 That actually is part of the reason for my pitch tonight!  Questions?
Comments? Objections? 

I know it is a cliche in your culture, "Do it now!"  But it is a good one.
Whatever it is you need to do, do it now!  Don't wait because you will
learn in a context that will give you the most character growth.  Yes, you
will learn it eventually, Mansion World Three, Four, Five, whatever.

Ken:...six, seven.

Ham: It is not an option whether you learn it or not.  Well, then, if there
are no further questions or comments, Klarixiska has asked to close our
evening together.  Will you all stand as is your custom.  Let each TR
capable of opening their mouth consider taking the opportunity.  I merely
tell you that she desires to speak.

Klarixiska(Virginia): This is Klarixiska.  As the fresh air of the morning
brings the dawning of a new day, so Father, we would pray that the fresh
air of change might touch each heart and mind so that as their day dawns
spiritually, the walk they take will be breathtakingly beautiful because of
the willingness to move in these areas and in these directions.  Help us,
each one, to be brave in change.  Take away the fear and replace it with
freedom.  Take away inhibition and free it with the opportunities that each
one has.  Go with each one, that as they open up, they might be reassured
by seeing Your truth, Your beauty, and Your goodness, not only in other
people, but reinforced in their own lives.   We thank You, Father, for this
universe, for this planet, and for the ability to change.  Amen.

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